The Crazy For Graduate School

By Bill Lane,2014-07-08 20:33
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The Crazy For Graduate School

    The Crazy For Graduate School

    Nowadays, the rate of students taking part in the entrance exams for postgraduate schools becomes higher and higher. That is to say, more and more graduates choose to pursue studies rather than taking up an occupation directly.

    There are many reasons that can contribute to the crazy for graduate school. First, the employment market seems to be the major reason. In most people’ eyes, obtaining a high degree is very helpful

    to a better job. As a result, they think they have no choice but to do graduate study. Second, many students just want to change their major so that they can enter into the field which they are interested in. Third, with the development of knowledge, what has been learned at college is not enough to meet the need of the people who want to implove their abilities. At last, there are many people trying to go with the flow. There is no doubt that it is unadvisable for them.

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