Basic information for a business plan

By Sally Burns,2014-07-09 08:22
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Basic information for a business plan ...

Business plan template - basic information

For more information see Small Capital Chapter 1

Name of business and/or trading name:

Physical business address:

    Occupancy status: Owner Y / N Tenant Y / N Date of occupancy: If owner - net equity in home (value less outstanding debt):

Postal address:

Business contact person/s for banking purposes:


    Designation or position in business:

    Telephone number (landline):

    Cell phone number:

    Email address:

    Period with bank (in personal capacity):

Type of business and registration number, for example, close corporation or partnership (if a

    franchise, please provide details of the franchisor’s name):

Industry of operation or business sector, for example, manufacturing, retail or services:

Business ownership:

    Name Age Gender Interest/ Financial ID/passport number

    shareholding contribution








? Words’worth 2008

Number of permanent employees:

    Age of business and stage of life cycle, for example, start-up or expanding:

Key members who will manage the business on a day to day basis (please attach CVs of key

    members detailing work experience and skills):

    Name Position/ Highest Length Postal address Age Time in Time

    function qualification of related running

    service industry own