Assignment of Chp.8

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Assignment of Chp.8


    8.1 Obtaining the inverse z-transform of the following function by partial-fraction expansion method, power-series method and inversion or residue method.

    10zEz ;;;;;;z2z1

    8.2 Solving the following difference equation using z-transform method.

8.3 Determining the impulse transfer function G(z) of the closed-loop discrete system or the

    z-transform C(z) of output.

    8.4 Considering the unit feedback error-sampled discrete system shown in the following figure,

    1G(s)the transfer function , the input signal r(t)=1(t), the sampling period T=1s. 2;;ss5


    a. the z-transform C(z) of the output;

b. the output response c*(t);

    c. the final value c(?) of the output response

    8.5 Considering the sampling system shown in the following figure, where T=0.2s, K=10, r(t)=

    21+t+t/2. Determining the steady-state error e(?) by the final theorem of ss

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