meeting plan

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meeting plan

    ? Training Instruments, Assessments, and Tools 237

    Tool 12-5


    ? Purpose: Before the Meeting

    What is the subject of this meeting?

    ? Agenda:

    Use agenda form to create detailed schedule ? Invitees:

    Name and role of each invitee

    ? Who Is Needed:

    Why are they being invited?

    What replacement can come if they are not available? ? Confirmations:

    Track confirmed attendees

    ? Outcome Expected:

    By the end of this meeting, we will . . .

    ? Preparation Needed:

    What homework can attendees do to be prepared? ? Start and End Times:

    Exact times

    ? Room Setup:

    Room layout, materials, audiovisual needs, refreshments

? Preview Agenda During the Meeting

    Supply copies or display publicly (for example, flipchart, Power- Point)

    ? Assign Duties



    Scribe for flipchart


    ? List All Action Items

    Specific actions to be taken after this meeting and responsible parties

    continued on next page

? 238 Manager Skills Training

    Tool 12-5, continued

    ? Review Action Items from Minutes Closing the Meeting

    Include who, what, when, where, how

    ? Follow-Up Communication Follow Up

    Confirm when minutes will be distributed

    ? Next Actions

    What is expected of attendees now

    ? Next Meeting

    Date, time, location, and any additional invitees Facility

    Contact Title

    Phone Cell

    Email Fax Event

    Day/Date Start Time End Time

    Location Number of Attendees


    Room Setup

    continued on next page

    ? Training Instruments, Assessments, and Tools 239

    Tool 12-5, continued

Create Materials

    ? Workbooks ? Agenda

    ? Pens ? Reference Materials

    ? Charts ? Written Reports

    ? Exercises ? Sign-In Sheets

    ? Evaluation Forms ? Minutes

    ? Flipcharts ? Audiovisual Materials

Test Equipment

    ? Microphone ? TV/VCR

    ? Laptop/Projector ? Lights

    ? Slide Projector ? Overhead

    ? Laser Pointer ? Cassette Player

    ? Screen ? Easel

    ? Markers ? Flipchart Pads

    Make Other Arrangements As Needed

    ? Refreshments

    ? Name Badges

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