lnsFuture Leaders of the Worldqty

By Sue Clark,2014-01-23 06:48
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lnsFuture Leaders of the Worldqty

    1. Future Leaders of the World

    From the website, I read lot information about a dream and self-actualization is important in leadership. In ones life, maybe you cannot become a leader, but

    dream is the most important part in your life. For an outstanding leader, his dream is the most supportive thing in his career. As a person in the world, you should just be yourself, no one can take your place, and yourself is the most specific thing in the world. I learned from this website a lot, the most important thing I think is no matter you want to be a leader or other person, dream is important and you should to be yourself. Even for the excellent leaders, dreams also are important in their life. Above all, the most I impressed thing is about me. First, to be better in the future, I must persist on my dream and try my best to do everything. Maybe at last I cannot make an outstanding achievement, but I just try my best, I am not regret.

     Second, in this world, the only person that other cannot imitate is I.

    2. The Forum of Young Global Leaders

    This website told me something about the Forum of Young Global leaders. The YGL help the world selects many of outstanding persons to become the leaders from different places, regions and societies. These candidates selected by many strict ways. And the YGL will help the worlds future leadership. What I learned

    from the website is that to become an outstanding leader is difficult. Through the selection process of the YGL, I really feel that it is strict to be a leader. And the world also pays more and more attention to the futures leadership. Leadership is a

    difficult process which will take benefits to our life. After I read this article, I

    really feel that if we want to become a good leader, there are many things that we must learn. There are so many outstanding people in our life, and the most important we should to do if we want to be more outstanding is to learn and get more experiences both in life and society.

    3. The Complete Reference to China’s Leader

    All of Chinese know Deng Xiaoping, because he made many important changes to China. In my opinion, there are two things were the most popular: the first one was Hong Kongs return to China in 1997; the second one was reform and open up. The first thing let China took back the lost territory which protected China’s

    sovereignty, and the second thing made the whole China change, and helped China to be more and more strong. I am very admired Deng, because he put forward many effective ideas about China, and these ideas helped China change so that Chinese people can benefit from it. The thing most impressed me was the idea about Deng Xiaoping. He can put forward many advanced ideas according Chinas current situation and help China a lot. As a leader, this is very important. He was not just for himself, but for all the people in China. He kept his responsibility in mind, and let these responsibilities become true. As a leader, his ideas were creativity and progressive. These impressed me a lot because he did things for human and made lot achievements.

    4. Famous people

    Albert John Luthuli: he was the president of the African National Congress, and he fought for the Americans rights, and also fought for the racial segregation. He

    cared for and helped the black man to get the right. During this time, he run into many troubles but he insisted on his career. In my opinion, Albert stood for the peace and quality. He helped the black man to get their rights during that time, it was very rare. The things impressed me most are his thoughts and passion. As a leader in African, he did not discriminate black man, and tried his best to help them gain their rights so that he was limited. His passions that loved the people as equality and space also impressed me. For a leader, he or she also needs the passions just like Albert.

    Indira Gandhi:

    She was a woman president, and also a good statesman. She calmed down the unrest and in her politics career, she show her ability to the political. The most impressed me is as a woman, she had ability to political, and she did something that like a man, to help her country, her people calmed down troubles. As a woman, maybe many people think that woman can not do anything in political, but she show us that woman can. As a girl, I admired her and admired her ability.

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