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Looking at product promotion, focus the lesson on market research methods and howThis topic of market research underlines all four areas, since market


Subject and Content Company and Case Study/Version

    Business and Communication Systems (AQA) Gillette Developing new products Case Study

    Link to case study here

    Day/Date Duration/Time Class/Group Period Room Number of 19/04/05 1 hour 11D 2 Business Pupils Studies Boys: Girls: 14 11

Context of lesson where it fits in relation to the scheme of work

Looking at product promotion, focus the lesson on market research methods and how results are filtered

    through to product design. This lesson will concentrate on how companies get information from prospective customers, and use it to stay competitive.

Previous knowledge and understanding needed to support the teaching of this lesson

Pupils have been learning about „customer needs‟ and the „marketing mix‟. It is important that students

    have a basic knowledge of what marketing is, what the 4Ps are and that companies direct goods towards either customers‟ needs or wants. This topic of market research underlines all four areas, since market research is used to decide each of the factors.

Learning Objectives (Linked to Times100 subject grid)

    1. To learn about what market research is.

    2. To understand how Gillette has used market research to stay competitive.

Assessment Indicators: Criteria for Success how learning is demonstrated and differentiated

    ; Class discussions and contribution.

    ; Identification of market research methods used.

    ; Identification of how good market research has helped the company stay competitive.

    ; Ability to work in a group.

Assessment Procedures

    1. Assessment was done using class discussions (discussion).

    2. Students‟ identification of what market research methods there are and how they can be used

    (discussion and answering questions in books).

    3. Ability to participate in group work.

Equipment/Resources required

Gillette Case Study.

    Whiteboard and pen

    Question handouts.

Teaching Strategies and Organisation

Outline how the Case Study is to be used.

The Case Study is to be used to demonstrate what the different methods are, how they can be used and

    the effect of good market research.

The main teaching strategies used are lecture-discussion and task centred groups.

    Learning includes Kinaesthetic, Visual and Auditory learning, with opportunity to apply a theory to practice and reflect upon it.

Lesson Content


    Timings Teacher Activity Pupil Activity

    5 mins List the 4Ps in the marketing mix? Answer questions in front of books.

10 mins Ask class “How can companies get A student will write answers on the mind

     information from customers about what map, while other students put hands up and

     products they want or need?” are chosen to answer by teacher.

     Create mind map on whiteboard. Copy mind map into books.

     Development Teacher Activity Pupil Activity

    10 mins Explain to students what research methods Pupils must copy down definitions.

     are. Write definitions of qualitative and

     quantitative on the board.

20 mins Distribute Gillette Case Study and question

     sheets to grouped students.

     Read through the Case Study with Pupils must read the Case Study, discuss

     students. and answer questions.


     Teacher Activity Pupil Activity 10 mins Discuss with class how the market research Participate in Discussion.


    Found out about customer needs

    Helped the company stay competitive.

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