Integrated Writing 11 by NIL

By Kevin Hernandez,2014-08-18 11:00
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Integrated Writing 11 by NIL

    The listening material says that beer was the first grain-based food, which entirely denies the author’s belief that bread was the first grain-based food.

    It is indicated in the reading that wheat could be used by grinding. However, the professor in the listening material suggests that wheat sprouts in moist environment and you dont

    have to grind it to make it easier to eat. Sprouted wheat is sweeter, softer and more nutritious than while wheat seeds. Besides, people didnt have come up the idea of

    crushing the wheat, so the use of sprouted wheat must come first.

    According to the lecture, wheat begins to ferment as soon as its stored. And the process

    would have been obvious because of the bubbles and foam that formed. So people can dicover beer easily by tasting it. This idea differs from the reading that the reading states

    that the process of fermentation can make wheat paste lighter in texture and easier to eat when baked because of the formation of


    Furthermore, contrary to the point in the reading that baking bread is easy because it requires no technology but fire and loaves of wheat paste can be stored and keep food value for a long time, the professor states that at that time the idea to take fire to food for eating it was not obvious

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