Chapter 6 Food for thought

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Chapter 6 Food for thought

    Chapter 6 Food for Thought

     Hongling Middle School

     Cheng Lingling

Teaching aims:

    ?Get students to understand the article in general. ?Develop students` ability of independent study. ?Improve students` ability of comprehension.

Teaching steps:


    Warming up:

    Discuss what you ate for dinner last night.

    In your opinion, whose diet is healthier?


    Step One:

    Listen to the tape and get a general idea about the text. 1. The conversation is probably about ____.

    2. During lunch, Simon thinks eating ___ is better, while Debbie thinks eating ___ is


    3. Finally, Simon wants to ____ the subject about eating.

Step Two:

    Read the text by yourselves.

    Task 1: Find out new words in the text. Give the English meaning and an example


    bit drug

    dead appetite

    vegetarian vitamin

    influence mineral

    industry space

    cattle pesticide

Words exercise:

    1. There is only a b__ of milk left. You need to buy more. 2. I eat no meat, so I am a v_________.

    3. The information i_________ is developing quickly nowadays. 4. Your words i_________ me, so I changed my mind finally. 5. I am ill now. I don`t have a_______ for eating. 6. Farmer use p________ to kill insects on plants. 7. 4 persons live in such a tiny s_____? Unbelievable. 8. We should eat meat, because it contains v________. Task 2: Tell T or F:

    1. Simon and Debbie are in a restaurant. 2. Debbie is a vegetarian.

    3. Debbie was once an astronaut.

    4. Vitamins and minerals can only be found in meat. 5. Lots of people get sick because farmers use pesticides on some vegetables.

    Step 3: Read the text together and complete the table:

     Food for lunch Reasons

    Debbie 1 1. ___ and minerals

    __________ 2.___ on vegetables.

Simon 1. saving land for ___

     salad 2. poor lives for ____

    3. sick animals -- use drugs --people eat

    the meat

Step 4: Discussion:

    Who do you agree with or do you have other opinions? 1. I agree with Simon, because______;

    2. I agree with Debbie, because _____;

    3. I agree with neither of them, because ___. Think about the question:

    What does the title Food for thought mean?


    Design a diet for your dinner tonight and tell your reasons:

    main food meat salads fruit drinks

    hamburger pork green banana cola

    noodles beef potato orange juice

    rice chicken fruit apple mineral water

    fish iced tea


    1. Memorize new words in the text.

    2. Finish Exercises C&D on page 76-77

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