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Business Bio - Kenneth Hammonds ...

    Dr. Kenneth Hammonds, The Coach

    Small Business Empowerment, Plus


    “Empowering Solopreneurs and Small Businesses to Reach

    Maximum Potential with Limited Resources”

     NOTHING HAPPENS WITHOUT . . . Personal Transformation.”

So says Dr. W. Edwards Deming, the father and expert of modern quality control management for businesses. Called

    by some the Mozart of Quality Control, Dr. Deming’s philosophy and values of quality management and business

    practices can be applied to personal transformation and an improved quality of life for everyone.

    Primary Motivating Drive: To empower solopreneurs and small business owners personally and

    professionally to reach their Best with limited tools and resources through personal coaching, assessments,

    and business workshops.

Dr. Kenneth Hammonds is a Personal, Leadership, and Solopreneur Coach (a coach for solo-

    entrepreneurs). Dr. Hammonds is also a New Testament Greek Trainer, and noted Christian Educator in the

    African American Church Community. For 17 years, Dr. Hammonds was an executive officer (Director of

    Education and Training) for West Angeles Church of God in Christ, a 24-000 member, multi-million dollar

    organization, pastored by Bishop Charles E. Blake.

    He is founder and chief visionary of Wealthy Thinking Incorporated an education, coaching, and diversified real estate investments company. Small Business Empowerment, Plus is a subsidiary of Wealthy Thinking Inc. Through its Business Empowerment Services, Wealthy Thinking Inc. empowers

    individuals with positive attitudes that promote personal life and business life profitability.

As a Personal Coach, Dr. Hammonds assists individuals to live balanced lives and to achieve their personal

    goals more quickly and with less stress. He designs personalized plans for empowering people to start and

    complete their important goals and dreams. The “Success Coach” inspires people to move to the next level in their professional and personal lives.

He is an especially gifted at stimulating thought and interaction in his workshops and presentations as he

    provokes people toward positive action in their lives. He specializes in developing entrepreneurs in planning

    their solo businesses and new ministries. He also assists organizational leaders to become more focused and

    effective in expanding their vision and organizational staff effectiveness.


    Dr. Hammonds has received a BA, M.Div. (philosophy/theology degree) and a Doctorate (Ed.D.) in Educational Administration. Dr. Hammonds was honored to be included in “Who’s Who in American Education.” He has received the “Distinguished Educator Award” from West Angeles Church.


? A Certified Professional Coach

    ? Graduate of Coach University (The premier personal coach training system in the world)

    ? A Member of the ICF (International Coaching Federation).

    ? Member of the Black Professional Coaches Alliance

    ? Former Board Member Christian Coaches Network

    ? A Knowledge Base of over 90 Effective Coaching Skills

    ? Over 20 Personal and Management Assessments

    ? A Certified Personality Profile Consultant


     ? A Certified Toleration Specialist Dr. Hammonds terms his coaching approach, a Metanoia Coaching & Training System (Metanoia is

    pronounced meta-NOI-a.) What does METANOIA mean for personal & organizational coaching?

    Metanoia is a Greek word for “a radical change in thinking; a radical shift in attitude” which results in a

    change in behavior (Greek word praxis). The Metanoia System focuses upon “Transformational

    Coaching.” helping individuals and organizations transform thinking (metanoia) and behavior (praxis) for

    success professionally and personally.

The Metanoia System agrees wholeheartedly with modern business expert, Dr. W. Edward Deming who

    stated that, “Nothing happens without personal transformation.”



Small Business Empowerment, Plus (SBEP), Dr. Kenneth Hammonds, offers coaching activities for

    businesses and business owners. The coaching mission of Dr. Hammonds is to assist the solo-business

    owners and small business in clarifying and reaching their mission as they provide services to their clients.

    SBEP’s coaching is a liberating process on the personal and business levels to provide the important foundations and development necessary to experience economic empowerment and business transformation.


Area #1 Small Business Owner and Employee Personal Care Services

    SBEP presents a personal empowerment workshops called:

    ? Give Your Life a Clean Sweep (A Personal Empowerment Program)

    ? 12 Core Disciplines of Truly Successful People

    (12 powerful life changing patterns of conduct helping people perform better personally and


Area #2 Small Business Success and Empowerment Program

? 7 Steps Before You Write Your Business Plan

    ? New Business Start-up Program

    ? Staff Excellence Program

    ? Extreme Profitability for Small Businesses Program (25 Secret to Extreme Profitability)

    ? In Pursuit of the WOW! Customer Service Experience

    ? “I Understand You - Now!” (A dynamic staff, human relationships program)

    ? Coaching Employees Toward Excellence Program (CETEP)

Area #3 Speaker/Presenter

Corporate Mission and Purpose Analysis

    Dr. Hammonds was the Chief Developer & Implementer of the West Angeles Church Mission Statement

    ? Understanding and Fulfilling the Mission of Your Organization

Staff Meetings and Staff Retreats

    (Personal Development Topics; Staff Development Topics; Board Member Retreats; Staff Retreats)

Area #4 Personal Coaching for Entrepreneurs and Executive Staff

    (Coaching Assessments and Profiles for Personal Development)

? Dr. Hammonds is a Certified DISC Personality Profile Consultant and distributor.

    ? Over 20 Coaching Assessments for Personal Evaluation

    Some of the assessments utilized are:

    EQ Assessment (Emotional Quotient) EQ Emotional Quotient is the ability to deal with

    expressing and controlling feelings and impulses.

    Clean Sweep Program (A personal life balance tool that assesses your life in four basic areas.) Staff Excellence Program (A program for church paid staff managers and executives.) The House of Uhuru Uhuru is a residential and out patient substance abuse organization, part of the Watts of Health Foundation COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT in Los Angeles, CA. Dr. Hammonds presented the School of Success (SOS) positive thinking curriculum.

Jenesse Center, Los Angeles, CA

    A full service organization for victims of domestic violence. Dr. Hammonds is Coordinator of Communities

    of Faith and wrote a domestic violence training manual Domestic Violence: It’s Spiritual Roots and Cure.

Institute for Success, Hayward, CA

    A welfare to work program help clients to transition to independency through job training. Dr. Hammonds

    wrote a family curriculum manual and program entitled, Training Listening Coaches (TLC).

Time Talent Resource Center (TTRC), Los Angeles, CA

    A board member of a new start up organization for substance abusers. It will use the curriculum of the

    School of Success for its rehabilitation program.

    A-MAN International Learning and Discovery Children’s Center, Inglewood, CA (A-MAN = the African-American Male Achievers Network, Inc.)

    A speaker for this inner-city after school program for children ages 4- 13.


? God Wants You To Be Wealthy the FIRST motivational wealth commentary of the Scriptures

     and a motivational book helping people to release the wealth builder within.

    ? An Introduction to New Testament Greek Grammar for Word Studies

    ? Training Listening Coaches (TLC) Training Manual (for Institute for Success, Hayward, CA)

    ? Perfecting Leadership Program (PLP) Workshop Notebook

    ? Domestic Violence: It’s Spiritual Roots and Cure Workbook

    ? Curriculum for the School of Success (SOS):

     7 Life Changing Foundations for Success- Metanoia (Success Mindset, Attitude)

     The 12 Core Disciplines of Truly Successful People - Praxis (Success Skills, Practice)

    ? 77 Leadership Lessons Booklet

    ? Adult Curriculum Writer for Urban Ministries (Largest African American independent

     publisher of Christian curriculum and literature in the world.)


    A dynamic life-building success system developed by Dr. Hammonds using 7 Life Changing Foundations for Success AND 12 Core Disciplines of Truly Successful People. The 12 CD help people perform better personally and professionally, and enjoy life more consistently. The Disciplines are organized into 4 basic

    areas (Life Quadrant? - Self, People, Time, Work/Career).

    Dr. Kenneth Hammonds, BA, M.Div., Ed.D. Solo-Entrepreneur, Leadership & Personal COACH

    Small Business Empowerment, Plus P.O. Box 2853 Inglewood, CA 90305-0853

    Web Site: Business Bio

    WORKSHOPS Email: Coaching Phone: 323-753-1366

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