the Letter of Credit

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the Letter of CreditThe,the

    Unit 11 the Letter of Credit

    1. Teaching Content

    ? The meaning of Applicant, Beneficiary, Opening Bank, Advising


    ? The procedure of L/C payment.

    2. Teaching Aims

    Let the Ss know what L/C is and how to use L/C. 3. Teaching difficulties

    How to let the Ss know the procedure of L/C clearly. 4. Teaching Tools

    Cards, Pictures and PPT

    5. Teaching Procedure

    Step1 Leading

    1. Let the students see a short film about business trade

    2. Ask the students: What can you get from the film? Step2 Presentation

    1. Show the Ss some pictures about business contradictions.

    2. Ask the Ss how to solve the problems?

    3. Introduce the Letter of Credit to Ss.

    Step 3 presentation

    1. The conception of L/C. Ask questions like following:

    ? Do you know what L/C is?

    ? DO you know how to use it?

    2. Presenting Ss the conception.

    Step 4 Presentation

    1. Presenting Ss the detail procedures of L/C step by step.

    2. Using simple words to explain the procedure to let Ss understand


    Step 5 Practice

    1. Playing game: Ask for Ss to act the roles of Exporter, Importer,

    Opening bank, Advising bank.

    2. Asking Ss whether they understand it or not.

    Step 6 Conclusion

     1. Asking the Ss: Do you have a better understanding of L/C?

     2. Concluding the lesson.

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