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    Flame Retardants

Non-Halogen Phosphoric Acid Esters Typical Properties Specifications Heating Specific Water Boiling Flash Freezing Products Acid Description and Uses Formula Containers Refractive Color Viscosity Loss value Appearance GravityP ContentPointPointPoint 25 %mPas/25? ?APHA KOH mg/g ?20/20???%125? 3hrs Index n Dmol.weight (( 1.395 Flame retardant for thermosetting resins such as rigid Colorless clear 220kg TMP ()1.215 P%30max. 0.2max. 0.2max. 2.0 <-70 O=P()22.1 180 ~ 195OCH33 Drum Trimethyl phosphate and unsaturated polyester. liquid 0.002 21.0min. 0.005 polyurethane foam 140 (( for such as 1.403Flame retardant thermosetting resins rigid Colorless clear TEP 210kg 1.071 0.05max.20max. 1.6 -56 O=P()17.0 216 111 OC2H53 Drum and Triethyl phosphateunsaturated polyester.liquid 0.002 0.003 polyurethane foam 182 25kg (Melting (chloride) for PVC, Flame retardant cellulosics, synthetic, rubber, TPP 0.03max.O=P()White ake 9.5 399 OC Paper 6H53225bagnot cause point ?) Triphenyl phosphate phenolics and PPO. *500kg 48.5min.turbidness 326 (Color after (Volume for PVC and for Plasticizer wall paper lm agricultural ((Colorless to light 1.557 220kg TCP 1.170 heated) resistivity) O=P()50max. 58 -35 0.05max.8.4240OC6H4CH33 420 0.10max.use.yellowish clear Drum Tricresyl phosphate 0.003 APHA 30