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     Oliver Twist is the second novel by English novelist Charles Dickens;1812

    1870, published by Richard Bentley in 1838. The story is about an orphan, Oliver Twist's miserable life experience.The locale is London in the Victorian Era when the Industrial Revolution happened and promoted the rapid development of Capitalism.

     Oliver Twist is an orphan boy,who endures a miserable existence in a workhouse and then is placed with an undertaker. He can not bear the abuse there and escapes to London where he meets the Artful Dodger, leader of a gang of juvenile pickpockets. Oliver is led to the lair of their elderly criminal trainer,Fagin, without knowing their unlawful activities.In the following days,Fagin spares no efforts to train Oliver a pickpocket who serves for him.One day,when Oliver walks around the street with Charley Bates ,he is wrongly considered stealing Mr Brownlow's

    handkerchief.Luckily the owner of the bookstore defends for his innocence. And then Mr Brownlow takes him home where he is treated nicely.Fagin and his companions worry that Oliver will expose their crime,so they bring Oliver back to their lair.One night,Oliver is forced to steal in a house where he is shotted on the leg and he is rescued by Mrs Mary and Miss Rose,the owners of the house and they showed kindness to him. But Fagin doesn't giving up finding Oliver.At this time,Monks,who is the brother of Oliver and wants to get the legacy left by their father promises to pay Fagin a sum of money if he trains Oliver to an unforgivable criminal.But Nancy overlapped their conversation and she feels sympathetic for Oliver,so she tells Miss Rose and Mr Brownlow all this.Then Mr Brownlow decides to have a talk with Monks,who is the son of their friend,from which Sykes gets to know it is Nancy who reveals their secret,so they kill her. Finally,Fagin is arrested.Sykes kills himself when he is trying to escape.Monks dies in the jail. Oliver becomes the adopted son of Mr Brownlow and lived happily ever since.

     OLIVER TWIST is a realistic novel,which exposes a lot of social problems in England society,like poorhouse,child labor and juvenile delinquency.It criticizes the hypocrisy of the charity institution ,tranny of the police and the injustice of judiciary in England.All these can be the reasons why there are so many people are poor and are forced to become criminals,who make the England jails crowed so that some of them are sent to Australia.It also reflects the struggle between justice and evil and it turns out that Evil can never prevail over good.As we learn from this novel,Oliver Twist finally gains happiness and bad people,like Fagin ,and Monks,are punished. In this novel,what impresses me most is the discussion on human nature.Charles Dickens praises the kindness of human beings. In OLIVER TWIST,characters like Oliver,Rose and the bookseller are all representatives of kindness and Nancy,who may have done something wrong forced by the Fagin,but she is still a kind person and sacrifices her life to rescue Oliver. While Fagin and Monks become evil just because they are tempted by money and benefits.So I believe that human beings are kind in nature and we should try our best to fight with evil and help those who are in need of help.Only in this way,can we make our world better.

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