Meet challenges actively, Enhance the cooperation between

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Meet challenges actively, Enhance the cooperation between

    Pro-actively meeting challenges, Promoting cooperation between banks and enterprises,

    Facilitating corporate financing, Enhancing international exchanges,

    and Optimizing personal wealth management

    2009’ China (Shenzhen) International Finance Exposition

    December 4-6, 2009, Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center

    Sponsor: China Council for the Promotion of International Trade

    China Chamber of International Commerce

    Shenzhen Municipal People's Government

    Bank of China

    CCPIT (China Council for the Promotion of International Trade) Shenzhen Organizer:

    Shenzhen Financial Service and Development Office

    Central Sub-branch of Shenzhen Municipality of the People's Bank of China

    CBRC (China Banking Regulatory Commission) Shenzhen Office

    CSRC (China Securities Regulatory Commission) Shenzhen Office

    CIRC (China Insurance Regulatory Commission) Shenzhen Office

    Shenzhen Stock Exchange

    China Chamber of International Commerce Shenzhen Branch

     Co-organizer: NextVIEW Pte. Ltd.

     CIEC Exhibition (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

    Shenzhen South Fashion Communication Co., Ltd

    Tanco Pacific Co. Ltd.

     World Trade Center Association Shenzhen

     Promotion Center for International Business Shenzhen

    - 1 -


    Shenzhen, a young city of over 10 million people, has attracted global attention with her remarkable development and progress over the past 30 years. In 2009, Shenzhen city launches a Comprehensive Reform Program which reaffirms the direction of Shenzhens financial reform and development. This

    program will further stimulate the Shenzhen financial sector to become more innovative and market responsive with a flexible framework to attract more global financial institutions and investors, thus providing funds to Delta Region and China as a whole.

    The Third China (Shenzhen) International Finance Exposition (Shenzhen FINEXPO 2009), jointly hosted by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, China Chamber of International Commerce, and Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government, will be held on December 4-6, 2009 in

    Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center.

    With strong support from government, industry and media, Shenzhen FINEXPO achieved great success in 2007 and 2008. During Shenzhen FINEXPO 2008, over 300 domestic financial institutions and overseas exhibitors and thousands of Chinese enterprises participated in the exposition that included international financial services exhibitions and forums. Attracting over 80,000 local and international participants and covering 30,000 sq.m. of exhibition space, Shenzhen FINEXPO 2008 has propelled the show to become one of the largest and most prestigious financial expositions in China in terms of scale of exhibition, degrees of internationalization and social influence.

    To further enhance professionalism, authoritativeness and internationalization of the show, Shenzhen FINEXPO 2009 will adopt a right mix of exhibitions, forum discussions, promotion conferences and seminars. The themes of this years show will be based on the principles of pro-actively meeting

    challenges, promoting cooperation between banks and enterprises, facilitating corporate financing, enhancing international exchanges and optimizing personal wealth management.

    Shenzhen FINEXPO 2009 will cover 8 Theme Forums, 4 Conference Series, Investment/Financing Project Talks & Site Signing Conferences and 3 Industry Appraisal Events. In addition, the show is dedicated to arrange investment/financing project matching service for participants, to result in faster financial cooperation, development and multi-win for all parties.

    We would like to sincerely invite you to participate in Shenzhen FINEXPO 2009 and look forward to serve your needs with the highest level of professionalism!

    Organizational Committee, 2009’ China (Shenzhen) International Finance Exposition

    June, 2009

    - 2 -


    1 Scope --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3 2 Content ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3 3 Agenda Features--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4 4 Venue and time schedule ----------------------------------------------------------------------------4 5 Booth layout ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5-6 6 Intercommunication service-------------------------------------------------------------------------7 7 Promotion ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------7 8 Preferential policies for merchandizing -----------------------------------------------------------7 9 Application form -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------8 Annex 1: Financing Project Matching Form (leaflet)

    Inside back cover: 08 Finance Expo Photos

    Back cover09’ Finance Expo Events

    - 3 -

    Scope: Banking category: Assets / Warranty / Banking Card / Finance Spinoff, Foreign Exchange Business / Gold Business etc.;

    Securities category: Stock, Fund, Bond, Futures, Trust Products;

    Insurance category: Life Insurance, Property Insurance, Investment Insurance;

    Investment/financing category: Enterprise Listing on Chinese and Overseas

    Exchanges, Venture Capital, Private Equity and Investment/Financing in technical projects, Seed/Early stage investing, Financing Guarantee;

    Property right category: Transaction/Property Right Replacement of Enterprises or their Patent Technology (Products);

    Technical equipment category: Finance Safety Facilities, Finance Machines &

    Devices, Online Banking, Online Securities, Online Insurance, E-Commerce, etc.; Agency category: Accountant, Attorney, Assessors’ Office, Trademark & Patent,

    Privileged Business, Financial Corporation, Network, and Media; Luxury category: Artworks, Jewelries and King's Pictures, Stamps and other collections, Private Planes, Yachts, Sports Cars, Housing Vehicles, Rare Watches, Fashionable Dresses, Wines of Famous Brands, Cigar Collection and Auction, as well as all sorts of top-class House Property, Public Clubs, and Private Clubs.

    Content: (I) Block of enterprise financing and listing service

    (II) Block of international financing service

    (III) Block of Hong Kong / Macao / Taiwan financing service

    (IV) Block of property right promotion / transaction

    (V) Block of banking technical equipment fair

    VI Block of personal financial service

    (VII) Block of display of regional economic

    (VIII) Block of high-end finance talent exchange

    - 4 -

    Fair agenda:

     Finance Expo Opening Ceremony

     Awarding ceremony & Welcome banquet

    The Eight Theme Forums

    Asia Trader and Investor Convention

    Shenzhen-Hong Kong Financial Cooperation Forum China (Shenzhen) Wealth Management Forum

    Shenzhen Stock Exchange Special Presentation Enterprise Listing & Financing Forum Financial Management Forum

    Bank-Insurance Round Table Conference

    Construction of Credit Systems Forum

    Finance Professional Technology Forum

    Four Series of Conference

    Enterprise Financing Project Conference

    Government Investment Project Conference

    Financial Institution New Product Conference (for companies) Personal Financial Product Conference (for the public) Three Appraisal Events

    Appraisal for Top Ten Finance Persons of the Time

    Appraisal for China Top Ten Securities and Fund

    Appraisal for Top Ten Innovative Finance Products Investment / Financing Project Talk & Site Signing Conference Special Conference for Finance Senior Talent Exchange

    - 5 -

    Venue / time:

    Venue: Hall 234, Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center

    Layout time: 13:0017:30, December 2, 2009

     08:3022:00, December 3, 2009

    Fair time: 09:0018:00, December 4-5, 2009

     09:0016:00, December 6, 2009

    Awarding ceremony & Welcome banquet: 18: 00, December 3, 2009

    Opening ceremony: 09: 30 on December 4, 2009

    Closing ceremony: 16: 00 on December 6, 2009

    , 2009 Withdrawal time: 17: 00-22: 30 on December 6

    Project Matching: 1. Organizational Committee will compile and beforehand publish information of

    pioneering financing and merchandising projects of enterprises from Shenzhen

    the Canton River Delta and related provinces/cities/counties (led by their

    respective governments). During the Expo, face-to-face talks will be arranged

    between financial institutions and enterprises, with synchronous implementation

    of matching service prior to and after talks via internet matching stage.

    2. Investment / financing Project Talk & Site Signing Conference: Organizational

    Committee will organize intended financial institutions, enterprises and

    guarantor enterprises for site signing ceremony.

    Promotions: 1. Entry into the Proc: the Proc of the Conference is publication to publish

    information of financial innovative service, investment/financing projects and

    records of the main events during talks. Target readers are all exhibitors and

    professional visitors. After the Expo they will also be sent to related enterprises,

    investment/financing institutions home and abroad, related provincial

    government agencies, news media, embassies, consulates and chambers of

    commerce. The Proc will bear company names and brief introduction of

    - 6 -

    exhibitors of 300 words in either Chinese or English for free.

    2. Network promotion: the professional website of the Expo; will publish the various information of the Expo with links to

    exhibitors’ websites, to publish their information of financial annotative

    services, etc.

Preferential policies for merchandizing:

    1. Applicators sign up and pay off all the charges by October 31: will be given priority selection for

    booths, and 20 percent of discount of booth charge;

    2. Renting the standard booths up to 20pcs (include 20pcs) will be given 25 percent of discount of booth charge.

    Note: One option only, final power of interpretation belongs to the Organizational Committee

    - 7 -

    2009 China (Shenzhen) International Finance Expo

    Application Form Contract


    Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center Hall 234

    e have decided to participate in 2009’ China (Shenzhen) International Finance Exposition hold in December4-6 2009 at Shenzhen W

    Convention & Exhibition Center Hall 234, and we guarantee that we will pay the related expenses, and be subject to the unified

    arrangements by the organizing committee.

Institution Name


    Contact Person Title

    Contact way. Tel E-mail

    Mobile Fax

    Country City

    Website Postal Code

    Intended category: (Please list your category of business, projects and professional audience for our convenience in identification

    and matching)


    Prearrangement Bare Floor Area(?) Standard Booth (9 ?)


    Conference Conference Time


    Amount RMB/ USD

    Site Publication Ads (Note: please provide separation film )

    ?Back Cover ?Inside Front ?Back Cover ?Full Page Inside

    ?Half Page Inside ?Middle Transcended Page ?Text Full Page

    Total Amount: RMB/ USD

    Transfer appropriation account Signature

    Account China Chamber of International Commerce-Shenzhen

    Agricultural Bank of China Shenzhen CBD Branch Bank

    Account No: 41005000040007879 YY/MM/DD

    Please e-mail no more than 300 words of enterprise brief introduction to / , in contradistinguishing form of Chinese and English, it shall be published in Site Publication of the Convention for free.

    Sign-up Sign-up instructions:

    Instruction 1. Applicators to fill in sign-up form (substitute of contract), stamp company seal, and fax return receipt to

    Organizational Committee Office by cutoff date on November 23, 2009, and remit all the amount of

    charge to appointed account within 7 days;

    2. Receiving Confirmation Letter for Exhibitor;

    3. E-mail Company Profile and your Finance Expo info to Organizational Committee Office, for proper

    arrangement of booth;

    4. By November 27, all the amount due for the fair shall be remitted through a bank to the appointed

    account of the Organizational Committee, and fax the remittance receipt from bank to Organizational

    - 8 -

Committee Office. No exceeding limit of this time.

    1. Standard Booth: 9 sq. m. (3m × 3m) RMB8000/pcs(USD2800/pcs Exhibition Charge

     Support facilities: Company signboard / 3-side boarding / 1 desk + 2 chairs / basic illumination / 1 power

    socket. These prices are for booth of single-side opening; double-side opening booth shall add 10% of the charge.

    2. Bare floor (booth to be self built) RMB800/?(USD280/?

     Rental area options may be 9×N (N?4) sq. m. of unused area at least, at RMB800/sq. m.; Actual partition shall be per the arrangement of Organizational Committee.

    3Conference increased time: RMB2500/30min. In principle, organizational committee will arrange 15

    mins product and service promotional conference in the order of enterprise’s registration time (for free).

    The quota is limited, first come, first served. Increased conference time will be charged.

Site Publication will be assigned to VIP, exhibitors, visiting organizations, government Site Publication

    departments, and related chamber of commerce and groups via CCOIC. Ads Charge

    (preparation/ film Size(mm) (RMB) USD Position output fees not 210×295 38000 5500 Back Cover included)

    210×295 25000 3600 Inside Front/Back Cover

    Full Page Inside 210×295 10000 1500

    Half Page Inside 210×147 6000 900

    Middle Transcended Page 400×295 22000 3200

    210×295 3000 450 Text Full Page

    - 9 -

    2009’ China (Shenzhen) International Finance Expo

    Financing Cooperation Project Matching Table


    Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center Hall 234

     Company name

    (in full)



    Legal Registered Capital Postal Code Representative

    Tel Mobile Company Contact Person Fax E-mail Industry category Major Products

    Total Net Assets Assets Major Products Sales Total profit revenue

    Financing demand (amount in RMB) Fund purpose

     ? Bank loan, from Bank (name to be filled in)

     ?Scheduled listed in 2 years (Plate to be listed)? Main Board Financing mode ? GEM

    ? SME

     ? Overseas

    ?Private fund financing

    Planned for site show of financing projects? (60

    positions only) ? yes ? no (Company Innovative Project Promotion


     Planned to set booth in dedicated zone for ? yes ? no pioneering investment projects?

    ?Finance Innovation Service Promotion Conference (for free)

    Shenzhen Stock ? Main Board Listing Service Exchange special ?GEM Board Listing Service performance Take part in Promotion Enterprise Listing ?SME Board Listing Service Service Talk Conference and Forum? ?Overseas Listing special performance (for free) (Multi-optional)

    ?company Risk Investment Forum

    ? Asia Trader and Investor Convention

    - 10 -

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