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Marketing proposal for Meizu Mseries smart mobile phones

    Client description

    General Introduction.

    Meizu Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D, manufacturing and marketing of portable multimedia devices. Established in March 2003, the annual production value already reached 50 million US dollars 2007. During this time, Meizu created a name that today is now closely associated with quality and style. Apart from immense popularity in the domestic market, Meizu products are gradually making their way into homes in major overseas markets such as Europe, US, Korea and Japan.

    Meizu has ever since the start adopted the strategy for our products of maintaining international level quality while at the same time to a price reasonable to the Chinese public. One of the ways this is achieved is by developing only a select few, but very successful product lines. Meizu is dedicated to rising into a first-class international enterprise. Through recruiting talented staff, importing advanced equipment, establishing strategic relationships with top international companies and with a brand new building for R&D and manufacturing The Meizu Tech

    Building, the foundation is laid for Meizu’s future rise.

    2008 is going to be a very interesting year for us. Among many of our goals, we plan take a big leap into the mobile phone market and release our now highly globally anticipated Meizu M8 Mini One mobile phone. This product will no doubt expose many new people to the wonderful world of Meizu.

    Address: Meizu Tech Bldg., Technology & Innovation Coast, Tangjia Bay, Zhuhai , Guangdong, China

    Postcode: 519085

Tel: (86-756) 6116261, 6116257

    Fax: (86-756) 6116250



Product description

    M8 mini one mobile phone, as the first product of M series which released at the first quarter of

    2009( M8 3G version and other subsequent products are coming up).

     Main features:

     3.4-inch 720x480 high-definition display screen was adopted, with 667Mhz CPU, 256MB ROM, Proximity /Gravity /Ambient light sensors and multi-touch application, to bring you the experience of hi-tech fascination.

    Inheriting the professional multimedia technology of Meizu, M8 performs brilliantly on audio & video playback, by which you no longer need an alternative MP3/MP4 player. By the closest internet experience to desktop computer, M8 may link you to internet anytime without a computer. Website browsing, E-mail, instant messaging, internet life accompanies you always…

    M8 will be built up into a public platform for internet applications. With SDK opened to facilitate the third party’s software development, you will have plentiful options on application software

Proposed strategies

    Outline target audiences

     Mainly focus on consumers between ages of 19 and 29, who have possessed proper financial

    capability as well as the desire of hi-tech, well-designed and good-quality products. Potential

    audiences most likely refer to young people as college students and office workers. Keep

    laying stress on the groups of fans who are the most solid support of selling.

Solution relating to problems and weakness


    1. Highly functional hardware. M8 possess high-class hardware which is only used on the

    flagship products by tycoons in the industry, that means it has potential to improve function

    experience by software upgrading.

    2. Outstanding after-sale service. Meizu company provides remarkable after-sale service

    which help it to build solid relationship between consumers and the company. 3. Pricing. M8 is priced much lower than competing smartphones (usually refer to the

    products of foreign mainstream manufacturers) while providing the equivalent using

    experience, for which, meanwhile it exceed most of domestic products.


    1. The modified CE system does not work smooth on the machine and many bugs require to

    be eliminated.

    2. Lack in applications restrict the function of hardware which reduce the interest of

    consumers who are caring about the software compatibility of products. 3. Extremely narrowed products diversity limits the company to coverage large-scale groups

    of consumers referring to different age ranges, occupations, social status and financial

    capabilities. It brings company barriers which limit the increase of its market share. Solutions:

    1. Keep providing upgrading firmware/patch to eliminate bugs and enhance the influence of

    operating system.

    2. Set up wide cooperating relationship with third-party-service providers in order to obtain

    more compatible applications and by this means optimize the operation experience. 3. Broaden its product lines so as to coverage more consumers and eventually increase its

    market share.

Group members list:

    阙子皓 马广斌

    崔皓 余嘉宁

    卢默 罗杰文

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