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Metropolitan Transportation Commission(1)

    September 13, 2006

    Transportation for Livable Communities (TLC) Capital Program:

    Third Cycle - Recommended Program of Projects, MTC Resolution No. 3723, Revised

    Subject: Third Cycle (FY 2007/08 2008/09), Transportation for Livable Communities (TLC) Capital Program: Recommended Program of Projects

    Background: In Fiscal Year 1998-99, MTC established the Transportation for Livable Communities (TLC) Program. The goal for the TLC Program is to work with local areas to plan and construct community-oriented transportation projects. The program has three components, which are intended to help project ideas become a reality: planning grants for community/transportation planning and technical

    assistance support, capital grants for project implementation, and grants from the

    Housing Incentive Program for cities/counties that propose housing developments

    adjacent to major transit service. Overall, TLC projects support the larger community development and redevelopment activities that encourage pedestrian, transit, and/or bicycle trips, and spur compact development of housing, downtowns, and regional activity centers.

    MTC issued the most recent call for projects for the TLC Capital Program in April 2006. Six TLC workshops were held throughout the region to explain the program, application requirements, and evaluation process for the capital program. MTC staff answered questions and assisted with application scoping. TLC applications were due to MTC by June 23, 2006. A comprehensive screening and review process was conducted, resulting in a prioritized list of projects. $16.7 million in federal funds are available for programming. In response, we received 60 capital applications totaling almost $113 million in requests. The complete list of applicants is attached.

    Attachment A summarizes the recommended program of projects, which consists of 11 projects totaling $16.7 million. The recommendations were developed with assistance from the 15 members of the TLC Capital Grants Evaluation Committee, made up of members of the Advisory Council, the Bay Area Partnership (including Congestion Management Agencies, Caltrans, city and county staff, and transit agency staff) as well as representatives from MTC’s

    Regional Pedestrian Committee and Regional Bicycle Working Group.

    The proposed program of projects includes a good mix of different types of projects (e.g., streetscape improvements, transit hub enhancements, new bike projects, etc.). Included are 11 projects from six of the nine Bay Area counties. Seven of the 11 recommended projects are in communities of concern characterized by predominantly lower-income households and/or minority residents. Four of the 11 projects have also resulted from previously awarded TLC planning grants.

    Issues: Scoring: These projects reflect the input from our scoring committee as the majority of each scoring panel’s top four projects are proposed for funding. However, staff recommended the Leland Avenue project in San Francisco be placed on the contingency list based on concerns over project readiness. The remaining fourth ranked project in Martinez is also on the contingency list. Despite not

Programming and Allocations Committee

    September 13, 2006

    Page 2

    placing in the top four from its group, staff recommends funding the Ed Roberts

    Campus in Berkeley due to its unique nature, public support, and the enormous

    amount of private and public capital already secured for this project, including $11.2

    million in the Transportation 2030 financially constrained project list. Staff makes

    this recommendation because the adopted scoring criteria were not designed to

    address a transit oriented development project focused on the provision of high-

    quality services for the disabled community.

     Contingency List: As with the past capital cycles, this program of projects is

    divided into two parts: (1) a recommended list of projects to be funded with TLC

    capital funds currently available, and (2) a contingency list of projects to be funded

    should additional funds become available before the next capital cycle. Additional

    funds may become available through the deobligation of funds for failed TLC or

    HIP projects, as allowed for in MTC Resolution No. 3606. The contingency

    projects are listed in priority order. If a project on the contingency list does not

    receive funds, the project will need to be resubmitted to compete in the next cycle.

    Placement on the contingency list does not guarantee funds in the future TLC

    capital cycles.

     County TLC Programs: For those project sponsors who were not successful in

    this round of Regional TLC programming, one third of all TLC funds are

    administered through the County TLC program. Third Cycle county TLC

    programming totals $26 million and is being administered by the CMAs. Recommendation: Adopt recommended third cycle TLC project list and revise Resolution No. 3723 to

    include the projects into the Third Cycle STP/CMAQ Program.

    Attachments: Attachment A: Project List Recommended, Contingency, and Applicants

     MTC Resolution No. 3723

J:\SECTION\ALLSTAFF\Resolution\TEMP-RES\MTC\Sept PAC\tmp-3723.doc

    Attachment A

    TLC Project List

    Third Cycle - Transportation for Livable Communities Capital Program

    Recommend Project List Rank within each of three Scoring Teams

    City of Alameda Transportation Pedestrian access improvements Berkeley Enhancements associated with the construction

    at Ashby BART of Ed Roberts Campus, a transit

    Station/Ed oriented community center for $2.0 6

    Roberts Campus seniors and people with

    disabilities at the Ashby BART


    City of Alameda Bay Street Streetscape and pedestrian Fremont Streetscape access improvements in

    Project neighborhood center adjacent to $1.57 3

    proposed Irvington BART


    City of Alameda Downtown Construction of a new

    Livermore Livermore pedestrian pathway from new,

    Pedestrian high density housing to $1.2 4 Transit downtown activity centers and

    Connections ACE transit center.


    City of Alameda West Oakland Pedestrian, bicycle, and Oakland Seventh Street streetscape improvements

    Transit Village immediately adjacent to West $1.9 2

    Streetscape Oakland BART and new


    City of Contra Monument Blvd. Pedestrian, streetscape and Concord Costa And Meadow lighting improvements

    Lane Pedestrian throughout one-mile project $1.2 1

    Infrastructure area.


    Attachment A

    TLC Project List

    Page 2

    City of El Contra San Pablo Development of pedestrian and Cerrito Costa Avenue streetscape improvements along

    Streetscape, San Pablo Avenue (SR 123).

    Pedestrian Improvements to AC Transit

    Access and bus stops throughout the $1.8 2

    Corridor project area.



    Segment A

    City of Santa Clara Morgan Hill - Pedestrian and bicycle access Morgan Hill Third Street improvements connecting to

    Promenade Morgan Hill Caltrain station. $1.7 1

    Streetscape improvements along

    project area.

    City of San San A Renewed Streetscape, traffic calming, and Francisco Francisco Valencia bicycle access improvement

    Streetscape project including wider $2.6 1 Phase 1 sidewalks and bike lanes.

    thProject area one block from 16

    Street BART.

    City of Daly San Mateo Mission Street: Pedestrian improvements at City Pedestrian and John Daly Blvd and Mission St

    Transit in proximity to new $0.9 4 Improvements development. Construction of

    (Intersection new bus shelter with real time

    Improvements) transit information.

    City of South San Mateo BART Linear Construction of pedestrian and San Francisco Park Phase 3 bicycle path connecting to $0.97 2 South San Francisco BART


    Attachment A

    TLC Project List

    Page 3

    City of Santa Sonoma Downtown Pedestrian access improvements Rosa Santa Rosa to downtown transit center and

    Mixed Use improvements at the transit

    Housing and center including real time bus $0.85 3

    Transit Mall information, benches, trees and

    Connectivity lighting.



    Attachment A

    TLC Project List

    TLC Capital Grants Contingency List

    - In Priority Order -

    Leland Avenue Streetscape and Intersection City of San rdSan Francisco Improvement Project at new 3 $2.05 3 Francisco Street/Bayshore lightrail station

    Downtown Marina Vista Streetscape and

    pedestrian improvement project near City of Martinez Contra Costa $1.6 4 Amtrak Capitol Corridor station and

    proposed ferry terminal.

    Murphy Avenues Streetscape Revitalization City of Sunnyvale Santa Clara $1.3 5 Project at Sunnyvale Caltrain station

    Richmond Downtown Revitalization and City of Richmond Contra Costa Transit Village: Bicycle and Pedestrian $1.1 5

    Linkages near Richmond BART

    Fruitvale Alive: Fruitvale Corridor City of Oakland Alameda Pedestrian Safety and Streetscape $2.0 7

    Improvement Project


    Attachment A

    TLC Project List

    List of TLC Capital Applications and Rank

    Three Scoring Committees

    Project Sponsor Project Name Rank City of Union City The Union City Intermodal Station -- East Plaza 12 City of Hayward Hayward Cannery Pedestrian Railroad Overcrossing 17 City of Alameda Webster Renaissance Project, Phase II 11 City of Oakland Fruitvale Alive: Fruitvale Corridor Pedestrian Safety & 7 Streetscape

    City of Oakland Foothill/Seminary Public Transit Hub Streetscape Project 14 City of Emeryville Emeryville South Bayfront Bicycle/Pedestrian Bridge 15 City of Fremont Bay Street Streetscape Project 3 Alameda County E. 14th St./Mission Blvd. Streetscape Project Phase II -- 18 Bulb-out

    City of Oakland Temescal District Telegraph Avenue Pedestrian Streetscape 10 Project

    City of Berkeley Transportation Enhancements to Ashby BART Station/Ed 6 Roberts Camp

    City of San Leandro Downtown San Leandro Pedestrian and Transit 9 Improvements -- Phase

    City of Livermore Downtown Livermore Pedestrian Transit Connections 4 Program

    City of Oakland Coliseum Transit Villages Streetscape Improvement 8 Project

    City of Oakland West Oakland Seventh Street Transit Village Streetscape 2 City of Walnut Creek Walnut Creek: Pedestrian Improvements at the intersection 20 of Buena Vista Ave.

    City of Walnut Creek Walnut Creek: Ygnacio Valley Road Pedestrian/Bicycle 21 facility improvements

    City of Richmond Richmond Downtown Revitalization & Transit Village 5 City of Hercules Hercules Intermodal Transit Center -- Refugio Creek 16 Bridge

    City of Martinez Martinez Marina Vista Streetscape Project 4

    Attachment A

    TLC Project List

    Page 6

    Project Sponsor Project Name Rank

City of Concord Concord Monument Blvd. And Meadow Lane Pedestrian 1 Infrastructure Improvem

    City of San Ramon San Ramon, Iron Horse Trail/Bollinger Canyon Rd. 12 Pedestrian/Bicycle Overcros

    Lafayette BART -- Downtown Pedestrian Linkages Project 11 City of Lafayette

    City of El Cerrito El Cerrito San Pablo Ave. Streetscape, Ped Access & 2 Corridor

    Contra Costa County Iron Horse Trail Overcrossing of Treat Blvd. 14 Contra Costa County Bailey Road Streetscape Improvements 19 Contra Costa County Contra Costa Co., Montalvin Manor Pedestrian and Transit 10 Access Improvement Project

    Contra Costa County Contra Costa Co., Pacheco Trailhead Pocket Park and trails 17 Contra Costa County. Contra Costa Co., Pacheco Streetscape 13 Corte Madera Bike Lanes and Associated Traffic Improvements, Paradise 17 Road

    County of Marin Ranchitos Road Class 2 Bikeway Improvements 13 City of San Rafael San Rafael 4th St./West End Village Revitalization Project 7 City of Napa City of Napa Class 1 Bicycle/Ped Path along the Napa 18 Valley Wine Train right of way

    City of San Jose Jackson St.: LRT to Japantown Pedestrian Corridor Project 13 City of Milpitas Milpitas Midtown Transportation Improvements -- Phase 1 16 City of Sunnyvale Murphy Avenue Streetscape Revitalization Project 5 City of Gilroy Downtown Streetscape Improvements -- Phase 5 21 City of Campbell East Campbell Avenue Master Plan Project 20 City of San Jose Coyote Creek Trail 22 City of Palo Alto California Avenue Streetscape Improvements 19 City of Morgan Hill Morgan Hill -- Third Street Promenade 1 City of San Francisco Bayview Transportation Improvements Project: Gateway 12 Enhancements

    City of San Francisco A Renewed Valencia Streetscape: Phase 1 1 City of San Francisco San Jose/Guerrero Neighborhood Project -- Phase 1 6

    Attachment A

    TLC Project List

    Page 7

    Project Sponsor Project Name Rank

    City of San Francisco Leland Avenue Streetscape Improvements Project 3 BART 24th Street BART Station Southwest Plaza Redesign 9 Project

    City of San Francisco McAllister/Leavenworth Tenderloin Gateway Phase 1 5 County of San Mateo Middlefield Road Improvements 14 City of Belmont US Highway 101 Bicycle/Pedestrian Bridge 11 City of Menlo Park Bayfront Expressway Bicycle/Pedestrian Undercrossing 16 City of Daly City Mission Street Pedestrian and Transit Improvements 4 City of South San Francisco BART Linear Park 2 City of Belmont El Camino Real Pedestrian/Streetscape/Transit Amenity 10 Improvement

    City of San Mateo El Camino Real Master Plan Phase 1 Improvements -- 28th 15 Ave. to 3

    City of Redwood City El Camino Real Streetscape Improvements for Multi-8 modal Access

    Solano County Old Town Cordelia Improvement Project 15 City of Fairfield West Texas Street Gateway Project 8 City of Sebastopol Street Smart Sebastopol Phase 2 9 City of Santa Rosa Downtown Santa Rosa Mixed Use Housing & Transit Mall 3 Connectivity

    City of Petaluma Downtown Petaluma Improvements Project -- Phase II 7 Town of Windsor Windsor Road Enhancements Project 6

    Attachment A

    TLC Project List

    TLC Evaluation Criteria

    All Four Criteria are Weighted Equally During Evaluation. Competitive projects score well in all four. Criterion #1: Program Goals

    The goal of TLC is to support community-based transportation projects that: ; Are developed through a collaborative and inclusive planning process that includes broad

    partnerships among a variety of stakeholders such as public agencies, community-based

    organizations and community stakeholders, and outreach to a diversity of participants. ; Improve a range of transportation choices by adding or improving pedestrian, transit,

    and/or bicycle facilities, and by improving the links between these facilities and activity nodes. ; Support well-designed, high-density housing and mixed use developments that are well

    served by transit, or will help build the capacity for future transit investment and use. ; Support a community’s infill or transit-oriented development and neighborhood

    revitalization activities

    ; Enhance a community’s sense of place and quality of life.

Criterion #2: Community Involvement

    ; Project resulted from an inclusive and collaborative planning process with community

    stakeholders, including low-income, minority community representatives (if applicable), as

    demonstrated by new or strengthened project partnerships, outreach efforts to a diversity of

    participants, and innovative planning techniques used to solicit public input. ; A planning document (such as a transportation-land use plan, urban design/landscape concept

    plan, design development plan, specific plan, general plan etc.) from which the project was

    derived, or a conceptual design illustrating the project, has been prepared and made available to

    the public for review and comment.

    ; Project is supported by the local agency (including planning, public works, engineering, traffic,

    and/or redevelopment departments/ agencies), transit operator(s), and community stakeholders

    who are affected by the project.

Criterion #3: Project Impact

    The project remedies a current or anticipated problem, and will result in one or more of the following community benefits:

    ; Transportation Choices: project provides for a range of transportation options to access jobs,

    shopping, recreation and other daily needs

    ; Pedestrian and Bicycle Access: project improves direct pedestrian and (or) bicycle access to the

    downtown, commercial core, neighborhood, or transit stop/corridor

    ; Transit Access: project improves transit accessibility to a major activity center

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