Distortion in Human Relationship under Industrial Civilization

By Michelle Mason,2014-04-13 23:43
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Distortion in Human Relationship under Industrial Civilization

    Distortion in Human Relationship under Industrial

     Civilization--An Exploration of Sons and Lovers

    Sons and Lovers is a half autobiography novel of

    Lawrence, the vivid description of the miners’realistic experience is the reflection of his own life. In this novel ,Lawrence mainly describes the abnormal love between husband and wife, mother and son,and the distortion between father and his son. The soul of all figures is distorted under the influence of modern civilization. The family’s tragedy is a epitome of the

    miserable fate under the manipulation of the modem industrial civilization .The novel is showing us a vicious cycle of a world filled with the oppressed and destroyed human’s nature.

     The mid 19th century later, with the capitalist industrialization process accelerating in rural nature, the British economy is on the brink of collapse. The residual patriarchal social forms and symbiosis interpersonal relationship also gradually disappeare. The husband- and- wife, mother- and -son relationship also appear emotional crisis and the dislocation.

     Living in a poor working environment,Lawrence has witnessed the great disaster brought from the

    industrial revolution.Therefore,it is not only a exquisite psychological description of human’s mutual

    estrangement,but also a doubt to the modern industrial value.Moreover,the contradiction between the husband and wife is actually the working -class and middle -class conflict. Lawrence is trying to employ the book to criticise the fissure and the tragedy between

    individuals and their family brought from the capitalist industrial civilization to call for the rivival of human nature and the normal progress of civilized

    industry.Lawrence describes in detail that the wife has a strong sense of responsibility while the husband has not. Mrs. Morel is not satisfied with her current situation, while Mr Morel takes it very calmly. He has never dreamed of living a middle-class type of life, and is hard to make sense his wife’s thought and her education to their children. Due to his failure to achieve the goal his wife wants, he feels his dignity is strongly destroyed .Finally, he begins to be immersed in

    excessive drinking. In spite of this, his wife constantly argues with him, which drives him to lose his patience and fight with her. We can realize that the blasting fuse of this event is Money and Responsibility, which is the represent of middle-class’s value orientation.

     At last, Mrs. Morel pours all of her love to her sons, from which she can get the satisfaction that can not gain from his husband. She values her sons as her own possession, allowing no one to interrupt. In order to dominate her sons’ emotion, inspiration and spiritual

    world, and fill her emotional empty, she helps them to find honorable job so that the can act as gently as possible to lead a middle-class live. Influenced by their mom, Paul and William laugh at their father’s disgusted behavior and both feel shameful for his lowly social status.

     The failure of the marriage leads to the abnormal love between mom and son. After her first son William dies from the spiritual and physical torture, she turns the rest of her love to Paul. Controlled by his mother, Paul is totally lost in his pursue for ture love. The modern civilization has created the protagonist’s poor

    character, which makes it impossible for him to enjoy a normal, and complete love. Miriam and Clara are the sacrifice of the industrial society. Both of them are not be able to put his soul and flesh into a harmonious perfectly realm, yet help him to become a real man. During his love with Miriam, he is filled with instinct pain and resentment; when in contact with Clara, the blunt lust causes turmoil and emptiness. He is facing with melancholy and confusion. The reason behind this is the endless love from his mom, from a woman who has been totally distorted by the nervous living condition, cool human relationship, her failure to adjust to the inharmonious marriage, and her lack of ability to deal with the changing world. Lawrence describes in sons and lovers of the distorted human relationships and these inharmonious relationships are the product of modern civilization. The modern civilization destroyed nature and social harmony,and this kind of nature and society contribute to the broken marriage,which leads to the extremely close relationship between mom and son.therefore, Lawrence thinks our human beings should maintain harmony with nature so that we can get vitality

and vigor. Moreover,our human nature would not be

distorted .and the best way to seek for both of us is to

creat a harmoniou nature and society.

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