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    The story of Jesus tell me about life

     Jesus is one of the most important person in western culture,and almost nobody can compare with him.In the Holy Bible,the first is God,and the secondary is Jesus.The God and Jesus in Christian were similar to Buddha and emperor in Buddhism,the public believe that the God or Buddha give power and ability to Jesus or emperor,sent them to protect the public.We know the story of Jesus via the movie in recent days and get some important information about the spirit of Christian,it told us some useful massage about life.

     There are numerous kinds of emotions in the daily life of human beings,such as happiness,sorrow,excitement,,indignation and so on.All of the emotions were basic on our view of life.Christian is the most important view in westerners outlook on life,it told them they can not

    live without love.The reason of our happiness and excitement was that we received love from others.One of the most important rules of happiness in life is to do anything do not without love,and then we can receive more and more happiness from others.Even if somebody was not kind of you so that you feel sorrow or indignation,you still need to be kind of him and made him feel love from you,as time passes,he would be touched eventually.That is a important victory in your life because of your love.When the Jesus was spreading Christianity,his behavior and speech is not accepted by most of the crowd,they even against him and lead directly to the death of Jesus on the cross.When they was at the side of the cross,they did not took a sympathetic and regret for the Jesus,but Jesus still would like to forgave and love them.That was the true love what Jesus was spread all his life.

     In our daily life,all of us would meet some trouble on work,family or study,if we suffered from stress for a long time ,maybe we would pretend to give up.Why we can not insist our subject? Because it is so difficult for us that we can not finish it.No,the main reason why we can not insist is that we did not has a belief,we had never thought that finish it is our goal and we can not give up halfway.Doxies of Christianity is the belief of Christians,when they have some trouble in doing something,they think that God would bless them and Jesus would help them,so they must be continue to finish subjects.That is the power of belief,and all of us need a belief to help us went through the difficulty.When our ability is similar to others,the main idea for us to win is the unwavering will,and the will come from our belief.Not only Christian,but also many theories can be our belief such as Marxism,Buddhism or Islamism.All of them can give more and more reason for us to be powerful to defeat anything. Because wo know that when we do our best to resolve difficulty,our belief was support us and believe that we would succeed after all.

     Christians always think that the God and Jesus were helpful to each other,they would save us from suffering when we in trouble,especially some conservative,traditional Christians.When they meet some troubles like sick,they did not think of ways to get over it,they hope the God or Jesus save them,instead.Deities were just a man that live in our imagination,they can support us just in spirits,not in fact.The more we got from God or Jesus is the spiritual power rather than the practical help.If we need to pray that the God,please bless me and depend on the Gods help

    before we do anything,that means we were superstitious and fatuous.So if we have some difficulty in doing some thing,we should solve it by ourselves rather than depend on Deities.We must distinguish between imagination and reality,it is very important in our daily life.The Christian or God would give some advice to you when you deal with the problem,support you on the spirit,but they were just in the imagination,they can not help you in reality.It or they wre just a symbol of the spirit for Christians.We must solve the problems in our daily life by ourselves,do our best to



    face the trouble.

     The Holy Bible said, every living thing on the face of all the earth, man and cattle and things moving on the face of the earth, and birds of the air, came to destruction,only Noah and those who were with him in the ark, were kept from death.That means sometimes we should accept what the nature give us,to be free in our life,to be open to the nature,make us become calm and quiet.That is a special state of the spirit is being over the Christians,and the spirit about Buddhism and Islam is similar to this.That is where the Christian is great in the Europe and America.

     The Holy bible also said that if anyone has a cause at law against you, and you are going with him before the ruler, make an attempt, on the way, to come to an agreement with him, for if you do not, he may take you before the judge and the judge will give you up to the police, and they will put you in prison.That is the importance of communication,communicate to others is necessary in our daily life,more and more communication would head off a quarrel.Jesus always told us some good way to deal with troubles and get a good relationship with others.

     The story of Jesus can give us so much about life,it can encourage us to insist,teach us how to love,and give us some good advices to deal with the trouble in daily life.It is a educational story fo generations of the man all over the world,and made each generation surpasses the preceding one. The story of Jesus will never be passed down and remained forever.

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