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    Staff Tables: November 2006

    Staff committing to the Cockcroft Institute at foundation

     University Department Start Main Research Interest

    Physics and September Particle Physics ? ILC BDS: R Barlow Manchester Astronomy 2003 wakefields and collimation

    September R Carter Lancaster Engineering RF supply and delivery 2003

    September A Dexter Lancaster Engineering RF supply and delivery 2003

    September Particle Physics ? ILC positron J Dainton Liverpool Physics 2003 source, founding Director

    T September Particle Physics ? ILC positron Liverpool Physics Greenshaw 2003 source

    September Particle Physics P Ratoff Lancaster Physics 2003 T2K, ILC positron source

    Mathematical Physics ? September R Tucker Lancaster Physics radiation and beam dynamics 2003 (CI theory group)

     Institution Centre Start Main Research Interest

    M Poole CCLRC Daresbury Lab ASTeC September 2003 ASTeC group leadership 1~55 FTE CCLRC Daresbury Lab ASTeC September 2004 ASTeC staff

     2University Faculty Staff Appointed to the Cockcroft Institute

     University Start Main Research Interest

    D Burton Lancaster July 2005 global field analysis of accelerator beams

    R Jones Manchester December 2005 Linac physics

    R Appleby Manchester August 2005 ILC Optics and Beam Dump, FP420 and LHC

    R Seviour Lancaster August 2005 RF cavity R&D

    A Wolski Liverpool May 2006 ILC: Damping Rings, ERLP 3G Moortgat-Pick Durham September 2006 ILC: positron, spin transport, and spin delivery

    J Gratus Lancaster December 2006 radiation and beam dynamics


    S Chattopadhyay Lancaster March 2007 Inaugural Director


     1 Most ASTeC staff collaborate seamlessly with university staff. There are ASTeC projects which do

    not involve (yet) university staff. 2 Total university commitment is at least 9 new positions by 2008, at least 12 by 2009, plus 2 CCLRC-

    funded 3 0.5 FTE with Institute of Particle Physics Phenomenology, Durham


    4University Visiting Staff at the Cockcroft Institute

    Cockcroft Main Research Institution Institute Position Start Interest University

    DESY Visiting September D Barber Liverpool Spin dynamics Hamburg Professor 2005

    Visiting Beam-line K Potter CERN Manchester June 2006 Professor engineering J A CCLRC Visiting Liverpool June 2006 Insertion Devices Clarke ASTeC Professor

    Education and

    CCLRC Visiting Training N Marks Liverpool August 2005 ASTeC Professor Magnet design and

    technology M W CCLRC Visiting Liverpool August 2005 Beam dynamics Poole ASTeC Professor

    CAMD Visiting V Suller Baton Rouge, Liverpool August 2005 Beam dynamics Professor USA

Post-doctoral Research Associates (PDRA) appointed at September 2006, who are funded 5through the core PPARC CI resource

    Supervisior PDRA HEI Start End Project (Faculty)

    September global field analysis of August D Burton R Tucker Lancaster 2004 accelerator beams 2005

    M December laser-driven plasma-wave R Tucker Lancaster July 2005 Wiggins 2006 acceleration

    RF Cavity stability, multi-M February R Seviour Lancaster March 2006 pactor discharge with beam Stables 2009 loading

    D R Appleby Manchester June 2006 May 2009 ILC:BD optics Toprek

    V October September radiation and beam R Tucker Lancaster 6Perlick 2006 2010 dynamics

    D September August radiation and beam J Gratus Lancaster Christie 2006 2009 dynamics

    K M October September A Wolski Liverpool ILC Damping Rings Hock 2006 2009

    November October ILC main linac, wake-fields I Shinton R Jones Manchester 2006 2009 in beam delivery system

    radiation and beam February G Bassi A Wolski Liverpool March 2007 dynamics; 2010 applications in ILC

     4 Total university commitment is at least 9 new positions by 2008, at least 12 by 2009, plus 2 CCLRC-

    funded 5 PPARC core funding rises to plateau at 12 PDRA in post. 6 Perlick is funded for four years by a combination of CI core resource and Lancaster University

    resource, the latter released following the award of an EPSRC Fellowship to Professor Robin Tucker.


Post-doctoral Research Associates (PDRA) appointed, or in post at September 2006, who are

    funded through the project funding arising from bids led by CI Faculty staff members

    Supervisor RA HEI Start End Funding Project (Faculty)

    October September PPARC G Burt A Dexter Lancaster ILC crab cavity 2004 2007 LCABD G R Barlow October PPARC ILC collimator March Manchester Kourevlev R Jones 2004 LCABD wakefields 2006

    CCLRC 7J Smith R Carter Lancaster Feb 2005 Feb 2008 ILC collimation LCABD

    ILC robust spin March February PPARC I Bailey A Wolski Liverpool transport and 2005 2008 LCABD positron source

    fast laser optics A March February CCLRC J Phillips Dundee and laser Gillespie 2005 2008 LCABD photocathode

    ILC optics for BD PPARC L Jenner A Wolski Liverpool June 2005 May 2008 and positron LCABD source

    R Carter September EUFr6 7I Tahir Lancaster April 2006 ILC crab cavity A Dexter 2007 EuroTeV

    R Carter December EUFr6 R Jenkins Lancaster May 2006 ILC crab cavity A Dexter 2007 EuroTeV


    R Appleby September August PPARC commissioning & F Ronaldo Manchester R Jones 2006 2007 FP420 beam-pipe wake-


    R Barlow September August PPARC ILC collimator A Toader Manchester R Jones 2006 2007 LCABD wakefields

    ILC beam delivery October September EUFr6 A Bungau R Barlow Manchester collimation and 2006 2009 EuroTeV wakefields

    October September Springboard R Tucker R Tucker Lancaster EPSRC 2006 2007 Fellowship

    January December Ultrarelativistic A Noble D Burton Lancaster EPSRC 2007 2008 charge

    High Power RF March February 8tba R Seviour Lancaster EPSRC and photonic band 2007 2010 gap

    High Power RF March February 8tba R Seviour Lancaster EPSRC and photonic band 2007 2010 gap

    Plasma wake 8tba R Tucker Lancaster May 2007 April 2009 EPSRC theory

    Cockcroft EMMA Institute April September RCUK 8tba > 1 R Barlow (non scaling universities 2007 2010 BT FFAG) and ASTeC

     7 Registered as a PhD student, University of Lancaster 8 To be appointed


    Postgraduate Students in the Cockcroft Institute

    Student Supervisor University Start End Degree Funding Topic


    T October December Undulator D Scott Liverpool PhD CCLRC Greenshaw 2002 2006 positron


    October September PPARC/e2V Multipactor C Hill R Carter Lancaster PhD 2003 2007 CASE discharge

    October Multipactor March P Goudket R Carter Lancaster PhD CCLRC 2003 Discharge 2006

    October September PPARC/CCLRC Laser-beam S Malton S Smith UCL PhD 2003 2006 CASEplus interactions

    October September PPARC/e2V Innovative 11S Crane R Carter Lancaster PhD 2004 2009 CASE RF sources

    October PPARC ILC BD December A Mercer R Barlow Manchester MPhil 92004 (AST) wake-fields 2005

    October September FEL C Nam J Clarke Strathclyde PhD CCLRC 2004 2007 simulations

    Feb ILC 10J Smith D Burton Lancaster Feb 2008 PhD CCLRC 2005 Collimation

    R Barlow October ILC BD September C Glasman Manchester MSc self R Jones 2005 wake-fields 2006

    Fundamentals October September A Hale R Tucker Lancaster PhD EPSRC of Beam 2005 2008 Dynamics


    October Jefferson Lab, brightness F Hannon R Seviour Lancaster July 2008 PhD 2005 US gun for JLab

    FEL upgrade

    CLIC/CTF3: 9October September PPARC (AST) RF sources C Lingwood R Carter Lancaster PhD Thales ED (multi-beam 2005 2008


    ILC robust PPARC J Dainton October September spin transport L Malysheva Liverpool PhD (Particle A Wolski 2005 2008 and positron Physics) source

    October September PPARC CLIC/CTF3: R Nag R Tucker Lancaster PhD 92005 2008 (AST) coherent SR

    October September PPARC ILC N Shales R Tucker Lancaster PhD 92005 2008 (project AST) Collimation

    E October September Beam break R Carter Lancaster PhD CCLRC 11Wooldridge 2005 2009 up in ERL

    R Carter January September EUFr6 ILC crab 10I Tahir Lancaster PhD A Dexter 2004 2007 EuroTeV cavity

    October September PPARC ILC BD C Glasman R Jones Manchester PhD 2006 2009 CI core wake-fields

    K October September PPARC ILC Damping A Wolski Liverpool PhD Panagiotidis 2006 2009 CI core Rings

    ILC beam October September PPARC/CCLRC A Scarfe R Appleby Manchester PhD dumps and 2006 2009 CASE BD optics

    October September PPARC B Spencer R Jones Manchester PhD ILC linac RF 2006 2009 CI core

     9 AST = Accelerator Science and Technology 10 employed as RA, University of Lancaster 11 registered part-time



    October September PPARC CI core Undulator L Zang A Wolski Liverpool PhD 2006 2009 and EuroTeV positron


    High Power

    October September RF and 8tba R Seviour Lancaster PhD EPSRC 2007 2010 photonic

    band gap

    High Power

    October September RF and 8tba R Seviour Lancaster PhD EPSRC 2007 2010 photonic

    band gap

    PPARC October September High Power 88tba tba Lancaster PhD (Particle 2007 2010 RF Physics)

    Undergraduate Students on attachment in the Cockcroft Institute

    Cockcroft Project

    Student Institute University Start End Degree Funding


    September August Magnet D Birch J Clarke Bath MPhys CCLRC 2006 2007 measurement

    L September August Positron J Clarke Bath MPhys CCLRC Hooper 2006 2007 source



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