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    ?. 单项选择。,15分!

    ( )1.Could you _______ me your bike, please?

     Sorry, I’m using it. You can _______ Jack’s.

     A.borrow; lent B.borrowed; lend C.borrow; lend D.lend; borrow ( )2.You must stop _______. My father is sleeping. B.talking talk D.talks

    ( )3.After hard work, he felt _______ tired to walk. C.too D.very

    ( )4.—I was at the cinema at nine o’clock yesterday evening. What about you?

     I _______ TV at home. watching B.was watching C.will watch D.watched ( )5.Do you have _______ to say today?

     No, nothing.

     A.something important B.nothing important C.important something D.anything important

    ( )6._______ do you think of the story?

     Just so-so.

     A.What B.How C.Which D.Why

    ( )7.Anhui is famous ________ Mount Huang. Many visitors all over the world come to visit it. B.for C.of

    ( )8.Michael is fond of _______, but I prefer _______.; read B.travelling; reading travel; to read D.travelling; read

    ( )9.I think classical music is pleasant.

     _______ I think it’s boring.

     A.I agree. B.I think so. C.I don’t agree. D.I don’t know.

    ( )10. _______ coins is my hobby, because they are interesting. And I like them very much.

     A.Collect B.To collect C.Collecting of D.Collecting ( )11.He is very strong. He _______ lift the heavy box.

     A.can B.need C.must D.have to

    ( )12.Coffee is ready. It _______ very nice! Would you like some?

     A.feels B.smells C.sounds D.looks

    ( )13.My _______ is keeping pets. I am _______ in dogs.

     A.interest; interested B.interests; interested C.interest; interesting D.interests; interesting

    ( )14.The students were singing an English song _______ Mr. Xiang came in the classroom.

     A.after B.when C.before

    ( )15.Why not_______ fishing?

     Sounds great. Lets go.

     A.go B.going go going

    ?. 情景交际。,10分!


    AHi, Li Dong! Tomorrow is Saturday. 16.____________ BWell, we have decided on one thingWere going to the Great Wall for a picnic. AOh. Sounds great! 17.____________

    BWere going there by bus.


    BEveryone should wear sports shoes.

    AWhen and where are you leaving?

    BWere leaving at the bus stop at 6:00 tomorrow morning.


    BWere going hiking.


    BFor a whole day. Well be back at 4:50 in the afternoon.

    AWell, have a good time! Show me your photos when we get back to school.

    BThanks. I will.

    ?. 阅读理解。

    A hobby is not a job or a school subject. A hobby is something you enjoy doing in your spare time. It’s not something you need to do. It’s just fun. Some people make model ships, keep pets, plant flowers, play computer games or chat on the Internet. Some paint pictures or dance to music. Some collect everything from stamps to seashells (海贝壳) ... People take up hobbies because they think these

    activities can bring them many things like happiness, friendship and knowledge. Anyone, rich or poor, old or young, sick or well, can have a hobby. A hobby will make your life colorful.

    ( )41.What is a hobby?

     A.A job. B.A school subject.

     C.Something interesting. D.Something you enjoy doing in your spare time. ( )42.How many hobbies are mentioned(提到) in this passage?

     A.7. B.8. C.9. D.10.

    ( )43.Hobbies can bring people _______.

     A.much money C.happiness, friendship and knowledge D.lots of trouble

    ( )44.What kind of people can have a hobby?

     A.Rich or poor. B.Old or young. C.Sick or well. D.AB and C. ( )45.When do people often take up hobbies?

     A.In their work time. B.In the daytime. C.In their free time. D.In the holiday.

    ?. 词汇。,10分!

    7.I have many musical instruments. I can play the (A)根据句意及首字母提示补全单词。

    1.Theyre on v_______ in Shanghai right now. _______(小提琴).

    2.He has a wide k_______ of painting and music. 8.I called you yesterday evening. _______(没有人)

    3.How much does it cost to become a m_______? answered.

    4.“Jim paints well” means he is a good p_______. 9.Im not sure _______(是否) he will come or not

    5.“Take a s_______” means “take a bath”. tomorrow.

    (B)根据句意及汉语提示填空。 10.He is very funny and often makes us _______().

    6.I can lend you some _______ (磁带) of her songs.

    ?. 句型转换。,5分!

    11.The boys used to go fishing by the river.?改为一般疑问句,

    _______ the boys _______ to go fishing by the river?

    12.There isnt anything wrong with your son.?同义句转换,

     There _______ _______ wrong with your son.

    13.He is old enough. He can go to school.?合并为一句,

     He is old _______ _______ go to school.

    14.Kate was learning English at 9 oclock last Sunday morning.?对画线部分提问,

    _______ was Kate _______ at 9 o’clock last Sunday morning?

15.How about going with me??同义句转换,

_______ _______ go with me?

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