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VCU Health System Cash Manual ...




    MCV Physicians Finance Department

    Revised March 2007

This cash collection manual can be found online at:

    Revised C.S. Ransom 06/11/2004 Page 1 of 41


    Table of Contents

    Introduction Page Number

    ? Purpose and Responsibilities 3

    ? Prerequisites 4

    ? Summary of Procedures 5-7

    Receiving Procedures

    ? Collection of Cash, Check or Money Order 8

    ? Collection of Credit Card 8

    ? Dassault Talento Credit Card / Check Machine 9-10

    o Credit Card Sales

    o Check Verification

    o Credit Card Returns Same Day

    o Reprinting a receipt

    o Term Report & Close Report

    o Troubleshooting

    ? Returned Merchandise 11-12

    Preparing Patient Receipts 13-15

    Preparing the Deposit

    ? Balancing the Deposit 16

    ? Completing the Daily Deposit Reconciliation 17-19

    ? Preparing the Deposit-All Locations 20-21

    ? Reporting an Overage/Shortage 22

    ? Verifying Deposits 23

    Management Activities

    ? Role of the Reviewer 24-25

    ? Establishing a Payment Receiving Location 26

    ? Changing the Payment Receiving Employee 26

    ? Ordering Supplies 27

    ? Establishing a Patient Change Fund 28

    Appendix A Contact-Listing 29-30 Appendix B Forms Needed by the Departments 31

    ? Refund Request / Return Receipt 32

    ? Overage / Shortage 33

    ? Cash Collection Site Changes / New Set up 34

    ? Miscellaneous Order Form 35

    ? Cash Collection Site Closure 36

    ? Notes 37

    Revised C.S. Ransom 06/11/2004 Page 2 of 41

Purpose and Responsibilities

    ? MCV Physicians developed the policies and procedures contained

    herein. The clinical departments and business office personnel must

    follow these guidelines for all cash receiving activities related to

    patient billings processed by MCV Physicians.

    ? It is the responsibility of the clinical department chairman or their

    assignee to enforce the cash receiving policies and procedures within

    their department. The clinical department and MCV Physicians share

    the responsibility of monitoring compliance with these procedures.

    ? The MCV Physicians Business Office reserves the right to examine

    appointment books, schedules, receipt books, and other billing

    information upon request.

    ? Any questions concerning policies and procedures should be directed

    to the MCV Physicians Finance Department.

    ? Problems that involve missing funds or any other unexplained

    discrepancies should be immediately reported to the MCV Physicians

    Internal Audit Department.

    Revised C.S. Ransom 06/11/2004 Page 3 of 41


The following items are required for all cash collection sites:

? Lockable cash drawer secured to desk and not visible.

? Lockable desk or file cabinet for records.

? Sign instructing patient to request a receipt for payment.

? A VCU Health System Receipt book with numerically sequenced

    receipt. Only receipt books issued by the MCV Physicians Finance

    Department are to be used. THESE BOOKS ARE NOT TRANSFERABLE


? “MCV Physicians For Deposit Only Loc #XXX” stamp. This stamp is

    used to restrictively endorse checks and to identify the location

    receiving the check.

? All cash drawers, signs, patient receipt books, deposit stamps and

    credit card imprinters must be ordered by the MCV Physicians

    Finance Department. Any costs for the supplies will be charge to the

    clinical departments.

? Supplies of credit card sales slips and credit card machine tape can

    be obtained from Ribbons & Rolls directly; the contact information is

    in Appendix A. Please check your machine or “Welcome” book for

    that information. Any costs for the supplies will be charged the

    clinical department’s merchant account.

? Any employee, who will be receiving payments from patients, must

    attend the “Cash Collections Class” offered by the MCV Physicians

    Training Department.

All contact numbers can be found in Appendix A in the back of this


    Revised C.S. Ransom 06/11/2004 Page 4 of 41

     Summary of Procedures

? Any new payment receiving locations must be established through the

    MCV Physicians Finance Department. (This form is located in

    Appendix B in the back of this manual)

? The clinical department must document signatures of employees and

    alternates authorized to receive payments. The clinical department

    must notify the MCV Physicians Finance Department in writing of any

    changes to the authorized payment receiving personnel. (This form

    is located in Appendix B in the back of this manual)

? All employees handling patient payments must be bonded. This

    requirement should be stated in the job description. If an entry on

    the employee’s job application connects them with any criminal

    offense, then the MCV Physicians Internal Audit Department must be

    contacted before the applicant is hired. This allows the MCV

    Physicians Business Office to verify if the employee is eligible for


? Separation of duties should be maintained between employees

    scheduling patients, employees receiving payments and employees

    preparing charge documents.

? Primary cash receiving duties should be rotated to other employees

    for at least two weeks per year. Arrangements for cross-training and

    periodic substitution should be made as a check on the primary cash-

    receiving employee.

? The Department Administrator or assignee should perform supervisory

    review of employees receiving payments and periodic review of

    patient payment records.

? Location of payment receiving function should be away from heavy

    traffic areas while maintaining patient convenience.

? Access to cash drawers and their contents should be restricted to the

    primary payment receiving employee and the person with primary

    administrative responsibility for the clinical department. An

    alternate payment-receiving employee should be permitted access

    only in the time period allotted to that employee.

    ? The cash drawer must remain locked whenever it is left unattended.

    The employee primarily responsible for receiving payments should

    maintain custody of the cash drawer key. The alternate employee

    should obtain the key from the primary employee and have custody

    Revised C.S. Ransom 06/11/2004 Page 5 of 41

    of it only for the period that the alternate is substituting. Proper

    control must be maintained over any keys to prevent loss and

    unauthorized use of the keys.

? No checks are to be cashed and no advances or loans are to be made

    from the clinical department’s cash. Patient payments received may

    not be used to make purchases.

? Only pre-numbered VCU Health System Receipts may be used.

    Receipts must be used in sequential order. A receipt must be

    completed for every patient payment that is accepted. Verify with

    the patient if the payment is intended for a specific service. The

    white and yellow copy of the receipt is submitted with the Daily

    Deposit Reconciliation and the pink copy is given to the individual

    making the payment. The clinical department will need to make a

    copy to keep in the department. The goldenrod copy must remain in

    the receipt book.

? MCV campus locations and offsite locations should submit used

    receipt books to the MCV Physicians representative located at the

    1605 business office. Stony point locations should submit used

    receipt books to administration of the building.

? Payments must be secured in the cash drawer until deposited.

    Checks must be restrictively endorsed using the “MCV Physicians For

    Deposit Only LOC XXX” stamp. This stamp should have the deposit

    location number on it also.

? All payments and corresponding receipts must be balanced daily.

    The “MCV Physicians Daily Deposit Reconciliation” must be

    completed to summarize all payment information included in the





? All overages/shortages, regardless of the dollar amount, must be

    reported on the Daily Deposit Reconciliation and a “Report of

    Overage/Shortage must be completed and attached. Employees will

    report any overage/shortage more than $10.00 to the MCV Physicians

    Internal Audit Department. The Internal Audit Department will

    contact the department administrator to resolve the discrepancy.

    Revised C.S. Ransom 06/11/2004 Page 6 of 41

? All outages will be reconciled by an adjustment of the departmental

    reserve funds. The MCV Physicians Internal Audit Department will

    forward the “Report of Overage/Shortage”, for any outages greater

    than or equal to $5.00, to the clinical department administrator for

    authorization to adjust the reserve funds.

? The employee handling the scheduling function must note walk-in

    patients, cancellations and no-shows. Patient schedules and

    physicians appointment books must be maintained for a minimum of

    three years. This is for audit purposes.

    Revised C.S. Ransom 06/11/2004 Page 7 of 41

     Collection of Cash

    ? Count the cash received from the patient. ? Provide change, if necessary, from the cash drawer. Make sure to

    make the correct change for the patient. ? Provide the patient with a written VCU Health System receipt.

    ? We do accept Traveler’s Checks they are handled as cash. Clerks

    must ID patient and watch them sign the Traveler’s Check.

     Collection of Check or Money Order ? MCV Physicians accepts personal, certified, cashiers or traveler’s


    ? Checks and money orders should be made payable to MCV Physicians.

    ? Review the check or money order for completeness and signature.

    ? Verify that numerical and written dollar amounts agree on the check.

    ? All checks over $ 50.00 should be verified through the electronic

    credit card terminal.

    ? Use the deposit stamp to endorse the check or money order “For

    Deposit Only MCV Physicians Loc XXX”. This stamp is necessary to

    safeguard the check/money order and to identify the payment

    receiving location.

    ? Change should not be provided for checks or money orders.

    ? Provide the patient with a written VCU Health System Receipt.

     Collection of Credit Card

? MCV Physicians only accepts credit card payments by VISA and

    MasterCard. Do not process as Debit or offer cash back to patients.

    ? Complete a credit card sale. All credit cards should be processed

    through the electronic credit card terminal. ? Verify that the signed copy of the credit card slip is legible. Any

    charge card payment that cannot be collected will be charged back

    to the physicians.

    ? Compare the payee signature to the credit card signature.

    ? In case of denial, ask the patient for payment by cash or

    check/money order and follow the appropriate procedures.

    ? Provide the patient with a written VCU Health System Receipt.

    Instructions for the Dassault Talento

    Revised C.S. Ransom 06/11/2004 Page 8 of 41

    Credit Card / Check Verification Terminal

Credit Card Sales

    ? Push the SALE button; slide the credit card through the card reader

    located in the middle of the terminal. The magnetic swipe should be

    facing you.

    ? When prompted on the screen of the terminal, enter the last 4 digits

    of the credit card number and push the green ENTER button.

    ? When prompted on the screen, enter the Invoice number you will

    actually enter the MEDICAL RECORD NUMBER.

    ? When prompted on the screen, enter the amount of the sale.

    ? The terminal will process the payment and print a receipt. Tear off

    the receipt and push the ENTER button to print a duplicate receipt. ? The customer needs to sign one copy. You will keep the signed copy

    and give the customer the other one.

    ? To enter a credit card without swiping; Press the Sale button, follow

    prompts as listed above. This step will ask for the Zip code of the

    patient and the V-Code the V-code is the last three digits on the

    back of the card in the signature block.

Check Verification Service

    ? Push the number 7 on the keypad.

    ? When prompted on the screen, enter the Checking Routing &

    Account numbers.

    ? When prompted on the screen, enter the Invoice number you will

    actually enter the MEDICAL RECORD NUMBER.

    ? When prompted on the screen, enter the amount of the check.

    ? The terminal screen will show an approval number or decline number.

    ? If approval, write the 5 digit number on the check.

    ? If declined, give the customer a decline slip.

Credit Card Returns S



    ? Press the gray arrow key found towards the top of the keypad on the


    ? Another screen will appear which has RETURN & DEBIT RETURN on it.

    ? Press the up arrow under RETURN

    ? Swipe the credit card through the terminal

    ? Enter the last 4 digits of the credit card when prompted

    ? Enter the MEDICAL RECORD NUMBER when prompted for invoice


    ? Enter the amount of the credit when prompted.

    ? The receipt will print; press ENTER to print the second receipt.

    Reprinting a receipt

    Complete this before Batch close; otherwise the information is not

    able to be retrieved.

    Revised C.S. Ransom 06/11/2004 Page 9 of 41

? Press the blue REPRINT button on the left side of the keypad

    ? If prompted for a manager password, press Enter

    ? If prompted for a supervisor password, press Enter

    ? Select which receipt you want to reprint by pressing the up arrow

    under the appropriate option.

    ? If you selected by REF#, enter the reference number of the record to

    print and press ENTER. If you selected FIND, proceed to the next


    ? The selected receipt prints.


Terminal Report

    ? Press the TERM RPT button ? The Terminal will print out a terminal report, this is a detailed listing

    of all charges.

    ? Sales slips should match the total on this report, if they do not please

    find out which slips you are missing and reprint them before

    completing the next step.

Batch Close

    ? Press the CLOSE button ? The screen will say BATCH CLOSE Yes or No

    ? Press the up arrow under YES to proceed with closing the batch. The

    terminal will batch out and print out a Batch Confirmation Report.

    This process actually submits the information to the bank, it is your

    credit card deposit.


    ? Call First National Merchant Solutions Customer Service at 1-800-

    228-2443 for any help that is needed. You will need your Merchant

    ID Number when you call. This is found on the decal located on your


    ? To replenish the receipt paper, feed the new roll over the blue bar

    found where the paper feeds into the terminal. The terminal will

    automatically pull the paper into the terminal.

    ? The phone line will need to be plugged into the port that has LINE

    printed over it. If the terminal is sharing a line, you can plug the fax

    or other phone line from the other piece of equipment into the

    second port found next to the LINE port.

     Receiving Returned Merchandise or Refunding Credit

    Card Payments

    Revised C.S. Ransom 06/11/2004 Page 10 of 41

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