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    Volume 14, Number 5

    "Make no small plans. They have no magic to stir men's blood and probably will not themselves be realized." D. Burnham December 2007 Cub Scout Roundtable January 2008 Cub Scout Theme


    Tiger Cub Achievement 3 Webelos Fitness & Scientist

    transportation, too. And so there is a little general FOCUS transportation in Baloo this month. Cub Scout Roundtable Leaders’ Guide Thanks to all my regular contributors for coming through Sports cars, trucks, race cars, classic cars - car have again - Bill Smith, the roundtable Guy (who has already sent fascinated every generation since their invention in 1769. me the January Training Topic!!!), Scouter Jim in Utah this month the boys will learn how these vehicles are built, (especially for the Great Salt Lake Pow Wow CD), and repaired, and sold. Dens could visit a car dealership, auto Alice in California. repair shop or automobile museum. Boys can build car or Next month there will be a feature article by Bill Smith on truck models or create a model of a showroom. Or they can the Philmont Training Center and the first ever Cub Scout run their derby cars at the pack Pinewood Derby. Extravaganza. Do not miss it!!! (The CS Extravaganza at

    the Philmont Training Center that is, it's okay to miss CORE VALUES

    ; ; ) Baloo's BugleCub Scout Roundtable Leaders’ Guide

    Some of the purposes of Cub Scouting developed through Pow Wow CDs are arriving. Thank you, thank you, thank

    this month‟s theme are: you. I always worry a little in the Fall when my books start Personal Achievement, Boys will gain confidence running out. Great book from Capital Area Council, via and get a sense of satisfaction by working on their Cubmaster Chris (Have you hear his podcasts?? Check out

    Pinewood Derby cars. his website and you can link to

    podcasts and other media presentations), Sam Houston from Sportsmanship, Boys will learn fair play from the

    Rachel at Rice arrived today so it will be featured in next Pinewood Derby and respect for others in victory and

    month's issue. I attended the Baltimore Pow Wow and defeat..

    finally met Pat who has been sending me their book for Fun and Adventure, Boys will enjoy learning about years and the chair, Pam and quite a cast of other characters. cars and building and racing their own cars. Their cooking instructor is fantastic!! Grand Teton from The core value highlighted this month is: Kathy in St Anthony, ID, looks like it will regularly be Positive Attitude, Cub Scouts will learn to take pride featured in this year's editions. in their accomplishments and know that doing their

    best is more important than winning or losing. Theme patch for January 2008, Can you think of others??? Hint look in your Cub Scout Cub Scout Car Show not available yet Program Helps. It lists different ones!! All the items on

    both lists are applicable!! You could probably list all twelve if you thought about it!!


    It's been a long time since I did an issue with Pinewood Derby I wasn't sure on the approach to take in Baloo and National makes a patch for every Cub Scout Monthly theme. did not want anyone to think I knew how to make a car. The However, they have not yet posted any of the 2008 patches cars my son and I made always finished but we were never so I cannot show hem to you!!! But here are two of the in the top 3. So I gave you some basic guidelines and many Pinewood Derby patches available from suggest you google "pinewood derby" and be prepared to be I like the idea of special patches for overwhelmed as you search for the way to make the perfect your Pinewood Derby Committee - See the Pit Crew patch racer. And then watch the movie, "Down and Derby,' and go above. have fun making and racing your cars WITH your sons.

    Since this is the first time BSA has featured only cars the Pow Wow Books I reviewed tended to include other

    BALOO'S BUGLE Page 2

    first quarter of the twentieth century. Though the Months with similar themes to automobile was in its infancy, it was not in wide spread Cub Scout Car Show production until much later. Dave D. in Illinois

    In 1876, Nickolaus Otto, working with Gottlieb Daimler There has not been a monthly theme specifically for Cars

    and Wilhelm Maybach developed a four stroke engine cycle since Cub Scouts began using themes in September 1939.

    which became known as the ―Otto Cycle.‖ Three years later There have been many themes that a den could use for cars

    in 1879, Karl Benz working on his own, was granted a (e.g., Things That Go, Transportation) and so I gave those

    patent for a reliable two-stroke gas engine base on Otto‘s here. Also, almost every year there is one theme that is the

    design of the four stroke engine. Later Benz designed his recommended month for the Pinewood Derby. I could not

    own four-stroke engine and used it in automobiles, which he sort the spreadsheet that way, but if you have CS program

    produced in beginning in 1888. Most automobiles at the Helps for previous years you may find the months with

    time were being produced and sold in Europe and were not Pinewood Tips. CD

    available to the average American. My great-grandfather Month Year Theme traveled and worked by horse power. July 1941 Things That Go

    My grandfather learned his trade from his father. By 1900 April 1945 Transportation mass production of automobiles had begun in France and the August 1947 Things That Go United States. Automobiles were only available to hobbyists July 1951 Things That Go and enthusiasts at first, and not the average American. It January 1953 Transportation wasn‘t until about the end of World War I that the

    June 1963 Things that Go automobile expanded to a wider enjoyment. Cadillac and

    Oldsmobile were making thousands of cars, as was Henry July 1965 Cub Scouts on Wheels

    Ford. Ford began production of the Model T in 1908. Ford January 1966 Transportation was quoted as saying, ―You could have it in any color you June 1969 Things that Go wanted, as long as it was black.‖ As automobiles grew in November 1972 Things That Go popularity, along with building homes, my grandfather also January 1974 Transportation built ―Auto-Courts,‖ or as we know them today, ―Motels.‖

    May 1975 Things that Go These weren‘t modern multi-storied motels, but they were

    the old fashioned ones, where you parked your car outside of July 1980 Things that Go

    your room. The Motel was usually built in a ―U‖ shape and June 1983 Fun on Wheels sometimes had a swimming pool in the middle of the ―U‖. March 1992 Things that Go

    In 1927, Ford Motor Company ended production of the I Model T and started production of the Model A. More than

    four million model A‘s were produced through 1931. THOUGHTFUL ITEMS FOR

    1927 was also the year my grandfather started working to SCOUTERS help build the first lodge located on the North Rim of the

    Thanks to Scouter Jim from Bountiful, Utah, who prepares Grand Canyon. He also helped build the 100 standard this section of Baloo for us each month. You can reach cabins and 20 deluxe cabins that were built there at the same him at or through the link to write time. This lodge was destroyed by fire in 1932 and the Baloo on CD present lodge was built in 1936-37 on the stone foundation

    of the original. It is an interesting point that the history of Roundtable Prayer the first lodge on the North Rim parallels in time the history CS Roundtable Planning Guide

    of Henry Ford‘s Model A. We give thanks for the fun we have at our pinewood derby.

    Help us remember to do our best. Help us cope with My father spent most of his life building homes in the Utah disappointments if our cars do not go fast. Help us be suburb of Bountiful after his return from the Korean War in thoughtful of the feelings of other if our cars should win. 1953. The technology of automobiles was expanding at a

    Amen phenomenal rate with more power and speed than ever

    before. Cars became sleeker and more aerodynamic. The Iron and Wood, Steel and Rubber 1950‘s and 60‘s saw the introduction of ―muscle cars‖ like Scouter Jim, Bountiful, Utah

    the Corvette in 1954; the Ford Mustang and Pontiac GTO in The automobile has changed the way we work, the jobs we

    1964; the Dodge Charger in 1966; and the Chevy Camaro in do, and where we do those jobs. My father was a carpenter

    1969. Not only did automobile production increase, but the as was his father before him and his father‘s father before.

    desire for new homes also increased with the creation of the Though steam powered machines were demonstrated as

    Suburbs. This need was created as the veterans of World early as 1678, it wasn‘t until the invention and development

    War II and Korea were returning home and wanted to own a of the combustion engine in the last part of the nineteenth

    place of their own outside the crowded cities. This trend century that this technology was available to the common

    continued for several decades as children of those veterans, man.

    the ―Baby Boomers,‖ also wanted places of their own. Most My great-grandfather built homes and water powered of the homes in Bountiful were built between 1940 and 1980 sawmills the last quarter of the nineteenth century and the by which time the town was nearly completely ―built out,‖


    with very little open land. As the housing market began to Quotations

    slow down in the 1970‘s, my father found himself moving Quotations contain the wisdom of the ages, and are a great the historic ―Pioneer Village‖, a monument of buildings of source of inspiration for Cubmaster’s minutes, material for the pioneer era of the West to Lagoon, an amusement park an advancement ceremony or an insightful addition to a 17 miles north of Salt Lake City in Farmington, Utah. He Pack Meeting program cover

    spent the last twenty years of his career taking care of the "To finish first, you must first finish." Rick Mears village and building concession stands or whatever a "Nobody remembers who finished second but the guy who destination amusement park needed built at the time. finished second." Bobby Unser

    I am not a carpenter, but I do live in the suburb my father "You drive the car, you don't carry it." Janet Guthrie helped to build, and I commute each day to the Salt Lake Finishing races is important, but racing is more important. City to work. My children commute to the city to go to the Dale Earnhardt University of Utah and for amusements and shopping, all by When he was young, I told Dale Jr. that hunting and racing means of the internal combustion engine. Our world would are a lot alike. Holding that steering wheel and holding that be a smaller world without the widespread use of the rifle both mean you better be responsible. Dale Earnhardt automobile, but its use, has come with a cost. The internal Natives who beat drums to drive off evil spirits are objects combustion engine brings with it pollution and depletion of of scorn to smart Americans who blow horns to break up natural resources. We are on the edge of a new revolution in traffic jams. Mary Ellen Kelly automotive technology, looking forward to new ideas that

    Patience is something you admire in the driver behind you will be create cleaner and more efficient automobiles. Let us

    and scorn in the one ahead. Mac McCleary celebrate our automotive past as we create a vision for

    change in our Cub Scout charges. It takes 8,460 bolts to assemble an automobile, and one nut

    to scatter it all over the road. Author Unknown The Pinewood Derby Prayer

    Pack 169, Egham, England A pedestrian is someone who thought there were a couple of

    Pack 52, Morgantown, West Virginia gallons left in the tank. Author Unknown

    Leave sooner, drive slower, live longer. Author Unknown Hey God, we ask you to draw near

    And bless the boys who gather here. Your grandchildren will likely find it incredible - or even

    This is the day they‘ve waited for sinful - that you burned up a gallon of gasoline to fetch a

    Their blocks of wood are blocks no more. pack of cigarettes! Dr. Paul MacCready, Jr. Plastic wheels and dime store nails Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is Become the stuff of sporting tales simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves. Albert Of finishes too close to see! Einstein You‘re here for every victory. I drive way too fast to worry about cholesterol. Anon You bless the winners in their joy Hug your kids at home, but belt them in the car. Anon But there‘s another kind of boy A tree never hits an automobile except in self Whose handiwork is blessed by you defense. American Proverb Because his hands tried something new. Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly. Anon You smile upon the crooked wheel,

    When buying a used car, punch the buttons on the radio. If The paint job done with boyish zeal,

    all the stations are rock and roll, there's a good chance the The splintered car, the sloppy glue.

    transmission is shot. Larry Lujack (I remember Larry You love the work that Your sons do.

    Lujack and his crank letter of the day from WLS (World's But there is one here in this place Largest Store, founded by Sears and Roebuck as part of the Who shows the greatness of Your grace. Cornbelt Broadcasting System) in Chicago when I was He is the boy who hasn‘t won attending Valparaiso University 1967 to 1971!! Good old But when he hears the starting gun Top 40 AM Rock CD) He‘s there to cheer his fellow scouts The one thing that unites all human beings, regardless of age, His are the loudest victory shouts. gender, religion, economic status or ethnic background, is And when his brothers haven‘t won, that, deep down inside, we ALL believe that we are above He‘s just the one to say "well done, average drivers. Dave Barry, "Things That It Took Me 50 You‘ve tried your best and you‘ve had fun, Years to Learn" There are more races to be run."

    The shortest distance between two points is under And so, dear God, we hear you say construction. Noelie Altito Upon this happy Derby Day,

    A real patriot is the fellow who gets a parking ticket and "Remember, whether best or worst,

    rejoices that the system works. Bill Vaughan Remember, you are brothers first."

    If all the cars in the United States were placed end to end, it

    would probably be Labor Day Weekend. Doug Larson


    Why would one want to be a Den Chief? In a very real

    TRAINING TIP sense, the service qualifies as a leadership position for

    advancement to certain ranks. Den Chief is an official Boy Using a Den Chief Scout office and Scouts selected for this job are recognized Bill Smith, the Roundtable Guy as troop leaders. At a personal level, the experience can be What is a Den Chief? quite rewarding. Having six or ten rag-a-muffins treat you as The Den Chief is an older Boy Scout, Varsity Scout or some sort of living god once a week is good for the self-Venturer who works with a Cub Scout or Webelos den. He image thing. All you have to do is teach them the same is selected by the Scoutmaster and the troop Senior Patrol games, skits and jokes that you remember doing when you Leader in cooperation with the Cubmaster. He may be of any were their age and WOW!!!! age or rank, but he can be the greatest help if he is a former When one of my own sons was a Den Chief, he formed Cub Scout and if he is mature enough to assume this a close relationship with the den leader and her husband. important responsibility. As a selected leader of younger It seems that the husband worked for a lithograph works boys, he has the opportunity to help them complete their Cub that printed covers for albums (vinyl in those days) The Scout or Webelos Scout advancement requirements and live walls of his room, his school text books and everything else up to Cub Scouting's ideals in their everyday lives. were papered with Rolling Stones album covers. Very cool,

    back then. The Den Chief is a member of a leadership team which also

    includes the den leader, assistant den leader, and the denner. Den Chief Responsibilities The den chief is already what every Cub Scout and Webelos ; The Den Chief helps lead the weekly den meeting. He Scout would like to be - a Boy Scout. As far as the younger arrives on time, in proper uniform. boys are concerned, he is the person they would most like to ; He assists with assigned den activities at the monthly follow, and that makes him a natural leader for them. By pack meetings. directing this natural leader wisely, we can influence the den ; He shares responsibility with the den leaders in all den of boys under his leadership activities, looking to them for adult leadership and Den Chiefs are gods. inspiration.

    Den Chiefs don't make your job much easier, but they do ; He meets with the den leader to plan his part of the make the Cub Scout experience better. They require program for the den meetings. These meetings are held coaching and direction to be successful but when they regularly, at least once each month, or more often, if succeed they bring a unique spark to a Cub Scout's life that needed.

    no one else can. Most children today live in an age-stratified ; He sees that the den program does not include Boy culture where there is little interaction between older and Scout activities, since such activities should be saved younger kids. Just having an older Boy Scout take an interest for Boy Scouting. in a seven or eight year old is a big deal. When a Webelos ; He recognizes the denner (a member of the den, chosen Scout visits a troop and one of the older Scouts recognizes by his peers) as his right-hand man by giving him him and even knows his name, it‘s an even bigger deal. opportunities to serve. These relationships can play an important part in a boy‘s ; He takes part in all training opportunities so he may growth and the effects may be long lasting. become a better leader.

    But don‘t expect a young teen-age lad to be a natural leader. ; Den Chiefs should receive training at a Den Chief's

    He needs help: coaching, support and acceptance. He must Training Conference They also receive continuous feel that he is a true member of the leadership team. Include and regular training from the den leader and Cubmaster. him in the planning of your program. Give him explicit CBW

    responsibilities. As he gains confidence, he will surprise you Helping At Den Meetings with his abilities. ; Gathering Period - Helps teach boys tricks, puzzles, Who should be a Den Chief? games, while den leader is busy checking attendance Any Boy Scout or Venturing Crew member may be selected and collecting dues. The activities he uses here could be to be a Den Chief. Some units and even councils add age or related to the monthly theme. rank qualifications. It works best when there is a significant ; Opening - Helps den leader organize boys and get them age difference between the Den Chief and his charges. Also ready for the more serious part of the den meeting. He it may be advantageous to graduating Webelos if his former could hold a uniform inspection during this time. Den Chief is still active in the troop he joins. Try to do what ; Business - He will have some good ideas for theme is best for both the den members and the Scout. activities, service projects, trips, etc. Give him a chance

     to voice his ideas.

    ; Activities - This is when the den chief can be the most Since young women may be Venturing members, they also help. He is the activities assistant, leading boys in qualify to be Den Chiefs. I have used pronouns he and him games, songs, craft projects, etc. throughout just because it was easier. So I apologize to all ; Closing - Helps restore order and quiet for closing those wonderful female Den Chiefs for this slight. ceremony. He can help make announcements.


     Recognize him on his birthday or other special occasion. ; After Meeting - Be sure to include him in your

    planning for next week and assign him specific Congratulate him before the den and pack when he

    responsibilities. receives a Boy Scout Rank Advancement.

     Present his Den Chief cord or badge to him at a troop (Note: The Webelos Den Chief helps a Webelos den Court of Honor in front his peers. similarly. In addition to the suggestions above, he helps

     Webelos Scouts learn Boy Scout requirements for the

    Webelos badge and Arrow of Light Award and helps with LINKS demonstrations and teaching of activity badges, as needed. ; The Den Chief Role. The Virtual Cub Leader’s Helping at Pack Meetings Handbook ; The den chief should be included in the planning for ; Cub Scout Den Chief. monthly pack meetings. He can help with any of the ; .Den Chief Service Award. US Scouting Service following: Project ; Help den leader set up displays. ; You Are Boy Scouting!. Suzanne Wilson, Scouting ; Help get the boys organized and seated. Magazine. ; Help den leader during stunts or skit time. Also, be sure to visit Bill’s website ; Helps with applause stunts and audience participations. ; Helps with den yell or song - or Activity Badge to finds more ideas on everything Cub Scouting. demonstration.

    Have any Comments for Bill ; Helps den leader maintain good behavior from Cub

    Scouts. just click right here!

    ; Helps remove displays at end of pack meeting.

    ; Helps return pack meeting room to order. PACK ADMIN HELPS Leader Recruitment

    Den Chief Training is for Scouts who wish to become Your Blue & Gold Banquet

    Den Chiefs for Cub and Webelos Dens. Den Chief is a Kommissioner Karl

    leadership position in the Troop. This training works best Seneca District, Buckeye Council when the Boy Scout and the Cub/Webelos den leader go NO It is NOT too early!!! CD through the training together so that they become familiar The Blue & Gold banquet is the highlight of the winter with what he learns there. The Cubmaster of the pack should months for most Cub Packs. If yours isn‘t, it probably needs also attend, as well as any troop leadership. help. Here are some simple guidelines to help you plan a

    successful Blue & Gold. Den Chief Training Conference

    2 to 3 months before the Blue & Gold Banquet. This one day training experience is intended for those Boys

    You need to make your final decision on your date & time Scouts who meet National Qualifications and would like to

    with the Pack Committee. Ask some of the parents to help serve in a leadership position while giving service to brother

    with the arrangements (this is your Blue & Gold Committee). Cub Scouts. Elements of this training include:

    This will make the job much easier. You will have a lot of ; Your Job As Den Chief ideas to share with each other. ; How To Use and Lead Games Dates - Dates for the Banquet are usually set by the Pack ; How To Lead Songs Committee at the beginning of the calendar year. You may ; Dual Contest and Tricks use the date that corresponds with your monthly Pack

    meeting. Some groups like to choose a Friday night, ; Working With Cub Scouts and Den Leaders

    Saturday night or a Sunday afternoon. ; Seven Parts of A Successful Cub Scout Den Meeting Locations - Use your regular Pack meeting place. Some ; Five Parts of A Successful Webelos Den Meeting groups are allowed to use the Charter Organization facilities ; Den Chief/Webelos Den Chief Responsibilities to hold their Blue & Gold dinner. Check with your Charter See Den Chief Training Pamphlet #34450C. Organization to see if this could be a possiblity for your Pack. Check with local Churches. Some local churches will

    allow you to use their Fellowship Hall to have your dinner. WAYS TO KEEP YOUR DEN CHIEF HAPPY Don't be afraid to check with the church you attend or maybe Recognize him at the first pack meeting. that of another member of Pack Committee. Other churches Make sure he has a Den Chief Handbook (#33211). It‘s will allow you to use their Fellowship Hall if you use their full of great ideas. Youth Group to help with the dinner. Some youth group See that he has training. raise money by preparing and serving dinners. This will Give him important jobs. help them earn money towards their mission trips. Check BE PATIENT...he‘s just a boy. with your school - some areas will allow you to use the Understand his limitations and abilities. school. Help him feel that he is successful.

     DO NOT leave discipline problems up to him.


    Budgeting for the Dinner - Check with your Pack Select a Theme for the Blue & Gold Dinner

    Committee to see what type of money has been set aside for Your imagination does not even limit you here. There is a the Blue & Gold Dinner. You may see if the Committee will wealth of information of the internet for decorations, themes, set money aside from the Popcorn sales to pay for and often with instructions and pictures. Simply search for professional entertainment. You may decide to charge each ―cub blue gold‖ and see what you like. There are also family a small fee to cover the cost of the meal or several other resources such as:

    entertainment. Cub Scout Program Helps - Each year the Program helps

    will give you a theme idea. You may want to want to use Planning Your Menu

    Cover Dish dinners - This is a fun way for families to show this idea or use it as a building block for something similar. off their best dishes. It is fun to share you favorite dish with I have used old ideas from the old Program helps. a friends. The down fall to this is - most parents work. If Roundtable Meeting - Each month the Roundtable will

    your dinner is on a week night it is hard to get home from focus on a theme that could be used for your dinner. The CS work and prepare something for the dinner. This is why we RT Planning Guide calls for a Blue & Gold presentation in see a lot more hot deli in the grocery stores now. the Pack Admin break Out this (October) month. In January Have a spaghetti dinner - Your committee could prepare a the Roundtable will focus on the February theme, which you simple spaghetti dinner for the Pack. Ask for volunteers to may want to consider for the banquet.

    help with the dinner. There is always a Mother or Traditional Blue & Gold - Many groups like to use the

    Grandmother that would enjoy helping with something like traditional Blue & Gold theme. Decorate your tables with this. Don't be afraid to ask. Blue & Gold table clothes, placemats, napkins and balloons. Check with a local restaurant - Local restaurants may have This is great, and underscores the theme of a celebration of catering for family style meals. Often you can get a good Scouting.

    deal on chicken or pizza if you mention you are from a Use your imagination - Have fun with your ideas. You can Scout group. use any type of theme you would like. Examples: Happy Check with a local church youth group - Several area youth Birthday Cub Scouts, Fiesta, Celebrate Ohio Anniversary, groups are always raising money for Mission trips. Contact Celebrate your Pack Founding Date (Milestone Marks), your local churches to see if they do any dinners as fund Red/White/Blue

    raisers. Check with other parents from the Pack they may Plan Decorations

    know of some groups looking for fund raisers. Often these Use decorations that go along with your theme. The are full dinners that cost under $5 per person. decorations could be made by the committee or ask the dens Entertainment - Entertainment is the lynch pin of the Blue to help make the centerpieces for the dinner. Demonstrate & Gold event. If you are skipping this, you are missing out the centerpiece project at your Pack Committee meeting and on making the dinner something that everyone looks forward have each den make their own centerpieces for the banquet to. You may consider some or all of these options: theme. This can be especially helpful if you are shorthanded. Skit night - Each Den Prepares a skit or song to present as Purchase placemats or allow each den to make their own part of the program. Great suggestions for skits can be found placemats for their families. Be sure the Scout makes at Roundtable Meetings or at . It enough for his entire family so no one is left out. If you

    want to go with purchasing, there are special Blue & Gold doesn't matter if the boys get it perfect. It is the pride they

    have performing for their parents and friends. placemats at most Council stores. Use Blue & Gold Poll your Parents - See if there are any parents with hidden Balloons tied in the center of each table or on the backs of talents. Again don't be afraid to ask if anyone would like to chairs. Plan for some special treats at each place setting: entertain at your dinner. You may find a Mariachi bank theme cookies, candy, nut cups.

    member, a juggler, magician or storyteller. Send Out Invitations

    Book outside entertainment - if your pack is big enough to Make sure you include a name and phone number for them add a small amount to the dinner cost, or if you budget some to follow-up with. Unit Commissioners, your Church funds from the popcorn sale, you may consider hiring a Minister, Chartered Organization Rep, District Executive, professional entertainer. There are a lot of people out there District Commissioner and District Chairman can all be to choose from. If you local school has a program, check invited. Be sure and contact the District Family Friends of with them to see who they have used. Check with local Scouting Chair to schedule your FOS presenter, and confirm Colleges - They may have students that will perform for a the time you have allotted them.

    fee, or maybe for free. 1 to 2 Weeks before the Banquet

    Finalize EVERYTHING - Get your final count together. 4 - 6 Weeks before the Banquet

    Send out flyers reservation flyers. You need to include the Collect and balance your money from families ahead of time. date, time, cost and location on your sign up sheet. Always You may have to call the den leaders and remind them that include a date when you need your RSVP turned back in by. the counts are due. If your are having another group It works best to collect the money ahead of time. You will catering your banquet, call them and confirm the date and always have a few people call at the minute wanting to count for the dinner. Also check to see if they plan for any attend. Always include a person‘s name on the flyer that the additional people. There is always a few people that will family members may contact if they have a question. Make call the day before or the day of the dinner wanting to attend. your den leaders responsible for collecting the flyers and Remind Pack Treasurer, which checks need to be issued and money to turn into you. amounts the night of the dinner. Often your entertainment or


    caterer wants paid the night of the dinner. Make a sign in Requirements

    sheet. Check everyone in as they arrive, if any one owes Youth and adults must:

    money, collect it then. 1. Attend or coordinate a presentation or information Programs - The banquet is a special celebration. You seminar on religious emblems (sample resources and should consider printing a simple program. Include all the suggestions are available at ).

    award that the boys are receiving that night. Everyone likes 2. Make a commitment to fulfill their ―Duty to God.‖

    to see there name in print. It is nice if the Den Leaders plan Here are some examples:

    for the boys to get their rank badges during the Blue & Gold. Adults can commit to having 50% of families It also a great time to print a small thank you to everyone participate in the religious emblems programs, that has helped put the dinner together. You should also nominating a worthy adult to be recognized with an include a thank you to the parents for their support during adult religious award, serving as counselor in their local the year. congregation, etc.

    Blue & Gold‘s are should be the showcase of your winter Youth can commit to earning the religious emblem of program. If your unit has special awards, you may want to their faith at an appropriate time, making a presentation give them out there. Other units plan the a father/son cake on religious emblems to another unit, helping younger bake auction as a fund raiser to help pay for the Scouts earn their religious emblem, etc. entertainment. Be sure to recognize the Pack Committee at The Patch the banquet for a big round of applause. An ―atta-boy‖ goes The Duty to God Promotion Patch is a four-segment along way to getting people to help in the future. puzzle patch.

     Only one segment will be offered in any given year. SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY Participants are encouraged to earn all four segments

    Duty to God Promotion Patch over a four-year span.

    P.R.A.Y. Visit to find out which patch is currently available.

    I attended the Religious Emblems conference at the Patches may be pre-ordered for distribution at the Philmont Training Center in 2006. Mark Hazlewood, the presentation/ information seminar.

    Director of P.R.A.Y., led the conference. It was great The DVD being with so many Scouters who wanted to help Scouts The Duty to God Promotion DVD contains the resources to fulfill their Duty to God and become better in their faiths. make a presentation on the religious emblems programs. Mark and the organization at P.R.A.Y. have done a great These resources include the video ―Promoting Duty to God job setting up this promotion effort. Their website and the (Religious Emblems),‖ Duty to God brochure/chart listing

    DVD have everything scripts, slideshows, FAQs, and all religious emblems (No. 05-879), scripts (for presentations other stuff. Lets get out there and make a difference. CD to Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Venturers), and Parent


    Making a Presentation

     Find scripts, videos, handouts, and other resources at

     Invite parents

     Provide information on emblems of ALL faiths

     Encourage Scouts to make a commitment to earn their

    religious emblem

     Present the Duty to God Promotion Patch to participants

    Call and talk to the "Religious Emblems People" today!

    1-800-933-7729 or visit them at

    Knot of the Month

    Tiger Cub Den Leader Award and

     ―Duty to God‖ is at the heart of the Scouting movement.

    Religious emblems reinforce this spiritual component and

    promote many of the values found in the Scouting program. Tenure

    The purpose of this ―Duty to God Promotion Patch‖ is to Complete one year as a registered Tiger Cub Den encourage youth and adults to learn about and promote the Leader.

    religious emblems programs. Dates of service used to earn this award cannot be used to

    earn another key or award.


    What else can you think of creating?? Please send me a Training note about what you created. Thanks CD Complete "The New Tiger Cub Den Leader" Fast

    Start training. Do You Know Cars?

     Complete basic training for Tiger Cub Den Leaders. Grand Teton Council Complete Youth Protection Training. Each of the definitions below describes a car. Can you During your tenure for this award, participate in a name them? Cub Scout leader pow wow or University of Scouting, (You may need your parents' help, some of these are no or attend at least four roundtables. longer manufactured!! CD)

    1. Our 16th President? Performance

    Do all of the following: 2. River in New York?

     Conduct a Tiger Cub roundup for your pack with at 3. First Colony in New England

    least five new Tiger Cub boy/adult teams recruited. 4. Indian Chief

     Contact the host team each month and provide 5. Theater in which Lincoln was shot

    support as needed for one year. 6. A spotted horse

     Coordinate Tiger Cub den participation in three Cub 7. A hawk

    Scout pack activities each year. 8. A motherless calf

     Graduate a Tiger Cub den into Cub Scouting with at 9. A wild horse

    least 60 percent of the Tiger Cubs becoming Cub 10. One who travel and finds new things

    Scouts. Answers Report on the progress of Tiger Cub dens at 75 1. Lincoln; 2. Hudson; 3. Plymouth; 4. Pontiac; 5. Ford; 6. percent of pack leader meetings Pinto; 7. Falcon; 8. Maverick; 9. Mustang; 10. Explorer

    For a scorecard to log your progress for this award, go to Transportation Quiz Grand Teton Council

    1. A form a transportation that does not run on wheels


     Skateboard Snow-mobile Note on Word Searches, Word Games, Mazes and such Blade skates Tank In order to make these items fit in the two column format of 2. The inventor of the wheel is unknown, but the first Baloo’s Bugle they are shrunk to a width of about 3 inches. record of a wheeled vehicle goes back 5,000 years to Your Cubs probably need bigger pictures. You can get these ancient ______. by copying and pasting the picture from the Word version or Babylonia Sumer clipping the picture in the Adobe (.pdf) version and then Egypt Greece enlarging to page width. CD 3. The wheel is a form of a simple machine called Road Sign Game the______. Grand Teton Council Pulley Wedge Road signs like these are important to drivers, Can you think Screw Lever of some games that can be played to help you learn the 4. The earliest wheels were made of ______. signs?? Or maybe have your Cubs create a game or three?? Joined wood slabs Bronze

     Chiseled stone Iron

    5. The first important improvement in construction was the

    ______ wheel.

     Wire Disk

     Welded Spoked

    6. A major improvement in the wooden wheel was


     An iron rim Harder wood

     Flat area elimination Axle lubrication th7. Starting with the 13 century, a person who made

    and repaired wheels was called a _________

     Wheelwright Wheelie

     Wheeler-dealer Wheelsman

    8. Around 1830, a new kind of wheeled vehicle began to appear, the ________. HHHMMmmmmm - this looks like the start of a BINGO Steamboat Stanley steamer board to me Just add in a few more signs and produce Shaftmobile Steam locomotive some cards with the signs in different orders. CD Answers: (1) Snowmobile (2) Sumer (3) Lever (4) Joined How about Road Sign Dominoes for gathering? wood slabs (5) Spoked (6) An iron rim (7) Wheelwright

    Hide the signs around your meeting area and then have the (8) Steam locomotive boys find them and mark them off on a card.


    Cub # 5: (airplane) On airplanes we travel fast. The jet

    age has arrived at last. OPENING CEREMONIES Cub # 6: (rocket) Rockets fired into space, have taken us Car Show past the moon‘s face. Capital Area Council Narrator: Transportation has changed our lives and so have Have 7 boys hold up the letters to spell, ―CARSHOW.‖ the vehicles used. These vehicles play an The fronts should have the letter and an appropriate picture. important part in our lives, either taking us places The back (toward the cub) should have his part in LARGE or bringing us goods and services. Cub Scouting letters. is also a vehicle. It takes us places by inspiring us One at a time, in order, have them read their part. to look for new adventure outside our homes. Cub # 1: C Cub Scouts And just as cars and engines need fuel to go, so Cub # 2: A Are do we. We need new ideas, new incentives, and Cub # 3: R Ready new opportunities. Trains, planes, buses and Cub # 4: S to Show ships need crews to keep them going. We do to. Cub # 5: H How We need our parents and leaders to work together Cub # 6: O Our Cars Go! to keep the dens and pack going. I‘m glad you are Cub # 7: W Welcome. Please join me in the Cub Scout on board. We have a wonderful ride in store for Promise. you.

    Destination Cub Land Pinewood Derby Opening Capital Area Council Capital Area Council People: 6 Cubs with speaking parts and two Cubs holding Have 8 boys hold up the letters to spell, ―PINEWOOD.‖ the bus The front (toward audience) should have the letter and an Props: Large cut out cardboard bus with open windows appropriate picture. or windows set as flaps from which a Cub can The back (toward the cub) should have his part in LARGE stick out his head letters. Set Up: Have two Cubs walk onto the stage carrying a One at a time, in order, have them read their part. cardboard cut out of a bus. Cub # 1: P A Pinewood Derby is fun for all, Have the 6 Cubs with speaking parts walking But the whole family must answer the call. along on the side of the bus away from the Cub # 2: I I will enter the competition real soon audience. To win or lose or whatever my doom. As their turns occur the Cubs stick their heads Cub # 3: N Neatly I painted my car with dad's expert help, out of the windows But please let me run it all by myself. Cub # 1: Ladies and gentlemen, the destination of this bus Cub # 4: E Excitement runs all though the night, is Cub Land. It‘s an attraction which offers more No matter who wins, it will be alright. than Disneyland, Kings Island, and television Cub # 5: W We would all like to come in first, combined. But if not, our bubble wouldn't burst. Cub # 2: When you get to Cub Land, you will find fun and Cub # 6: O On with the races, don't hesitate, crafts projects to make For this Pinewood Derby can't wait. Cub # 3: You‘ll find games and songs. Cub # 7: O Open the gates, down the track; then we can Cub # 4: Cub Land has great treats such as weekly den rest. meetings and trips. For, being Cub Scouts, we've done our best. Cub # 5: Each month there is fun filled pack meetings with Cub # 8: D Don't mind tonight, where your car places; awards, skits, and songs. Cub Scouting will help you through all life's Cub # 6: Webelos Scouts in Cub Land work on exciting races. Activity Pins and visit Boy Scout Troops. Pinewood Derby Opening (Proceed with a patriotic ceremony). Capital Area Council A History of Transportation With a little modification, this would be a great Capital Area Council Cubmaster's Minute for closing. CD Materials: Narrator and 6 boys with a model or picture of If you take a moment tonight to contemplate these cars, you the following: Foot, wheel, boat, engine, airplane and rocket. will realize that an awful lot of painstaking work went into Cub # 1: (foot) Man learned to get from place to place, each one. There is much creativity and ingenuity running set a faster pace. represented here. I don't know, but I imagine that each car Cub # 2: (wheel) Then he invented the wheel to show how was designed to be the fastest. Of course, not all cars will much further he could go. win. As we begin our pack meeting, keep in mind that in Cub # 3: (boat) The boat helped us carry more. Now we Cub Scouting, as in life, the victors are those who put forth travel from shore to shore. earnest effort. As a great marathon runner from Kenya, a Cub # 4: (engine) Engines helped us travel far. Almost country in Africa, once said "To win is to finish. To finish is everyone owns a car. to win." Please join me in the Pledge of Allegiance.

    BALOO'S BUGLE Page 10

    Den Chief: As you can see there are many ways for Cub Things That Go Scouts to have fun with things that have wheels. Grand Teton Council Trains and trucks are more than just fun, though. Cub Scouts line up and hold their posters up as indicated They are all important in the development of our below. On the front (facing audience) is the appropriate country. Let's stand and honor their inventors as picture. On the back in LARGE print is the Cub's part. we say the Pledge of Allegiance. Cub # 1: (word "GO") Wheels, wings, and rudders make SPORTSMANSHIP many things go, All invented by men I'm sure Baltimore Area Council you all know. Equipment: Cards with letters spelling S-P-O-R-T-S-M-A-Cub # 2: (Model-T Ford) Henry Ford was an important N-S-H-I-P on the front and the Cubs' parts on the back in man, for he helped invent n car, He made it in LARGE print. mass production, and made it to go long and far. CUBMASTER: Tonight we will have our Pinewood Derby. Cub # 3: (Spirit of St. Louis plane}"'Lindberg was a man Will the boys who were asked to help, please whom we've all read about, He helped build a come forward? (Boys hold up letters and explain plane that made the world all shout. what each letter stands for.) Cub # 4: (Steamship) Robert Fulton did his part in making Cub # 1: S Smile, even if you hurt inside something that would go, The steamship made Cub # 2: P Plan to have a good time him famous, about steam he sure did know. Cub # 3: O Only use kind words

    Cub # 4: R Respect the feelings of other Cub Scouts Cub # 5: (Steam Engine) James Watt, too, became famous,

    Cub # 5: T Try your best for something that would go, His improvements

    Cub # 6: S Speak positively of others on the steam engine, year after year did grow.

    Cub # 7: M Master the art of self-control Cub # 6: (Large wheel with the word "THANKS" for Cub # 8: A Anger has no place in our meeting spokes) So you see men such as these, make our Cub # 9: N No pouting country grow, And we're thankful to them, for Cub # 10: S Success in ―doing your best‖ is possible for inventing things that go. every Cub Scout Cub # 7: (U.S. map) So, as we're thinking about the men Cub # 11: H Hush those words of bragging who have made our nation go, Let us now salute Cub # 12: I Inappropriate comments and actions are not the flag, ever thankful for all that we know. welcome Cub # 8: Will the audience please rise. Those in uniform, Cub # 13: P Participate in the derby for FUN! salute. Those not in uniform, place your hand CM: Let‘s remember the word SPORTSMANSHIP over your heart. Please join me in the Pledge of throughout our Pinewood Derby tonight. Please Allegiance. stand and repeat the Pledge of Allegiance.

    Models for the Future Cars & Wheels Grand Teton Council Great Salt Lake Council The Cubmaster shows a model of a futuristic car and says: Welcome to our Pack Meeting. Our theme is Cub Scout Car Cub Scouts, here is a great looking car. It is the builder's Show and probably just about all of you arrived on some sort vision of what cars may look like in the future. We can't be of wheels. Wheels have given us a great freedom to move sure that he's right. But we can be sure that the world is about our neighborhood, our town, our state, and this great going to need good men in the future. And we can be sure country of ours. However, with that freedom comes an equal that we will all be good men if we remember to follow the responsibility. We have to use our wheels safely. Car wheels, Cub Scout Promise. Let's remember that as we stand and bicycle wheels, scooter wheels, skateboard wheels: all come repeat the Promise. (Leads audience in the Cub Scout with different responsibilities and safety rules. Car drivers Promise.) should obey the speed limit. Bike riders need to obey road This could also make a great Cubmaster's Minute for regulations when riding, and pedestrian regulations when Closing. Your choice. CD walking their bikes.

    Wheels Opening In the same manner, the Declaration of Independence and Grand Teton Council the Constitution give all citizens certain rights, but with

    those rights, come responsibilities. Let‘s all stand and say Props: Each Cub has appropriate clothes or gear to

    the pledge to the flag of our great nation. illustrate his line.

    Den Chief: There are a lot of ways to have fun with

    wheels. Let's see a few in action:

    Cub # 1: I have fun riding my bicycle.

    Cub # 2: I like to go rollerblading.

    Cub # 3: Trains are my thing.

    Cub # 4: A go-cart is the vehicle for me.

    Cub # 5: Riding cross country in a truck is my type of fun.

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