Unit 3-1

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Unit 3-1unit,Unit,UNIT3,Unit1

    Unit 3 Language in use

    ?Teaching model

    Revision and application

    ?Teaching method

     Formal and interactive practice

    ?Teaching aims

    1. Key vocabulary: finishing line, award, marathon, turn, so far, taekwondo, belt 2.Grammar : 一般过去时和一般将来时的被动语态

    ?Teaching aids

    Tape recorder, OHP, handouts

    ?Teaching Steps

    Step 1 Revision

    Review the text of Unit 2

    Step 2 Language practice

    1. Read through the example sentences in the box with the whole class. 2. Grammar : 小结一般过去时和一般将来时的被动语态

    Step 3 Work in pairs.

    1. Ask and answer the questions in Activity 1.

    2. Complete the passage with the correct form of the words in Activity 2. 3. Look at the pictures and put them in the correct order in Activity 3. Step 4 Do exercises

    1. Complete the conversation with the correct form of the words in the box in Activity


    2. Choose the best answer in Activity 5.

    3. Listening:

    1) Listen and check the true statements in Activity 6.

    2) Listen again and choose the correct answer in Activity 7. 4. Put the sentences in the correct order to complete the conversation in Activity 8. Step 5 Around the world: The Paralympic Games


Step 6 Module task:

    Module task: Making a class sports survey

    1. Work in groups. Write questions to find out about the sport people like to watch and


     * What sports do you like?

     * How often...?

     * Do you like to...or...?

    2. Carry out your survey.

     * Ask as many students as you can to answer your questions. 3. Write the results of your survey.

     1) Say how many students you asked the questions were.

     We asked...student “What...?”

     2) Compare their answers.

     … students said ... and ... students said ...

    Step 7 Homework

    Finish the exercises in the workbook Ex.10, 11, 12&13.


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