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Environmental Management Consultant, OEMT Ltd. Independent from 1990-1993. Provided independent consulting for project management, production operations,

Douglas R. Olsen

R&D Consultant

    Evaco 2007 Present

    Participated in team efforts of the R&D of the Ionized Gas Reactor. Reviewed experimental data and calculated energy yields and efficiencies. Designed expository publications and PowerPoint presentations presenting experimental data, development potentials for generation heat and power from the IGR that would replace petroleum fuels. Organized a not for profit grant system to continue the technical development and the commercialization of the technology.

President & COB, 1993-Present

    Green Technology Group, Inc.

    Founded the company by incorporating the existing environmental consulting business. Expanded the scope by recruiting a network of independent professionals with expertise in specialty sciences and technologies. Began to assist several companies with emerging technologies, develop markets and applications, and obtain technical assistance. Developed process for closed-looping pickling operations (Pickliq?) using cold crystallization, diffusion dialysis and other technologies. Awarded Innovative Concept Grant ($21,000) to commercialize this technology from the US Department of Energy. Awarded NYSERDA ($450,000) grant to design and install prototype installation at upstate New York galvanizing plant.

    Awarded ERIP grant ($150,000) from the US Department of Energy to further commercialize and pilot the technology in the copper industry and the wire industry. During the course of this study the beginnings of the PHAR? process (for hydrochloric acid regeneration) were developed.

    Awarded NICE3 grant from the US Department of Energy to pilot and build and operated a commercial sized PHAR? process at US Steel plant. The Grant was $450,615 and was matched by $336,918 by Violia Water, $285,030 by US Steel and $28,625 by Green Technology Group. A patent is being prosecuted for the PHAR? process.

    Consultant for Air Quality environmental regulation and compliance for Vapor Degreasing licensing and operation.

    Several papers have been presented at technical meetings of professional groups in the US and Canada.

Environmental Management Consultant, OEMT Ltd.

    Independent from 1990-1993

    Provided independent consulting for project management, production operations, and waste minimization projects. Provided reports of the feasibility and capital/operating costs of alternative technologies. Conducted environmental compliance audits for air and water concerns. Developed

    environmental management and pollution prevention plans for waste management and storm water. Authored many proposals that have resulted in clients receiving waste minimization/pollution prevention grants. Has been a presenter and a moderator at state and national environmental seminars.

    Supervised the decommissioning of a Connecticut electroplating facility and the closure of an on-site hazardous waste landfill. Coordinated subcontractors to ensure compliance with regulatory reporting requirements. Was engaged as a consultant both collectively and individually for a coalition of cosmetic container manufacturers to design and permit non-ozone depleting, low emission solvent degreasing systems. Was Project Manager for several clients to close-loop various electroplating lines with equipment that have short pay-out periods and high return on investment. Wrote a waste treatment system operating manual for a high volume barrel-plating company.

Chemical Process/Laboratory Manager, Electronics Metal Finishing Corporation 1980-1990

    Responsible for all process engineering and chemical quality control oversight regarding electroplating and electroforming processes conducted at the facility. Conducted R&D work for the improvement of electroformed metal strengths and atomic structure, resulting in superior hard/ductile nickel and acid copper properties. Majority of work was for the military and aerospace industries. Designed and implemented closed-loop and zero discharge systems for plating and electroforming processes.

Owner/Operator - Kent Stationery 1970-1980

    Founded and operated bookstore and office supply business in Kent, Connecticut. Published a guide to the Appalachian Trail in Kent.

Engineering Services, FMC Corporation, New York, New York 1967 to 1970

    Functioned as Assistant Manager of Engineering with responsibility for the evaluation and coordination of major capital projects for the Chemical Group. Areas of activity included contracts and proposals, negotiation and evaluation, cost estimation, schedule control, forecasting, project organization, office management, appropriation review and approval, site surveys, and plant layout. Majority of projects were cost-plus, using major engineers and constructors. Supervised an in-house staff of ten. Acted as chemical process consultant to all plants in the Chemical Group.

Program Engineer, FMC Corporation, New York, New York 1962-1967

    Supervised the scheduling and cost control on all major capital projects. Introduced PERT and CPM scheduling methods to the corporation and trained personnel in the various divisions and plants in its use. Lectured for Industrial Education Institute as well as at various professional groups and colleges.

Process Engineer, FMC Corporation, New York, New York 1959-1962

    Responsible for the complete process design of Carbon Bisulfide plants for sale to firms in Germany and England. Consulted on design for a plant in Argentina. Traveled to Italy, Switzerland, Germany, England, and Wales to consult on Carbon Bisulfide and Sulfur Technology to develop proposals for the sale of the technologies, review engineering designs of plant construction and operating data. Technical proposals also included DiAllyl Phthalate Monomer and Pre-Polymer.

Research Engineer, Allied Chemical Corporation, Morristown, New Jersey 1957-1959

    Developed, screened and field tested new building products for market potentials; such as acoustic tile, foam insulation, particle board, and decorative laminated products. Supervised a research staff of three.

    PRIOR - Associated with Allied Chemical since 1953, less two years active duty with the U.S. Army in Berlin, Germany. Positions were Instrument Engineer and Chemical Engineer.


    Bachelor of Chemical Engineering, Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn. Certificate, Business Management, Alexander Hamilton Institute. AMA Courses in PERT, PERT/COST, Quality Control, Iowa State University. Certificate for Hydrogeology Technology, Certificate for Commercialization Planning, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. PATENTS

Method and Apparatus for Recovering Acid and Metal Salts from Pickling Liquors, US 5,562,828.

    Thermal Hydrojet, US 3,411,301; a High Efficiency Marine Propulsion System. Method of

    Producing Carbon Bisulfide, US 3,250,595. Conversion of Tetrahydroanthraquinone Compound

PAPERS (partial list)

Regenerating Hydrochloric Acid Pickling Liquors: A New Process; Douglas R. Olsen and

    Charles D. Blumenschein; AISE Proceedings, 1999.

Practical Recovery of Mineral Acids and Metal Salts from Acid Metal Solutions using Diffusion thDialysis Technology; Douglas R. Olsen, p53-63, MetSoc solid/liquid separations 29 Annual

    Meeting Hydrometallurgical Society, Quebec, CA 1999

A New Approach to Acid Recovery, Douglas R. Olsen and Charles D. Blumenschein; AISE

    Proceedings 1998, (11p)

Regeneration of Hydrochloric Acid Pickle Liquors by Crystallization, C.J. Brown, Chemionex,

    Inc. and D. R. Olsen Green Technology Group, Inc. Third International Symposium in Iron Control in Hydrometallurgy, Montreal, Canada, October 1-4. 2006.

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