The outline of Tourists

By Kathleen Collins,2014-01-23 23:33
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The outline of Tourists

    The outline of Tourists

(一;A brief introduction of Torcello and the activities of tourists

     1. the location of Torcello

     2. buildings in Torcello a. Vineyard

     b. Canal

     c. Inn

     d. Cathedral

     3. Tourists' activities a. Common behaviour visitors pour into it



     b. Different tourists' activities American


     Germans (二;The behaviour of islanders in the daytime

     1. Italian : actor

     2. People in the island a. Young man from Burano : gondoliers ? ferry tourists

     b. Eric : sells dead bodies of sea-horses

     c. Sweet-faced old woman : sells postcards and trinket

     Sells Venise lace?made by young grils

     d. Babies : offer clovers for tips

     e. Priest

    (三;The night of Torcello

     1. "gondoliers" : put off white packets and silly hats

     2. Sweet-old woman : smile fade from their faces

     3. The father of clover babies :

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