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    This is the Silpada Designs BO Call for Monday, October 5th, 2009 8:30-9:30 pm EST

    Dial in number: 712-432-9998 Pin: 974870#

    Replay # 712-432-1695 Access: 974870#

    Christy Goudy will be moderating the call

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    We would like to welcome everyone to the call and thank you for joining us tonight! We are

    excited that you are here!!! Tonight, you will hear some live testimonials from currents reps

    and leaders who are enjoying running their own home-based jewelry business with Silpada

    Designs. My name is Christy Goudy and I have been with Silpada Designs for 8 years and

    lead the third largest sales organization in the country with an amazing team of strong leaders

    and representatives. On the call with me are guest speakers: Susy Marriott, Belynda Evans ,

    Cindy Vangorder , Deborah Underwood, Rebekah Robinson and Lorraine Atkinson. As each of

    them shares some information on this call, they will introduce themselves to you, tell you how

    long they have been with Silpada and share the size of team that they lead.



Susy Marriott is a Silpada Sterling Manager from Dublin, OH and leads a team of close to

    600 women. She is going to outline the call for us and share some background on Silpada.


    ? Quick Background of Silpada

    ? We will answer the question, “Why Direct Sales?”

    ? We will discuss the top 10 reasons to consider the Silpada Designs opportunity.

    ? We will talk about some statistics that make us a rock solid business & one of the fastest

    growing direct sales companies.

    ? We will spend some time on the earning potential, investment & ease of starting.

    ? You will hear from other team members who have different interests, goals & life

    situations and how Silpada fits into their lives.

    ? We should have about 10 minutes at the end of the call to answer any questions that you

    might have.

We hope that you will listen and learn about this low-risk Silpada Business Opportunity versus

    the potential rewards available from owning your own Silpada business. We love what we do

    and we hope you decide Silpada is something that might be able to fit into your life!

    Background of Silpada: - By way of background, Silpada was founded in 1997 by Bonnie Kelly and Teresa Walsh, our co-

    founders, who were best friends (and still are). They were two stay at home Mom‟s who were

    interested in earning some extra money, loved accessorizing, were great with people, and came

    to love sterling silver jewelry. After six years and hundreds of successful jewelry parties,

    Bonnie and Teresa created Silpada Designs, created a catalog, and opened up our business to

    share the opportunity of financial freedom and the fun of jewelry parties with other women.

    Today, 12 years later, more than 27,000 U.S. representatives and more than 1,000 Canadian

    representatives are designing a life they love, earning incredible income for part-time work and

    making friendships with women all across the country.


    Many of Silpada‟s representatives have started their businesses while working full time in corporate America; others are stay-at-home Mom‟s when they start their Silpada careers.

    Regardless of their business experience or educational backgrounds, when women take Silpada

    up on its invitation to “Find Yourself in It” (our trademark), they find not only the ability to

    create a rewarding career, but also a sense of empowerment. The best part of my job is helping

    other women succeed whether they are interested in working their business as a hobby, part-

    time or full-time. There is a place for everyone in this business!

Bonnie and Teresa work with designers and artisans from all over the world to create our

    Silpada Designs collection. We have exclusive contracts with artisans in 9 countries including

    the U.S., Mexico, Israel, Italy, China, India, Thailand and the Philippines to name a few. On

    average, each piece of Silpada jewelry has been touched by six to nine skilled artisans, our

    average piece is $64, and over half of the catalog is under $50.00. Our home shows are an open

    house format and include “A Fun Ladies Night Out” with no presentation.

Our co-founders and our company are dedicated to finding a cure for Juvenile Diabetes.

    Since Silpada launched its “Polishing Off Juvenile Diabetes” campaign in 2004 where Silpada

    donates $1.00 for every $5.00 polishing cloth sold, our company has donated in excess of $1

    million dollars to JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation).

Back to Christy


    Have you ever dreamed about owning your own business?

    A restaurant? Salon? A gift shop or boutique? Most Americans do, however

    few people ever go into business for themselves. Why is that?

    ? It‟s scary

    ? It‟s risky

    ? It‟s expensive

    o The average business plan calls for a minimum of $150,000

    to get started

    o Statistics show that IF a new business survives, its

    projected “break even” is within 3-5 years

    o Not many are willing to put all that they‟ve built on the

    line for a CHANCE to be one of the few who make it.


    ? You can start a business that can pay itself off AND begin to generate a

    PROFIT in as little as one month

    ? Someone else takes care of product selection, inventory, packaging, pricing,

    catalog production and distribution.

    ? All we have to do is SHARE the product & we all know that a great product

    will sell itself..

    ? You will learn valuable skills, such as sales, marketing and customer service,

    which is an awesome training ground for entrepreneurs.

    ? You will experience flexibility whether you are a stay at home Mom, work

    part time or along side a full time job.

    ? There are numerous tax advantages of owning your own business.

    ? Low investment risk with high potential rate of return.


    ? There are high residual income opportunities for building a team and training

    others to do what you do.

    ? In fact, of the 6% of women in the US that earn over $100,000 per year, 80%

    of them are in a direct sales business like Silpada Designs!

USA today reports, “Direct sales is one of the fastest growing employers today…while other companies

    are laying off,and downsizing; Direct Sales is experiencing exponential growth.”

    Zig Ziglar, movitational speaker and best selling author is quoted saying, “A home-based business offers enormous benefits, including elimination of travel, time savings, expense reduction, freedom of

    schedule and the opportunity to make your family your priority as you set your goals.”

    Warren Buffett, billionaire investor…on his purchase of a direct sales company said, “It’s the best investment I’ve ever made.”

    (His company, Berkshire Hathaway owns Pampered Chef and Kirby Vacuum)

Christy turns it back over to Susy:



    1) Silpada is the fastest Growing Direct Sales Company in the DSA The DSA stands for Direct Sales Association, a national trade association of the leading firms that manufacture and

    distribute goods and services sold directly to consumers. More than 200 companies are

    members of the association, including many well-known party plan companies. Because of

    Silpada‟s tremendous growth and success in the industry, Jerry Kelly, our CEO, has been asked

    to sit on the board for a term of 5 years.

News reports are full of stories about companies who have flat sales or are going out of business.

    Silpada is GROWING! WHY?

    ? We have a top quality product of .925 sterling silver with a lifetime

    guaranty, dynamic people, a lucrative compensation plan, and our no

    formal presentation „Girls‟ Night Out‟ offers a fresh twist to the home

    party. Silpada is not your traditional Home Show! It‟s FUN!

    ? Silpada is the “darling” of the DSA and here is why. Company Statistics:

    st company in the DSA to hit 100 million in sales in less than 10 years! ? 1

    We did it with less than 10,000 reps, another record!

    th? In our 10 year, we sold over $200 million with 20,000 reps. Silpada‟s 5

    year projection is $500 million in sales with 50,000 reps nationwide and in


Susy turns it over to Belynda for #’s 2 &3

2) Wide Open Market

    o Silpada is still a ground floor opportunity!

    o We are in all 50 states including Puerto Rico and Guam, but we have only a

    small concentration in most. There are so many markets UNTOUCHED.


o Time Magazine did an article on Direct Sales and rated those with under 15,000

    reps as a rare, “Once in a Lifetime” opportunity. Silpada passed the 15,000 mark

    last Spring, and has the lion share of our growth still to come!

    o Our top 3 states with the most number of representatives include PA, CA, and

    TX with the top state having 2,153 reps. This presents a tremendous

    opportunity in all 50 states. (Working your business consistently with 6-8

    shows/month, 10-15 guests at each show, one active rep can only touch about

    960 women per year. Think about the market potential in your area).

    3) Meet People, Make New Friends

    o Our culture is amazing! The women who represent Silpada are special!

    ? It trickles down from Bonnie and Theresa, our founders. They are

    generous, dynamic, passionate, stylish, savvy, sassy, professional, driven

    and FUN!

    ? Women who have been a part of other direct sales companies see the

    difference right away! We are unique.

    ? Silpada has a culture of sharing Lifelong and nationwide friendships

    have been made among reps, customers, hostesses and teammates

    Belynda turns it over to Cindy Vangorder for #4-5

    4) Advertise for FREE by Wearing Silpada

    o With Silpada, you are a walking billboard for your business. When people

    comment on your jewelry, it‟s an opportunity to invite.

    o Our business is all about inviting. As a walking advertisement for our business,