By Jeanne Garcia,2014-06-12 00:49
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Good afternoon, everyone!

    OK! As for challenge, which we are familiar with, I think, it is a kind of particular test during our whole life. Up to now, weve seen, and

    faced with a great amount of challenges throughout our former time. First, I want to ask, what is challenge?

    The survival of the fittest .This is the world, filling with competition and challenges. All creatures in nature are adapting to survive in the world under the law of jungle. As a lion who had always suffer from hunger, and an antelope in the prairie. The lion can‟t wait to hunt his

    delicious food in sight, and the antelope begin to run, to escape from being eaten. I could say, they are both at the edge of life and death. This is a challenge, to both of them, trying to survive from death.

    Also, we had faced many challenges. In front of temptation, what would you do? Accept it without control, or stay calm and determine to refuse without hesitation. As time went by, I had lost much spare time. When I was regretful, I know, being a time manager, it was also a challenge for me. To recognize something good or bad, to decide what I should do and what shouldn‟t do, is a challenge. While we„re

    studying in class, the most normal challenge is examination. Most of you always want to get better grades and ranks, so you try to challenge with others and work harder.

     Ive watched the program on TV before, named

     “Want to challenge?Yes;I am always admirable defeated by

    their excellent performances, also realize, our biggest fighter is our self. We can never be able to defeat our self, but we are trying to challenge. So, to my opinion, were facing challenge right now, how to overcome

    the difficulties bring from your disadvantages, how to improve yourself, how to become more excellent.


    challenge, we could be more confident, we could learn many valuable from challenge, and we could improve abilities, strength, and determination. So, facing with challenge, don‟t be afraid. NEVER


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