Checklist for LOTE assessment

By John Arnold,2014-04-13 15:00
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Checklist for LOTE assessment


    0 1 2 3 ASPECT

     ; Unit skeleton (overview) prepared

     ; VELs Level and progression points clearly linked to


     ; Activities appropriate for level

     ; At least 2 authentic text types used.

     ; Appropriate ICT used by teacher





     ; New grammar taught made explicit

     ; Previous grammar taught made explicit.

     ; Vocabulary

    Introduction to new

    Revision of old

     ; Appropriate ICT used by students

    For assessment

    For revision

    For learning

     ; Listening activities clearly incorporated

     ; Speaking activities clearly incorporated

     ; Reading activities clearly incorporated

     ; Writing activities clearly incorporated

     ; All activities linked to theme or grammar.

     ; A range of assessment activities for each of L,S, R,W

    clearly shown with appropriate attachments and links

     ; Assessment made explicit to students.

    Developed by students.

     ; Finished work sheets or exercises clearly


     ; Appropriate and flowing theme.

     ; Incorporation of the culture of the LOTE

    (explicit or not explicit)

     ; Clear links to websites and other sites.

     Acknowledgements made clear.


    0 Not shown 1 basically done 2 good 3 excellent


LOTE Individual Lesson Plan Criteria NAME:

    0 1 2 3 ASPECT

    Lesson plan proforma followed. (timing shown etc)

    Vels links to the lesson made clear, if not already clear in unit

    Clear rationale for each lesson Clear links to websites and other sites. Acknowledgements made clear.

    For first lesson, aims and all unit assessment made clear to students

    Evidence of explicit ‘learning to learn’ activities. Activities appropriate for level Activities covering at least 3 of reading, writing, listening speaking in each lesson in 2 of the three


    At least 3 activities within the class.

    Board work is prepared and clearly outlined in lesson plan.

    Content of activities Creativity of activities

    Final work sheets or exercises clearly incorporated.

    The lesson sits well within the unit theme.

    TOTAL: /42

    0 Not shown

    1 basically done

    2 good

    3 excellent


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