Sacrifice of the Widow

By Cindy Wright,2014-11-04 21:17
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Product `desc`riptionGoddesses vie for the soul of people... Halisstra Melarn, convert to the cause of the goddess Eilistraee, was sent to the deepest depths of the Outer Planes to kill the demon goddess she once worshiped, but instead was transformed into a hideous creature bent to the vengeful will of her former mistress. For the Queen of the Demonweb Pits not only survived her Silence but evolved into something greater than she was before - something that no longer needs to share the domain she calls her own. Could it be that the War of the Spider Queen has just begun? Published by Wizards of the Coast on 2007/01/30

    Transformed by Evil

    She expected him to scream as her fangs punctured his soft flesh again and again, driving ven