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    ; My uncle company was located shanxi province and the city of uncle used to be a monopoly of the individual households

    and not a specialty shop, for seven years, it has not even is an old and

    it is a specialty shops,with the turnover and the customer's needs. in

    2002 my uncle partnership and friends in the production of processed

    specialty of the company, the company is largely mass production, the

    company is processing and packaging of the wholesale and

    retail .yanan is china's revolutionary resorts, Here is many visitor to

    the experience of the northern style and culture, Theyll brough back

    their family, shanbei in the local product,it is a lot of tourists demand JOB PROFILE

    ; Uncle is the manager of this company, The company of scale was not

    a very big, so the company have the manager and deputy manager, it

    can be said that uncle was the company's biggest decision makers, He

    should be responsible for relations and information management and

    decision-making of.

    ; Ensure that organizations efficiently produced some products and

    services ; design and maintain the stability of the organizations

    business ; the organization in a controlled way to adjust to changing

    environmental ; ensure that the organization to control it's the

    purpose of the organization and its environment ; pieces of

information link between the organization of the hierarchy ;



    ; Because uncle drive up is ever a specialty shop and opened the shop has more than seven years of experience, however, to run a company, as the company only by managers, the experience either -- and my uncle has decided to open a company, a specialty shop is closed, and went to beijing, in beijing a professional inside the school to study for a year of management.Learn from the front of the market, the logistics, to research and technical support to the later, this is the product line. The students in the full realization that from the management and leadership essential difference between leadership and management to study and grasp the significance of an excellent leader of the professional skills and knowledge to learn and master the most popular of the concept and practical results in leadership skills of students of leadership and management efficiency of the comprehensive promotion, The study of an enterprise system of administrative support.

    ; Management is to ensure that organizations effective operation of essential conditions. the organization's role depends on the administration and management organizations coordinating the various parts of the activities and make it commensurate with the

    environment of the major powers. all the management activities are

    carried out in the organization organized, management, even a small

    family also needs management.

    ; Through effective management and amplify the system of overall

    organization of functions. as to effectively manage the organization

    and systematic whole function is to organize their respective

    functions to add a factor of magnification, the organizational system

    of the whole functional role. in the same material conditions and

    technological conditions, the management of the effectiveness and

    efficiency of the differences, or speed.


    ; Because my uncle is in the time, so he took a love of management for

    all employees will be turned into a confidence of the rope, tie up his

    own future in the company's safety. emphasis is "seriously and strictly

    initiative and efficient.

    He often open meetings, for example,1.the staff of your overall appraisal. 2 and the employees provided feedback, your leadership is where, and where. 3 and when you are in daily work life in difficult management problems, and turned to look at your strengths can help you, can you how to use them to resolve the challenge.

    ; Uncle's own character is very strong, so often can influence other staff

    motivational, this can better show their own businesses access to

    market competition. Uncle had such a word, you are in the

    development and talent with their weakness of education, it is

    necessary to help, but compared with the former shall be in time. he

    also helped the purpose of education, is to make its drawback into

    strengths. if only drawback and it is no one is available, alternatively,

    if only one advantage is not available to them. therefore, in the

    selection of personnel on never to the weak points, but he neglected to

    burrow and effective use of its virtue. In his company everyone can

    play their respective strengths and to make a greater contribution. TEAM-BUILDING

    ; Uncle ordinary staff in very good, for their welfare, the fields medal is,

    a year's festival will be issued in all things, and their wages are very

    satisfied. a year and employees travel to places are in favour of


    ; Uncle thinks of the development potential, can contribute to full

    working staff of the play to their talents and intelligence, it can be

    more favourable to the development of the firm.

    ; Because my uncle used to take over the army, so, no matter what to

    do, he thought that discipline is to fulfil the task of the important that

    the organization is helping to the group, a lack of organization and

    discipline of the group is very difficult to the prevailing. on the

    contrary, a highly organization and discipline of the group, even in the

    most difficult circumstances can be crushing .


    ; Network information is transmitted, and sharing of virtual platform,

    through its various points, and the information that to achieve these

    resources. it is the sharing of information exchange and a tool. as a

    tool, it would be better to use, the function will be more and more.

    they also become more and more extensive.

    ; As the internet development and mature, the internet has become the

    entrepreneurial activity of the most important platforms. some

    companies, will elaborate on the web site, network advertising,

    network marketing network, are wide areas of specialization and


    ; Caused by network of general application, uncle know the importance

    of the network, a company special notebook computer, for employees

    to learn and practice in the computer technology, who teaches. ; Uncle think internet is the company is profitable, to the internet for

    new customers, the extra profit, prolong the shop hours, the test new

    products and marketing.

    ; As networks become more and more common now, and networks can

    be better, now, many companies were on the internet opened, uncle

    and saw the benefits of network, also set up their company's web site,

    there are special management personnel to care for this website at any

time on our new product, information and for sale. They think that

    Establishment of enterprise publicity, her own positions to the national and global issue of information , site in the world is your market, the world through the internet can contact you. Building site

    is built the company's reputation.

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