Training and Developing the Workforce

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Training and Developing the Workforce

A6HC 34: Training and Developing the Workforce

    I. Introduction

    This report is talk about the designing of a training program, the designing of a training program is having duration of two hours for telephone customer service roles. The title of the program is ‘how to conduct a selection interview’. And you can see the

    information below.

II. Content

Training session plan

    Four main sessions can be found in this part of the report, they are conducting the interview, preparing for the interview, discrimination and advantages and disadvantages of the interview and how to avoid it. In the following training session plan, the content, delivery methods and timetable can be seen. The intense, how to avoid discrimination against specific content, this part of the purpose is to enable managers to know what discrimination is illegal, how to avoid it. At first, the participants would complete a questionnaire of discrimination by using the material of questionnaire and pens. Then coach will introduce how to avoid discrimination. They know theory, participants will be asked to complete their own personal action plan. This process will use PowerPoint and handouts. Other information can be seen in the

    following table.

    Training session plan

    Subject: how to conduct a selection interview Length of session: 2 hours

    Objective: At the end of this session, managers will be able to select appropriate telephone customer service staff.

    Time Content Method Resource

    2.00 Welcome and Trainer input PowerPoint

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    A6HC 34: Training and Developing the Workforce


    2.05 Icebreaker Participative activity Paper 2.15 Agenda Trainer input PowerPoint

    Trainer facilitates a thought

    Preparing for the Flipchart and 2.18 shower to agree a definition of

    interview pens

    selection interview

    Interview video

    Knowledge skills and

    Facilitator facilitates review of Video

    attitudes requires for

    2.35 video and identifies skills. Attitude Flipchart and

    conducting the

    and knowledge required to a pens


    selection interview

    Advantages and

    PowerPoint 3.00 disadvantages of the Trainer input



    Participants complete a Questionnaire 3.10 What is discrimination

    questionnaire and pens

    Trainer describes how to avoid

    How to avoid discrimination; participants PowerPoint 3.25

    discrimination complete their own personal action handouts


    3.45 Review Trainer summaries session PowerPoint

    Trainer facilitates evaluation Evaluation 3.50 Evaluation

    activity tool 3.38 Close Trainer close session 4.00 Session ends

Course objectives defined

That the overall performance, technology and training staff attitudes should be

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A6HC 34: Training and Developing the Workforce

    improved course. At the same time, the training condition should be suitable which can provide a convenient environment for both trainee and trainers. The training time should be two hours, acceptable for the managers.

    For the establishment of the curriculum, the content of each material is unique, for example, prepare for job interviews.The main content is to let trainer facilitates a thought shower to agree a definition of selection interview. The initial aim of this activity is to let the trainers know what selection interview real are. At the same time, after know the fulfilled definition, the trainers can have a intuitionistic image from the flipchart and pens.

Session objectives defined

    The most important objective of the session for individual is the manager should know the technique of interview. And then, the managers should have the ability of selecting appropriate telephone customer service staff. To summary, the objectives of the session are that the managers should have the willing to provide a fair environment to the candidates.

    Moreover;the opportunities should be equal and avoid discrimination which has been involved in the course content. For the candidate aspect, the managers should select the most suitable people for the job, not only focus on the academic background of candidates.

Cost table

    There are about five funds spending on the training session plan. They can be divided into five parts: place, fees, resources, facility and meal.

    The training session would be held on the meeting room of the local hotel, which

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A6HC 34: Training and Developing the Workforce

    would cost three hundred pounds. The most important thing is the fees of training must be paid to the trainer. The resources (include materials in the session) and facility (include equipments in the session) would cost fifty pounds and one hundred and fifty pounds respectively. Furthermore, the entrepreneur should invite the trainer for a meal, costing one hundred and fifty pounds. All in all, the total cost of the training session plan is one thousand six hundred and fifty pounds. The costs can be seen clearly as the follows.

    Comments Details Cost

    The meeting room of the local hotel Place 300

    The fee paid for trainer Fees 1000

    Materials used in the session Resources 50

    Equipments used in the session Facility 150

    Invite the trainer for a meal Meal 150

    Total 1650

Evaluation tool

    Evaluation is trying to assess whether there are relevant training, and through efficient production and management processes, and the value of output. Some methods can be used to evaluate training, vary from happy sheet, cost analysis, questionnaire, assessment to Kirkpatricks model of evaluation. In my opinion, the most suitable

    method for this training is questionnaire.

    Questionnaire is a printed or written responses to a survey or choose the purpose of statistical research design and questions. Through the questionnaire, the detail of information which is unique to my investigation can be gained and the response can be collected quickly. Furthermore, the investigator can control the process, it is more flexible. In the implementing process, the prepared questionnaire would be given to the trainee after the training. Through the questionnaire, the trainers’ responses

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A6HC 34: Training and Developing the Workforce

    towards the training can be gained. At the same time, the trainers can give some advice to the training, which is very helpful in the further training.

Learning styles and Kolb’s learning cycle

    Kolb's learning theory of the four different learning styles, this is a four-stage learning cycle basis. Here are brief descriptions of the four Kolb learning styles: Diverging - These people are able to look at things from different perspectives. People with a Diverging learning style have broad cultural interests and like to gather information. They are interested in people, tend to be imaginative and emotional, and tend to be strong in the arts.

Assimilation - Assimilation of learning preferences is a simple logical way. Ideas and

    concepts is more important than people. These people need to have a good clear explanation, rather than actual opportunities. These learning style people are important for

    effectiveness in information and science careers. In formal learning situations, people with this style prefer readings, lectures, exploring analytical models and having time to think things through.

    Convergence - convergence of learning styles and the people can solve problems, and will use their learning and find solutions to solve practical problems. They prefer

    technical work.And are less concerned with people and interpersonal aspects. People with a Converging learning style are best at finding practical uses for ideas and theories. They can solve problems and make decisions by finding solutions to questions and problems.

    Forgiveness - the different learning styles: a hands-on, and rely on intuition rather than logic. People with an Accommodating learning style prefer to work in teams to complete tasks. They set targets and actively work in the field trying different ways to

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A6HC 34: Training and Developing the Workforce

    achieve an objective.

    According to the above information, from my point of view, integration of learning is the most suitable learning style managers, because people with a Converging learning style are best at finding practical uses for ideas and theories. They can solve problems and make decisions by finding solutions to questions and problems.

    Kolbs learning cycle can be used in the training process. Take the content of how to avoid discrimination as an example. At first, the trainer can let the trainees talk their own experience about how to avoid discrimination, and then the trainees can get observations and reflections from others words. After that, the trainer can format of

    abstract of concepts and generalization of discrimination. At the last, the trainees would be tested the implication of discrimination in new situations.

    From Kolbs learning cycle, the trainers can take theory into practice and have fun during the process. Most important of all, the managers can remember and reinforce of discrimination, which is one of the main parts of the training.


    From the report we can know that , the first one is training session plan which include content, deliver methods and timetable. The second is course objectives defined and session objectives defined would be known. The third one is the cost table, which is followed by evaluation tool. The last one is learning styles and Kolb’s learning cycle.

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