August 2007 - The Greater Providence Area (GPA) Service Committee

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August 2007 - The Greater Providence Area (GPA) Service Committee ...

    The Greater Providence Area (GPA) Service Committee of NA

    August 19, 2007 Minutes

    The next meeting is September 23, 2007

Area Meeting Times:

    Administration 12:001:30 pm Literature Sales 1:303:00 pm

    Subcommittees 2:003:00 pm

    New GSR Orientation 3:153:30 pm

    Area Service Meeting 3:305:30 pm

Area Service Meeting Agenda

    1. Meeting called to order / Moment of silence / Service prayer

    2. Reading of the Twelve Concepts

    3. Introduction / Roll Call / GSR Report 4. Secretary Report

    5. Treasurer Report

    6. Vice-Chair Report

    7. RCM Report

    8. BOD Report

    9. Subcommittee Reports including:

     Activities, Finance, H&I, Literature, Phone Line, Policy, PI, Ad-Hoc

    10. Open Forum

    11. Old Business

    12. New Business

    13. Motions (submit at beginning of ASC meeting)

Roll Call and GSR Reports

    Groups in Attendance (15)

    Total Area Meetings (41*) *Please note that this number is updated and correct as of 3/26/07. (Previous months have show 62, but this was in error and based on a combination of Free Spirit, Greater Providence, and SE Mass Area meetings.)

    Groups that made a donation Information was unavailable at time minutes were completed.


    A Better Way …................ @... Choose Life ................... ...

    Faith in Recovery ............. @.....

    Gimme Shelter ................. ...

    Hardcore Recovery ............. Hole in the Wall .............. ...

    Keep it Simple Saturday ....... @ ..

    Loveline ...................... @ ..

    The Lie is Dead ............... @ ..

    Meeting Street Meeting ........ @ ..

    Narragansett Recovery Systems @.. new to the area- welcome

    Never Alone Again ............. @ ..

    Opt For Life…................. @.. new to the area- welcome

    Ray of Hope ................... ...

    Recovery and Beyond ........... @ ..

    Recovery in the Country ....... ...

    Recovery in the Lake .......... ...

    Recovery is More Than Abstinence @ ..

    Ressurection................... @... new group in need of support

    Sister’s in Recovery .......... @.. Smith Hill NA ................. @ ..

    Starting Over ................. ...

    Straight Forward .............. ... ..

    Straight Today ................ @….. Sunday Serenity/Insanity ......

    Surrender of Die .............. ...

    Key: @Attended GSR Meeting; $Made Area Donation; !Group Anniversary


    Activities: Cyndi D

    Committee met 8/7/07 we are planning a short speaker jam for 10/27/07 followed by a Dance, Costume Contest. We are waiting to find out if we can get John Hope Settlement for this function. We should hopefully have an answer this week. I also need to find out if the convention activities committee has anything planned so we dint plan 2 activities at the same time.

No Problems to report.

Board of Directors: Kevin V.

    Not Present

Finance: Open

    No Report

H&I: John D

    Hi family. Thank you for the ASC for believing in me last month during elections. Two things to report PI has contacted me on 2 possible commitments Urban League and Zambarano. I am going to work with PI to find out the needs of each facility and if H$I is the way to go.

Problem: Lack of communication and man power.

Literature: Tim C

    The sales for month of July were $1204.36. Literature order month of August $688.50. H&I sales is $150.95. No PI sales. I am looking to formally start literature committee.

Problem: Laptop screen has a crack and the hard drive is non-functional.

Phone Line: Lewis

    Not Present

Policy: Kim L

    This past month I worked on putting the Area Policy into the computer so that when the GPA makes changes I can update it. The main / hard copy will remain with the policy information. After today’s vote on the proposed Admin Responsibility and Qualifications I will update the Area

    Policy with the adopted changes and distribute copies of the updated policy at next meeting to whoever request one.

    I am working to form a stronger subcommittee over the next year, if you want to dive into the details of how our area works contact me- I’ll be recruiting over the next month.

Problem: none reported

PI: Robin D

    Thank you, for voting me in at the ASC meeting. PI has received two contacts Zambarano and the Urban League for presentations. PI has communicated with H&I. Also we have received a contact from R.I. Monthly Magazine for information. Region will be helping with this contact. PI Chair from Region contacted myself for help in the month of September for five events they have. Our Committee will be attending them. Meeting List are in. Turned in receipt to treasurer. Also website is under construction.

    Public Information is always looking for active committee members.

Problem: none reported.

     RCM: Open Position (Alt- Jackie, filling in)

Received a lot of feed back and keep getting questions on Convention Money. The following topics

    were discussed at region: Corporation Board Do’s and Don’ts, Replacement of laptop that was

    stolen a the last Regional Convention ( the change from the money given to replace the lap top

    was given back), Two members of the Board of Directors must also serve on the Convention

    Committee, Debate on Tradition 7 & 9. Two motions: 1 to renew Quick Book license, passed. 2- Lap

    top in storage to be given to Regional Convention Committee, passed. There were 7 RCM’s present

    out of 11 RCM total. I told them that we would be sending $500.00 to Region and $500.00 to world.

    Next Region meeting will be held in either Free Spirit or Martha’s Vineyard.

    Loving Service, Jackie L.

Treasurer: Sully D

As of Today all bills are paid except prior Taxes. We are still paying out more money than we

    are brining in. To keep current with our bills we ask that each group practice fund flow. Area

    works for the groups so please support your area.

     Old Business

    : Elections: Secretary

     Delia F - nominated: and elected.

    : Finance: no nominations- OPEN POSITION

    : RCM: no nominations OPEN POSITION

Motion- 72207-01 To change policy for all subcommittee chairs from 1 year to 2 years, except


This motion will be brought back to groups again. Not enough informed GSR’s present to vote.

New Business:


    08192007-1 The area stop printing it’s own meeting list and sell Regional Meeting List instead.

    Intent: Stop the current inefficient, flawed and impudent printing of meeting lists and provide more accurate

    and a greater volume of meeting information to our area in a more efficient and cost effective manner.

This motion was table for one month.

08192007-2 To create an ADHOC committee responsible for recruiting new members to be involved at the

    area level and to make suggestions to GPASC in how to retain those in service.

    Intent: Personal recovery depends on NA unity.

This motion has been tabled.

Open Forum

    Discussed and asked that all GSR’s and everyone to bring info back to groups that any addict even with one hour clean can come participate in Area Service. Area works for the groups. Please follow agenda from

    chair and pay attention and things will go smoother.



General Announcements:

New meeting Resurrection meets Sunday from 7:00pm to 8:30 pm at First Tabernacle 105

    Dodge St Providence- corner of Dodge and Cranston St.

The Saturday night meeting OPT for Life needs Support.

The Narragansett Recover Systems that meets Monday nights at 7:30pm at St Peters By

    The Sea Narragansett, needs support.

Our Regional Service Body is in need of support. There are several positions open,

    Treasure, ALT Treasure, Finance Committee, and Activities Chair. The next Regional

    Meeting will be on October 13 for all Subcommittees and October 14 for the Regional

    Body. Please support your Region.

Contact Information

    Administrative Body: Subcommittee Chairs:

     Position Name Phone Subcommittee Name Phone Number


    Chair Susan W 641-2204 Activities Cyndi D 286-4906 Vice Chair Robert 339-7347 Convention Daryl F 226-2556 Treasurer [Open] Finance Alternate Hospitals & John D 952-9658 Treasurer Institutions


    Secretary Delia F 463-8029 Literature Tim C 497-3718 Alternate Cathy A (774) Phone line Lewis S Secretary 526-6861

     Policy Kim L 419-1976 Board of Kevin V. 331-2871 Public Robin D 345-5776 Directors Information (PI)

    Regional Committee Member

    Alternate RCM Jackie L 215 4467

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