Awards Directory

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Awards Directory

    Awards Directory

    Including recipients up to April 2008

     Edited by

     Tjerk Lammers, ZS6P


     Chris R. Burger, ZS6EZ

     South African Radio League

     nd2 edition Tjerk Lammers ZS6P


    Honorary Life Membership 3

    Willy Wilson Gold Badge 4

    Jack Twine Award 6

    President’s Award 12

    Contest Awards

     AKYAB Trophy 13

     Anon Trophy 14

     Club Participation Award 15

     Fred Mills Trophy 16

    HOS Trough 17

    Joseph White Trophy 18

     The “Ray Webber, ZS6RSW” VHF/UHF Trophy 19

     Silent Keys Memorial Trophy CW 20

     Silent Keys Memorial Trophy SSB 21

    Operating Awards

     All Africa Award 22

     Members 23

     Arthur Hemsley 2 metre Trophy 48

     Barney Joel Trophy 49

     Bert Buckley Six metre Trophy 50

     Icom Excellence Award 51

     Joseph White Plaque 52

    Radio ZS Two metre Floating Trophy 53

     Top Band Certificate 54

     Recipients 55

     Worked all ZS Award 56

     Members 57

    Radio ZS Awards

    Gary Immelman RA Heritage Award Trophy 63

    JJ Pienaar Trophy 64

    Radio ZS Shield 65

    Technical Awards

     Arland Ussher Gold Pen Award 66

    Tinus Lange 7066 Technical Award

    Tinus Lange 7066 Junior Technical Award 67


    Photo - 8 Trophies 68

    Photo - 3 Shields and 15 Trophies 69


    Honorary Life Membership

The SARL’s highest honour

     1. 1983 Kay Munro ZS5RI

     2. 1987 Kobie Furstenberg ZS6ALE

     3. 1989 Hans van de Groenendaal ZS5AKV

     4. 1989 Ronald Caldecott ZS6BHH

     5. 1991 Bernard Crockford ZS1BW

     6. 1992 Milne Buchan ZS5NZ

     7. 1992 G Cooper ZS4SE

     8. 1992 Luther Uys ZS6E

     9. 1992 Malcolm Cunnington ZS6HMC 10. 1999 Phil Unterhorst ZS5RJ 11. 1999 Laurie Devereux ZS5DL 12. 1999 Gerald Klatzko ZS6BTD 13. 2000 Louis de Bruin ZS5LP 14. 2000 Vic Hugo ZS1LY

    15. 2000 Pieter Scholtz ZS6LC 16. 2002 Hans Potgieter ZS6ALJ 17. 2004 Marten du Preez ZS6ZY 18. 2005 Dennis Wells ZS1AU

    19. 2005 Albert Akers ZS2U

    20. 2006 Mike Bosch ZS2FM

    30. 2007 Graham Hartlett ZS6GJH

Refer to section 2.1 of the Constitution and Rules of the SARL for further details.


Willy Wilson Gold Badge

Awarded by Council to the amateur that gave exceptional and meritorious service to the League.

    1949 Trevor Brown ZSL1AB silent key 1949 Fred Shaw ZS6QJ, ZS1I silent key 1949 Karl Baumann ZS6SB silent key 1949 Henry Flanter ZS1FD silent key 1956 Reg Green ZS6J silent key 1956 F E Johnstone ZS6KX, ZS2KS silent key 1965 Annie van der Merwe ZS1AZ silent key 1965 Claude Ingle ZS1OA silent key 1966 Reno Faber ZS6OF silent key 1966 Doug Pitchford ZS6YB

    1969 Jack Vanderplank ZS5JK silent key 1971 Willie Wilson ZS1BF silent key 1972 Koos van der Merwe ZS1AW silent key 1972 Muriel Neill ZS5KG silent key 1972 Albert Neill ZS5GK silent key 1975 Ernest Brickhill ZS5P silent key 1976 Anna Steytler ZS6ATN

    1976 Harold Day ZS6D silent key 1976 Jan Gerryts ZS1VA silent key 1977 Bill Browne ZS6FE silent key 1977 John Ayres ZS5UP

    1978 Ray Midgeley ZS6VL

    1978 Colin Duff ZS6CA silent key 1978 Frank Stayner ZS1DJ silent key 1981 Hans van de Groenendaal ZS6AKV 1981 Gary Howarth ZS6ASO

    1987 Gerald Klatzko ZS6BTD

    1989 Dick Andrews ZS5FB silent key 1990 Bushy Roode ZS6YQ silent key 1990 Tony Reumerman ZS6AOG

    1993 Henry Chamberlain ZS1AAZ

    1993 Glynn Fogell ZS6AKQ

    1994 Chris Turner ZS6GM

    1994 Buddy McCullum ZS1MP

    1997 Tinus Lange ZS6TL silent key 1999 Hans Potgieter ZS6ALJ

    1999 Ray Webber ZS6RSW

    2001 Bill Norval ZS5KD

    2004 Rassie Erasmus ZS1YT

    2005 Dave Perry ZS1SG

    2006 Dennis Green ZS4BS

    2007 Peter Hers ZS6PHD

    2007 Colin de Villiers ZS6COL

    2007 Richard Seddon ZS2CLI


    The origins of Willy Wilson Gold Badge

    By Mr. D. Wells ZS1AU

    When awards were brought into being within the SARL, the highest was Honorary Life member followed by the Gold Badge and then the Jack Twine Merit Award.

    Harold Wilson's ZS1BF served a record term of 12 consecutive years as President. To avoid confusion Harold was called Willy as there were four Harolds around at the time.

    When told by Colin Duff ZS1CA that Willy was going to retire at the next AGM and what do we give a man who has already received