LTE April Week 2

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LTE April Week 2LTE,April,Week,week

    Basic Level

    Let’s Talk in English

    Weekly Test for April 2012

    Week 2: April 9-14

Listening Section

     (A) 5. Where are your American friends staying?

    I. Pictures看图辨义 40% (4/9)

    Listen to the questions. Then choose the best answer A. At a hotel.

    according to each picture. B. To an airport.

     C. For a night.

    A. Questions 1, 2 (4/9, 10)

     (C) 6. Are Grandpa’s eyes still good? (4/10)

     A. Yes, he’s on the bus.

     B. Yes, he has a phone.

     C. Yes, he can see well.

     (A) 7. This new computer is really helpful. (4/11)

     A. Can I use it for a while?

     B. Where is his new school?

     C. Is the weather warm here?

     (B) 8. This car is making me very unhappy. (4/12)

     A. Do you take the medicine?

     B. What’s wrong with it now?

     C. Is Friday more convenient?

For questions number 1 and 2, please look at picture A. (B) 9. How many times does Cindy wash dishes

    (C) 1. What is the man using? every week? (4/13)

    A. His clean towel. A. For her family.

    B. A water bottle. B. Twice, I think.

    C. Hand soap. C. In the kitchen.

(A) 2. What is the woman doing? III. Short Conversations简短对话 30%

    A. She’s checking her hair. Listen to the conversations. Then answer the

    B. She’s washing her face. questions. Each question will be read twice.

    C. She’s touching her back.

     (C) 10. (4/9)

    B. Questions 3, 4 (4/10, 12) W: Can I drive the car, Dad?

     M: No, Sally. You’re too young.

     Q: What is Sally’s problem?

     A. She’s busy now.

     B. She needs money.

     C. She isn’t old enough.

     (C) 11. (4/9)

     M: How many doctors work here?

     W: At least fifty and even more nurses.

     Q: Where are these people?

     A. At a station.

     B. At a museum.

     C. At a hospital.

     (B) 12. (4/11)

    For questions number 3 and 4, please look at picture B. W: Where are the boys’ bicycles?

    (B) 3. What is the man doing with the girl? M: They’re outside in the rain.

    A. He’s giving her medicine. Q: What is happening to the bicycles?

    B. He’s looking in her ear. A. They’re selling fast.

    C. He’s driving her home. B. They’re getting wet.

     C. They’re falling over.

    (A) 4. What is true about the girl?

    A. She’s in a bad mood.

    B. Her clothes are dirty.

    C. She has her cute hat.

II. Best Response问答 30%

    Choose the best response to each question or


    Basic Level

    Let’s Talk in English

    Weekly Test for April 2012

    Week 2: April 9-14

    (A) 13. (4/13) (New conversation based on week 2 contents)

     M: Do you enjoy that sport?

     W: Yes, but I can’t play it very well yet. It Pat: Hi, Andy. Is this your band?

     takes years of practice. Andy: Yes. You know Peter and Linda. And this

     Q: What does the woman think about the is John. He’s our new piano player.

     sport? Pat: Do you meet at this time every day?

     A. It isn’t easy. Andy: Yes, after school. John writes songs too.

     B. It isn’t cheap. We’re trying two of them today.

     C. It isn’t fun. Pat: Can I listen?

     Andy: Please don’t. They aren’t ready yet. We’re (B) 14. (4/13) still making lots of mistakes.

     W: Do you have meetings at your bookstore Pat: OK. Then when can I hear you?

     every day? Andy: We’re playing at City Park this Saturday.

     M: Yes, but they aren’t long. And they’re Pat: Really? On April seventh?

     pretty interesting. Andy: That’s right. At two o’clock in the afternoon.

     Q: What is true about the meetings? Pat: Great! See you there!

     A. They’re about food.

     B. They’re quite short. (B) 6. Where is Andy now?

     C. They’re often sad. A. At a movie.

     B. At a practice.

    Reading Section C. At a game.

     D. At a dance.

    I. Vocabulary and Phrases 文意字汇 50%

    Choose the best answer to each question. (D) 7. What do Andy, Peter, Linda and John do


    (D) 1. Tony is buying a new ___ for his bicycle. A. They teach sports.

    (4/9) B. They exercise hard.

    A. wish C. They cook food.

    B. date D. They make music.

    C. hour

    D. part (C) 8. What does Andy tell Pat?

     A. A line.

    (B) 2. Please ___ the dirty cups to me. (4/10) B. A grade.

    A. jog C. A date.

    B. pass D. A price.

    C. wear

    D. open III. Sentence Reconstruction 句子重组 20%

(A) 3. Do your students ___ from their mistakes? 9. (4/10)

    (4/11) often / brother / your / get / does

    A. learn

    B. worry How ________________________________ sick?

    C. stand

    D. order Ans: How often does your brother get sick?

(C) 4. Mom found something wrong ___ her new 10. (4/11)

    watch. (4/12) for / the / umbrella / blue / open

    A. back

    B. since Please ______________________________ me.

    C. with

    D. though Ans: Please open the blue umbrella for me.

    (B) 5. The stories in this old book are all ___.


    A. fat

    B. true

    C. near

    D. busy

    II. Passage 阅读理解 30%

    Read the passage and answer the questions.

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