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oxford chapter 6oxfo

    Chapter 6 food for thought

    useful expressions

    1. fail

    21. another one 2. seems

    22.. be influenced by 3. unfair

    23. a programme on space 4. steak

    24.industry 5. sausage

    25. grow food 6. salad

    26. instead of 7. increase your brainpower

    27. cattle 8. be better for

    28. there will be no more hurry

    9. warm your body


    10. snack

    29. think about 11. keep you awake

    30. tiny

    12. be worth doing

    31. have to 13. vegetarian

    32. may be 14. .astronaut

    33. listen to me 15. sound good to you

    34. better for your health 16. sound horrible

    35. better for your environment 17. no more bits of dead animals

    36. lose my appetite 18. a person who doesnt eat meat

    37. appetite for meat 19. since

    38. need to eat meat 20. a programme on TV

    39. contain vitamins and mineral

    40. get ill 61. pay attention to

    41. because of 62. order their lunch

    42. pesticide 63. Colleague

    43. argue with sb 64. dry and rough

    44. argument 65. a bit weak

    45. change the subject 66. look pale

    46. nearby 67. preventing spots

    47. a bookshop nearby 68. skin

    48. bits of meat 69. cereal

    49. alive 70. nut

    50. be influenced by 71. put on weight

    51. ask sb to do sth 78. do a survey

    52. sth wrong 79. interview a different person

    53. change the way 80. sensible

    54. lose interest / weight 81. cruel

    55. advise sb to do sth 82. cost of living

    56. raise cattle 83. improve

    57. persuade sb to do sth 84. proposal

    58. firstly / secondly/ thirdly 85. compare

    59. have to 86. recommend

    60. agree with sb 87. amout of / plenty of

88.Neither nor

    89.Be healthy for

    90.Source of energy

    91.A variety of food

    92. Warn

    93. be lack of

    94. balanced diet

    95. in order to

    96. increase the risk of heart attack 97. separate facts from opinions


    1. have to

    2. need

    eg. 1. The animals we eat have to spend their lives living in tiny


    2.You need to become a vegetarian too. Conclusion:

    1. need

1. The topic is food for thought. The topic is worth thinking about.

    2. There will be no more hungry people in the world.

     There won't be hungry in the world any more./ No more people will be/get hungry in the world.

    3. My mother is no longer young. = My mother isn't young any longer.

    4. You ought to become a vegetarian. It's better for your health.

     It's better for your health to become a vegetarian. 5. Are you trying to put me off my lunch?

     Are you trying to make me lose interest in lunch?

    6. Do you need to drink a cup of coffee?

     Need you drink a cup of coffee.

    7. He didn't come because it was raining hard.

     He didn't come because of the heavy rain. 8. In my opinion, students should do more exercise.

     I think students should do more exercise.

    9. Nothing can keep me from studying hard.

     Nothing can prevent me from studying hard./ Nothing can stop me from studying hard. 10. I don't want to argue with you.

     I don't want to have an argument with you.

    11. Let's change the subject.

    Why not talk about something else?/ Let's talk about other things.

    12. You maybe are wrong = You may be wrong.

    13. The cat is dead. = The cat is not alive.

    14. The cost of living will come down. = The living cost will fall/go down.

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