On the secondary school mathematics teaching poor students into thinking about the problem_12136

By Wesley Willis,2014-11-02 11:17
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On the secondary school mathematics teaching poor students into thinking about the problem_12136

    On the secondary school mathematics teaching poor students into thinking about the problem




     With the gradual deepening of high school mathematics content, as well as increasing the number of high school students, high school students drop the overall level of

    quality, high school math skills are gradually decline overall, the more they learn the more tired, the more we learn the more difficult, there have been some serious students side branches of the phenomenon. Thus, the high school mathematics

    classroom for teaching students with learning difficulties should pay attention to. how change this situation, I combined a few superficial teaching practice experience. 1. Personal factors Personal factors are poor students with

    learning difficulties one of the main individual factors is the most important interest is that many students just interested in learning of mathematics is not, however interest is to ensure that students are actively involved in the learning process of the psychological basis, Therefore, we should first focus on students with learning difficulties to stimulate interest in learning mathematics, students with learning difficulties arouse driving force. (2) environmental factors, education Some teachers do not pay

    attention to slow-paced mathematics classroom, so we should do it. 2.1 lectures began, to be slower. Car drivers to "stop one-third would rather not fight a second" as a motto, mathematics teachers can learn from. High school mathematics

    in the most logical, because students with learning difficulties before and after the convergence of knowledge is not up, create obstacles to thinking and loss of confidence. 2.2 introduce new knowledge, to be slower. High school mathematics is the interlocking steadily linked to the new knowledge is a continuation and development of old knowledge, new knowledge is the basis for follow-up knowledge.

    Introduction of new knowledge to remain out of time for students with learning difficulties to find the connection

    point of old and new knowledge and use of existing knowledge,

    assimilation of new knowledge, which can make learning difficult for students to actively acquire knowledge. 2.3 language rhythm, slower. High school mathematics with a

    certain degree of abstraction, using vivid language, the abstract mathematical knowledge into concrete, easy to understand for the students with learning difficulties to accept the knowledge is to improve the efficiency of classroom teaching an important aspect. (3) Social factors Currently, there are a small number of people have no knowledge of even junior high school, but by money, power, relationships and other ways to get a very good work, resulting in some students continue to struggle too early to

    give up the idea, just want to dawdle. Therefore, the transformation of students with learning difficulties need more than just the power of teachers, but also forces the parties to participate in and help. I think I can take the following measures. 3.1 grasping the ideological transformation, there is a problem for students in terms of ideology, from the root of the problem must first be transformed into ideas. Specific practices include: First, positive education to carry out multi-level, multi-format,

    multi-content ideological activities. The second is the right medicine , do not focus on learning for thinking that useless knowledge of students, the community must be good with some positive examples to guide them. 3.2 The focus on

    emotional education, Makarenko said: "Love is the foundation of education, there is no love there is no education." Transformation process to have love and patience, love is the basic premise of all educational activities, patience is a continuation of love, is a kind of calm, a kind of tolerance. These are my personal difficulties in the transfer of chemical raw bits of work experience, as long as we make concerted efforts to adopt a highly responsible attitude towards work, you will receive good results. Links to free download

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