My impressions of ERC

By Travis Perez,2014-09-10 02:03
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My impressions of ERC

    My impressions of ERC

    ERC was created by a American teacher named David in our school ,and its a

    English resource center,from which you can borrow many English books and talk freely in English. I am happy to a volunter this semester of it .

    t feel the experience of beong an volunteer. Volunteer means Many people can

    taht you should be selfless and you should ba responsible. I remember taht one of my friends went to the 2008 Olympic Games. He was in charge of the public environmental sanitation. He told me that this everyday work was very hard. Alough he didnt gain any money from the work,but it did give him a chance to show his love to his countey and it wae his honor to be a volunteer and make contribution to his country.

     Nowadays most Chinese people thought that our national lose the responsiblitty to the public affairs, and the cultural quality is deficient. We cant forgot the traffic

    accident happened to the two year old girl Xiaoyueyue. Why could the passers by

    so cold and defached? Who will concer the public affairs? This semester, i acted as a volunteer to our English resource center (ERC). And I thinkI was wrong in the original purposes .because when I came to the interview Sempter 10, I said all that for myself , such as to improve my English ,to make many friends and to have fun. Whats the wrose ,today I felt ashamed since I was late for ERC and didn’t open the

    door immediately. When David ask some acrimonious questions, I dont know what

    to answer. Tonigt, I want to critize myself because I look down upon the petty things. Just as a motto in buddism : a flower contains a world and a piece of lefe includes the Buddha.You can seize a guys personalities through some small matters.

     I think I have changed the purpose to come to our ERC. I juse want to serve for the public, share my opinions with others, and bring my happiness to them. But my orinal English ids still a problem and my listening ids not so good ,which briongs me obstacles to communite with others.

     In the end, I perfer to do some benefical things to the public than talk with others without limits. I think I can do many things around my surroundings .A good case in point is ERC. Now that I hve been th evolunteer of it ,I should try my best to serve for others. Since from it ,I improve my abilities at the same time. 431

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