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    An Analysis On

    The Cultivation And Development of

    College Students Business Psychology

    Jiang Ying

    Hunan Institute of Science and Technology

    Yueyang, Hunan



     Nowadaysuniversity students innovative undertaking becomes a

    spotlight gradually. A tremendous amount of colleges encourage their students to establish their own business. The article mainly points out the meaning of college students business psychology through some famous

    theories, then I will analysis the decisive factor which influence our students during their struggle. I know these results through some investigation among my schoolmates. Ultimately, the article will tell you how to cultivate and develop our students business psychology.

    Key words: college students, business psychology, cultivation and development








    Owing to the development of education system, more and more students receive the study chance. It is inevitably theyll graduate and

    find a proper job or choose to establish a business by themselves. Nevertheless, because of the shortcomings of our education and the patterns of employment law and regulation and the concept of irrational employment, our students are faced with the greatest pressure about finding jobs. So, our government should call on them to establish a business by themselves and pay much attention to the cultivation and development of college students innovative undertaking.

     Until now,some people just pay efforts to analysis the phenomenon of hunting jobs. However, few person realize we must spare no effort to cultivate and develop their business psychology. So, this article depends on some theories and investigation to figure out the influential factor, and point out the means of the cultivation and development of carving out. It possesses some meaningful and practical value.

    [I] The Meaning of The College Students Business


    College students business psychology is a character which develop

    dramatically these years. When college students graduate, theyll choose

    to hunt a job or receive a further education, but there exits some students who want to be their own boss, so they produce some business

    psychology. They depend on their subtle intelligence and prominent management and perseverance during they study at school to start their business. Ever since 1970s, McClelland and Bunker have begun to talk

    about the mental feature of successful entrepreneur. They think those people who have the business psychology feature possess a higher possibilities to come true their dreams than those people who dont have

    the feature.

     According to my investigation, we could divide the business psychology into five parts: perseverance, honesty, confidence, innovation, communication.

    [II] The Influential Factor Of College Students Business


     1.Our Circumstance

     The students who want to establish a business always are from poor families. Though they have superb perseverance and intelligence, they dont have enough money. And their social status is low, so they have fewer opportunities to achieve their goal. Maybe theyll lose their hearts.

    2.Our Social Circumstance

     Some people ignore the power of college students own business. And

    our society system isnt perfect, so our students lack some necessary supports.

    3. Our Educational Circumstance

     Our students receive a boring education when they start their study career. Almost every school stress students major, but ignore the business

    education to their students. Whats worse, some teachers even think

    establish a business is a foolish thing. In a extent, it will harm our students warming hearts.

    4.Our Students Circumstance

     Everyone is not quite perfect. Our college students couldnt realize the

    danger of business. And they think if they persevere their dreams, there’s

    no doubt theyll success. Everything is possible. If they couldnt know

    the latest market information in time, theyll lose desperately.

    [III]The Cultivation and Development of business


     Its a important qualification to possess a good business psychology:

     [I]To Build a Healthy Social Circumstance.

    Our country should make a perfect law and regulation to support our college students. And encourage them to establish their business by themselves.

     [II] To Stress College Students Business Education

     Schools should help students cultivate the correct business dreams. And improve their psychological standards. Only in this way, they could possess a strong willpower. This will do credit

on their achievement.


    From the above discussion, there is no doubt that it is possible for us to establish our own business. If you have such a dream, you should persevere it and never give up. Though you may be confronted with a great amount of sufferings, a person is not a failure until he begins to blame somebody else. No pains, no gains. Maybe a person is poor, but if he possess these five characters: perseverance, honesty, confidence, innovation, communication. He will be a super man sooner or later.\

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