Awards Directory

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Awards Directory

    Awards Directory

    Including recipients up to April 2008

     Edited by

     Tjerk Lammers, ZS6P


     Chris R. Burger, ZS6EZ

     South African Radio League

     nd2 edition Tjerk Lammers ZS6P


    Honorary Life Membership 3

    Willy Wilson Gold Badge 4

    Jack Twine Award 6

    President’s Award 12

    Contest Awards

     AKYAB Trophy 13

     Anon Trophy 14

     Club Participation Award 15

     Fred Mills Trophy 16

    HOS Trough 17

    Joseph White Trophy 18

     The “Ray Webber, ZS6RSW” VHF/UHF Trophy 19

     Silent Keys Memorial Trophy CW 20

     Silent Keys Memorial Trophy SSB 21

    Operating Awards

     All Africa Award 22

     Members 23

     Arthur Hemsley 2 metre Trophy 48

     Barney Joel Trophy 49

     Bert Buckley Six metre Trophy 50

     Icom Excellence Award 51

     Joseph White Plaque 52

    Radio ZS Two metre Floating Trophy 53

     Top Band Certificate 54

     Recipients 55

     Worked all ZS Award 56

     Members 57

    Radio ZS Awards

    Gary Immelman RA Heritage Award Trophy 63

    JJ Pienaar Trophy 64

    Radio ZS Shield 65

    Technical Awards

     Arland Ussher Gold Pen Award 66

    Tinus Lange 7066 Technical Award

    Tinus Lange 7066 Junior Technical Award 67


    Photo - 8 Trophies 68

    Photo - 3 Shields and 15 Trophies 69


    Honorary Life Membership

The SARL’s highest honour

     1. 1983 Kay Munro ZS5RI

     2. 1987 Kobie Furstenberg ZS6ALE

     3. 1989 Hans van de Groenendaal ZS5AKV

     4. 1989 Ronald Caldecott ZS6BHH

     5. 1991 Bernard Crockford ZS1BW

     6. 1992 Milne Buchan ZS5NZ

     7. 1992 G Cooper ZS4SE

     8. 1992 Luther Uys ZS6E

     9. 1992 Malcolm Cunnington ZS6HMC 10. 1999 Phil Unterhorst ZS5RJ 11. 1999 Laurie Devereux ZS5DL 12. 1999 Gerald Klatzko ZS6BTD 13. 2000 Louis de Bruin ZS5LP 14. 2000 Vic Hugo ZS1LY

    15. 2000 Pieter Scholtz ZS6LC 16. 2002 Hans Potgieter ZS6ALJ 17. 2004 Marten du Preez ZS6ZY 18. 2005 Dennis Wells ZS1AU

    19. 2005 Albert Akers ZS2U

    20. 2006 Mike Bosch ZS2FM

    30. 2007 Graham Hartlett ZS6GJH

Refer to section 2.1 of the Constitution and Rules of the SARL for further details.


Willy Wilson Gold Badge

Awarded by Council to the amateur that gave exceptional and meritorious service to the League.

    1949 Trevor Brown ZSL1AB silent key 1949 Fred Shaw ZS6QJ, ZS1I silent key 1949 Karl Baumann ZS6SB silent key 1949 Henry Flanter ZS1FD silent key 1956 Reg Green ZS6J silent key 1956 F E Johnstone ZS6KX, ZS2KS silent key 1965 Annie van der Merwe ZS1AZ silent key 1965 Claude Ingle ZS1OA silent key 1966 Reno Faber ZS6OF silent key 1966 Doug Pitchford ZS6YB

    1969 Jack Vanderplank ZS5JK silent key 1971 Willie Wilson ZS1BF silent key 1972 Koos van der Merwe ZS1AW silent key 1972 Muriel Neill ZS5KG silent key 1972 Albert Neill ZS5GK silent key 1975 Ernest Brickhill ZS5P silent key 1976 Anna Steytler ZS6ATN

    1976 Harold Day ZS6D silent key 1976 Jan Gerryts ZS1VA silent key 1977 Bill Browne ZS6FE silent key 1977 John Ayres ZS5UP

    1978 Ray Midgeley ZS6VL

    1978 Colin Duff ZS6CA silent key 1978 Frank Stayner ZS1DJ silent key 1981 Hans van de Groenendaal ZS6AKV 1981 Gary Howarth ZS6ASO

    1987 Gerald Klatzko ZS6BTD

    1989 Dick Andrews ZS5FB silent key 1990 Bushy Roode ZS6YQ silent key 1990 Tony Reumerman ZS6AOG

    1993 Henry Chamberlain ZS1AAZ

    1993 Glynn Fogell ZS6AKQ

    1994 Chris Turner ZS6GM

    1994 Buddy McCullum ZS1MP

    1997 Tinus Lange ZS6TL silent key 1999 Hans Potgieter ZS6ALJ

    1999 Ray Webber ZS6RSW

    2001 Bill Norval ZS5KD

    2004 Rassie Erasmus ZS1YT

    2005 Dave Perry ZS1SG

    2006 Dennis Green ZS4BS

    2007 Peter Hers ZS6PHD

    2007 Colin de Villiers ZS6COL

    2007 Richard Seddon ZS2CLI


    The origins of Willy Wilson Gold Badge

    By Mr. D. Wells ZS1AU

    When awards were brought into being within the SARL, the highest was Honorary Life member followed by the Gold Badge and then the Jack Twine Merit Award.

    Harold Wilson's ZS1BF served a record term of 12 consecutive years as President. To avoid confusion Harold was called Willy as there were four Harolds around at the time.

    When told by Colin Duff ZS1CA that Willy was going to retire at the next AGM and what do we give a man who has already received every award of the SARL, Dennis ZS1AU out of sheer intuition, suggested that the Gold Badge be renamed the Willy Wilson Gold Badge.

    Willy Wilson set the ultimate example of dedication, honesty, loyalty and devotion in our hobby and already held every award within the SARL.

    At the 1971 SARL AGM held in Cape Town, Willy retired from Council as President and was awarded the Willy Wilson Gold Badge.

    Refer to section 22.2 of the Constitution and Rules of the SARL for further details. 5

Jack Twine Merit Award

To recognise qualities such as unselfishness, clean operating and a genuine interest in Amateur Radio and

    its affairs. This prestigious Award will be made to Amateurs who, in the opinion of their fellow amateurs

    and the League's Council, exemplify the qualities desirable in a Radio Amateur.

     Dave Reeves ZS6EY silent key

     Willie Wilson ZS1BF silent key

     Dusty Miller ZS2RE

     Bert Coombe-Davis ZS2D silent key

     Tiny Smuts ZS2GN

     Ken Dirkman ZS2JH

     Bill Browne ZS6FE, ZS5BY silent key

     Frank Burrell ZS2CY silent key

     Colin Duff ZS6AAO silent key

     Burt Buckley ZS5U silent key

     Bob Dersley ZS2BJ silent key

     Ian Pattinson ZS6ALU silent key

     Luther Uys ZS6E

     Ian Jamieson ZS5JK silent key

     Alf van Zyl ZS1BX silent key

     Fred Anderson ZS1LA, ZS6PW silent key

     Phil Currie ZS5PM silent key

     Bill Bailey ZS5V

     Mac MacGregor ZS1TX silent key

     Louis Gertenbach ZS1HW silent key

     Dougie Fouche ZS3G

     Jimmy Henry ZS6OT silent key

     Mike Sherman ZS6IW silent key

     Richie Richards ZS6ET silent key

     Bill Thomas ZS5DU

     Jan Kuhn ZS4FB, ZS6FG silent key

     Koos v d Merwe ZS1AW silent key

     Manny Sacharowitz ZS6AIX

     Phil Miller ZS6NM

     Issy Kotzen ZS6JK

     Doug Forte ZS6ARX

     Frank Stayner ZS1DJ silent key

     Annie van der Merwe ZS1AZ silent key

     D J Viljoen ZS6ABL silent key

     Clive Greenway ZS5DA silent key

     W A Grey ZS6DX silent key

     H R Howes ZS6AEA

     E N Gilson (Tubby) ZS6AJO silent key

     D Green (Mrs.) ZS6GH silent key

     Reno Faber ZS6OF silent key

     J S Roux ZS6ABY silent key

     C Campbell ZS1GJ silent key 1965 Jeff Hulbert ZS6ALX, ZS4LX silent key

     Muriel Neill ZS5KG silent key 1966 Cyril Goodman ZS2KX silent key

     Anna Steytler ZS6ATN

     Vic Boshoff ZS6AKM silent key

     E Ulett ZS5HB

     Peter Schoeman ZS6AMS silent key


    1967 Hans van de Groenendaal ZS6AKV

     Gunda Fischer ZS6-003

     Lawrie Field ZS5WP

    1968 Jock Greyling ZS6MO silent key

     Horst Fischer ZS6BEJ

     Les Haarhoff ZS6AAU silent key 1969 Stan Herbert ZS5OA

     Arthur Hemsley ZS5D silent key 1970 Basil Lanyon Paul ZS5IF

     Astor Levy ZS6QK

    1971 Harold Day ZS6D silent key

     Ron Caldecott ZS6BHH

    1972 Doug Brook ZS6AES, ZS1AE

     John Ayres ZS5UP

     Ray Alexander ZS1IM silent key

     Bill Meyer ZS6DW silent key 1973 Louis de Bruin ZS5LP

     Chris de Souza ZS6AVC silent key

     John van Hoogstraaten ZS6MU

     Phil Jaques ZS6BME

     Don Davies ZS6ABC

     Edna Herbert ZS5OB silent key

     Kay Munro ZS5RI

     L Lincoln-King ZS2BZ silent key 1973 Tinus Lange ZS6TL silent key 1974 Mac McClure ZS1VN

     Ken Harwood ZS6BLI

     Ray Midgety ZS6VL

     Allan Ritchie ZS6XK

     Sid Cooper ZS4SD silent key

     Georgie Cooper (Mrs.) ZS4SE 1975 Roelf Klopper ZS6ATK

     Roelf Lindeque ZS5WI

     Dan de Vries ZS1DF silent key

     Horace Dainty ZS6IY silent key

     Dave Crawcour ZS6ADZ

     Bert Boutell ZS5BA silent key

     Marten du Preez ZS6ZY

     James Niehaus ZS4A silent key

     Ams Amsenga ZS6YV

     Albert Akers ZS2U

     Bushy Roode ZS6YQ silent key

     Bernie Tyler ZS4CW

     Hans Nothling ZS1WZ

    1976 Chris v Rooyen ZS6AIN silent key

     Charles Stiemie ZS6CZ silent key

     Chris Horn ZS6BLD

     Bill Ingleson ZS6KO

     Pottie Potgieter ZS6GW

     Ton van Dijk ZS6ANA

     Kobie Furstenburg ZS6ALE

    1977 Rolfe Gostelow ZS5DV

     Gert Schempers ZS6AOE

     Gordon Stewart ZS6BKH silent key

     W Badenhorst ZS4PA

     J Kirstein ZS4KN

     Ulli Dehning ZS1UD silent key 1978 Colin Dickman ZS6U silent key

     Jannie van Niewenhuizen ZS6WAS silent key

     George Miller ZS6ACQ silent key 7

1978 L Pienaar ZS6BRN

     Johnie Gutjar ZR6AL silent key

     B Heydenrych ZS5OM

     Willie Steyn ZS6BCV silent key

     Jimmy Momberg ZS6APS

     S Schmidt ZS6AWH

     Brian Austin ZS6BKW

     George Doudney ZS1SP silent key

     Gregory Roberts ZS1BI

     Kobus Krause ZS6LY

    1979 Henry Schoeman ZS6AHS

     Mannie de Beer ZS6AK

     Bobby Steytler ZS6ATM

     Herman Wessels ZS6AM silent key

     A van de Heide ZS6WH

     Albert le Roux ZS6AXL silent key

     Gary Immelman ZS6YI

     Geoff Tinker ZS1LM

    1980 Dick Andrews ZS5FB silent key

     Milne Buchan ZS5NZ

     Norbert Taverner ZS6ANL

     Dave Woodhall ZS6BNT

    1981 Mike Rowland ZS6AFG

     Reg Sweet ZS5CO

     Karel Bezuidenhout ZS6BPJ

     Ton Bouw ZS4BU

     Gerrit Erasmus ZS6PA silent key

     Paul Duveen ZS5ZV

     Clive Cornell ZS6ABF

     Michael van Niekerk ZS6BPO

     Ernest Lindner ZS6EN

    1982 Pieter Stofberg ZS6ABA silent key

     Don Stewart ZS6IA silent key

     Peter Strauss ZS6ET silent key

     Paul Sterling ZS6BMF

     Don Cohoe ZS6EZ

     Hansie Meyer ZS6AIK

     Vic Hugo ZS1LY

     Hill Mason ZS5HL

     Dick Schonborn ZS2RS

     Dirk Olwagen ZS4XB, ZS4YB

    1983 Leo Alexander ZS6BEN, ZS5WF silent key

     Brian Weller ZS2AB

     Milton Roseveare ZS5BS

     Frank Pentz ZS6BPZ

     Cliff Smythe ZS6BOX

     Dave Perry ZS1SG

     Derek Siegel ZS1DP silent key

     Phil Underhorst ZS5RJ

    1984 Anita Kubon ZS6CAF

     Gerald Klatzko ZS6BTD

     Omar Shaik ZS6BVI

     Ernie Jacobson ZS6ATQ

     Pam Momberg ZS6APT

     Bernie Burger ZS1IB

    1985 Dave Duell ZS1DL

     How Lee ZS6ARG

     Deryck van Loggerenberg ZS6KQ

     Pat Verner ZS6BZJ

     Pieter Scholtz ZS6LC 8

1985 Bruce Dunn ZS5XT

     Ron Singoles ZS5JA

     Laurie Devereux ZS5DL

    1986 Felix Botha ZS6PG

     Bernard Crockford ZS1BW

     Buck Taylor ZS1VP silent key

     Marge Weller ZS2OB

     Arno du Plessis ZS6BDD

     George Windsor ZS6ARP

     Aileen Tronson ZS1CZ silent key

     Angus MacDonald ZS1ZF

     Buddy McCallum ZS1MP

     Gordon Proctor ZS6AGV

    Farrell Segall ZS6RW

    1987 Sean Rhategan ZR1KE

     Wally Perfect ZS6AFU

     Tony Reumerman ZS6AOG

     Gus Wolf ZS6GT silent key

     Gunter Kubon ZS6BWD

     G Hartwell ZS6BBF

     Nick Moon ZS6BBY silent key

     Chris Turner ZS6GM

    1988 Dick Stratford ZS1RO

     Sarel Burger ZS1BZ

     Smitty Smith ZS1ABC silent key

     Ron Wilkinson ZS6AVY

     Robert Hooper ZS6AEV

     Dick Mathews ZS6RM silent key

     Arie Wessels ZS6UY

     Trevor Scarr ZS2AE

     Lionel Coombe-Davis ZS2DD

     Rod Radford ZS5RK

    1989 Kalie van der Linde ZS6SY silent key

    1989 Ian McGregor ZS1A silent key

     Nic Cronje ZS6WW

     Andre van Tonder ZS6BRC

     Willie Nell ZS6W

     Hans Meyer ZS6APY

     Wolf Wagner ZS6KE silent key

     Garnett Gould ZS6ZT

     Geoff Edwards ZR5GE

     Stan Finn ZS5AZ

     Bruce Taylor ZS5BR

     Carol Siedle ZS5YG

     Leon Nel ZS5QY

     Erich Voigt ZR1ER

     Klasie Oosthuizen ZS4NO

     Rita Oosthuizen ZS4JS

     Gerard de Jong ZS6KX

     Dick Chaplin ZS6AJM silent key

     Abe Basson ZS1OZ

     Rassie Erasmus ZS1YT

     George Honiball ZS6NE

     Len Silberman ZS6BYE

    1990 Henry Chamberlain ZS1AAZ

     Johan Becker ZS6AAC

     Attie Hattingh ZS6ADO silent key

    1991 Jan Schubart ZS6ARV


    1992 George Oosthuizen ZS1GJO

     Barry Hosford ZS5IC

     Cees Weerheim ZS6AOR 1993 Davy Smeda ZR1FR

     Gerd Schlorf ZS1ABM silent key

     Joe Haarhoff ZS1AAB

     Andy Mackenzie ZR6APO

     Steve Burgoyne ZS6MSB

     Selwyn Losinsky ZR5SL 1994 Viv Prince ZS6BZS

     Garth Blain ZS6BXT

     Dave Lloyd ZS6ACC

     Phillip Conradie ZS6CON

     Keith Liddle ZS6AGF

     Cedar Ryan ZS6JQ

     Arthur Atkins ZS6AYA

     Willem Nel ZS6ALL

     Theo Swart ZR6SG

     Hennie Rheeder ZS6ALN 1995 Hans Potgieter ZS6ALJ 1996 Marc Lurie ZS6HZ

    Servaas Harmsen ZS6XL silent key

    1997 John Airey ZS6CDI 1998 Andre du Toit ZR6FM ? 1999 Ray Webber ZS6RSW 2000 Hennie Greyling ZS4HG

     Syd Tyler ZS6AYC

     Bill Norval ZS5KD

     Frans Keulder ZS6BXL silent key

     Mike Bosch ZS2FM

     Danie Potgieter ZS6AXX 2001 Karl Canitz ZS1KC

     Machael Castelyn ZS6BML

     Jannie de Beer ZR6PHD

     Hans Kappetijn ZS6KR

     Hal Lund ZS6WB

     Ron Marlow ZS1RON

     Raymond Pitts ZS5RAY

     Wally Sime ZS6WAL

     Martin Smith ZS5M

     Bud Voortman ZS1B silent key 2002 Garth Laaks ZS2HB

    Tjerk Lammers ZS6P

     Gert Viljoen ZR6BV

    2003 Leon Burger ZR6BUR

     Charles Carr ZS5QR

     Erik Charslund ZS6AWS

     Johan Classen ZS1WC

     John Fielding ZS5JF

     Dennis Green ZS4BS

     Martin Harper ZS6MSG

     Lawrence Lauf ZS5HV silent key

     Bradley Phillips ZS5BP

     Henry Roodt ZS6IIX

     Ockerd Taljaard ZR6ZL

     Henk Veenendaal ZS6ENK 2004 Francois Botha ZS6BUU 2005 Rene van Zyl ZS1VR

     Dave Reece ZS1DFR

     Louis van Heerden ZS1LVH 10

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