Great expectations

By Paula Edwards,2014-05-28 14:43
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Great expectations

    Great expectations” is one of Dicken‟s most maturest works. After Dicken had experienced large part of meaningful life, he had a deeper cognition for people, environment, as well as the life which he had gone through. And all the mature cognitions are included in this writing---Great expectations.

    Pip was brought up by his sister who was unpleasant as well as crude and her friendly blacksmith husbandJoe. Joe himself had arranged a common hard but s

    atisfied path for Pip to go through, and on the other hand, Pip beheld this as his highest goal to achieve.

    But the two things which he had experienced later had changed his pursue and his fate as well. Met Abel Magwith(an escaped convict) in the swamp, and unwillingly helped him out of danger by stealing food from his own home. If say that had changed his attitude for material life, then, his introduction to Miss Havisham, an aging woman who had been jilted at the alter and Estella who had been brought up by Havisham only to revenge for her own pain had brought vast shock for his world of spirit.

    Aspiring to be a gentleman despite his humble born, Pip fortunately or unfortunately received a fund of wealth from an unknown source and being sent to London with a lawyer. From then on, he became a gentleman without question at the

     price of losing everything.

    The title of this book is „Great expectations” which make an impression on us that the character would have great expectations just as the title goes. But in fact this title has a tone of sarcastic on the other way around.

    This story full of quirkiness from the very beginning to the end, the relations among characters are anfractuous as well which actually attracted me a lot.

    One of the paragraphs, which I appreciate most implicatively as well as beautifully expresses the feeling between Pip and Estella.

    “We are friends,” said I, rising and bending over her, as she rose from the bench.

    „And will continue friends apart.” Said Estella.

    I took his hand in mine, and we went out of the ruined place; and, as the morning mists had risen long ago when I first let the forge, so, the evening mists were rising now, and in all the broad expanse of tranquil light they showed to me,

     I saw no shadow of another parting from her.

    At the view of language, this works had achieved a step o f highest, Dicken had

     made this writing plain and fluent as well, which surely can attract lots of readers and high comments.

To be frank, I really impressed by this art of beauty.

    Impression of a book of 'Great Expectation'

     Went to the bookstore during the holiday, I chose a book from a lot of world masterpieces, named Great Expectation, when I pick up this book, I have not expected that such an English book will have a so great impact on me, making my thoughts and feelings very deep, I think that the form and content of this book are all very outstanding.

     It is written by Charles Dickens,a famous writter from England,and it is not important.Now I will turn to the topic on how it can attract me.

     The character in this masterpiece left me the deep impression is Pip.He falls in love with Estella.He studied as hard as he could.Educating himself for her.Why did he love Estella so much? Just for her beautiful face? because she is pretty? She is rich? She is proud? In fact, I think Pip pay out so much for the love.She didn't treat him well and even that she didn't respect him at all! She put the food for him as a dog,but he didn't hate her. On the contrary, he left from his home and his friends. He just want to be a gentleman.He abandoned a lot than he got. I can't understand why he do it in this way. I think it's not worth at all. If one person don't like you or not respect you,you needn't do everything for her. So it made me quite sad.I feel sorry for Pip. He had a very difficult life...

     Miss Havisham is aslo a character who left me a deep impression.She was a pitiful lady.Her mother died young.Her farther was very rich and very proud.with only one

    child,Miss Havisham,by his first wife.In fact, she should have a nice life,but her wedding was destroied by her fiance.He broke her heart and she was angry.She want to retaliate all men.She was really a abject woman.But she chose a wrong way to continue her life..She wanted to hurt other persons.And she had done.This is no good for her.Only made her feel a little comfortable.and there was more victims in the world.there are so many persons in the world.when they were hurt they want to hurt other innocent persons.Athough this is no good for them,but they did so.I do not know why they did so.Revenge?Made the world full of hateness.It is difficult to understand.

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