the older I grow

By Jamie Owens,2014-10-17 20:57
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the older I grow

     the older I grow, more independent I am

    Do you wash the dishes by yourself? Do you clean the table by yourself? Do you wash the clothes by yourself? If not, who helps you do it? I guess, there are about eighty

     percent people doing these things by their parents. Why?Because many families are rich.

    The parents overly spoil their kids. So many children dont know how to do housework.

    When I was a student in Grade1,my Mom always helped me do housework. At that time, I thought they should do it and its their job. I was very free and happy.

    When I was in Grade3,my Dad told me: You should do housework by yourself now.

    Why? I was unhappy Im just a nine-year-old boy. Why should I do things all by


     Why? Because you’re growing up. If you dont know how to do chores, you are

    really bad. Even youre clever, you just be a loser. After having his words, I should be

    independent. I should do my own things by myself.

    Now I am a twelve-year-old boy. One day, my teacher told me there was a Training course in Qinghua Univercity. There were many pretty clever children taking part in it. But no one is famous in the future, because they are short of independence. They dont have

    self-care abilites. Suddenly, I know :Any successful man should know how to do chores and how to be independent.They must have self-care ability, too.

     Do you want to be independent? Do housework by yourself now

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