(Mayor) in the Teacher's Day celebration speech to the Congress mayor teaching

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(Mayor) in the Teacher's Day celebration speech to the Congress mayor teaching

    (Mayor) in the Teacher's Day celebration speech to the Congress teaching mayor

     mayor of the Education Festival Conference

     Teacher's Day celebration in the second 10 speech at the meeting

     2004 9 10


     autumn wind blowing, Tan Kwai fragrance. In the harvest season, in the golden September, we received a second 10 Teacher's Day. Today, we hold a grand festival to celebrate teachers, as educators feel happy and proud. On behalf of the town government town educators to express our highest respect and holiday greetings!

     Teacher's Day has gone through the course of two decades. New China in 1985 the first birth of a Teacher's Day, 2004, the 20th Teacher's Day. Two decades, education has undergone tremendous changes, the whole society a respect for teachers, emphasis on knowledge and talent of the atmosphere. Along with the great reform, opening up and modernization drive big strides, education presented the vigorous development of the excellent situation, social status and treatment of teachers increasing. Teacher's Day itself is a party and the country's emphasis on education and educators, reflect the broad masses of the people's respect for

    teachers reflects society's concern for teachers reflects the value of the teaching profession.

     teaching profession is one of mankind's most ancient profession in the long history of development of human society, teachers bear carrying forward the glorious mission. Teachers shape the next generation with their blood the mind, with their own hard work ahead to promote the next generation. Both leaders, generals, writers, scientists, academics, or hundreds of thousands of ordinary workers, in their growing process, to be taught by the teacher and inspiration. Each individual's growth and success have condensed the efforts of teachers. Since ancient times, there is "day as a teacher, father" reputation, teachers have Beishou people's respect and affection. Comrade Jiang Zemin at the third national conference on education: "Teachers are engineers of human souls is the communicator and the builders of the socialist spiritual civilization." This fully affirmed the teachers in shaping people's beautiful soul, in the socialist construction cause of the important status and role. This is praise, yes, is the spur even more earnestly the teachings and expectations. With the progress of the social productive forces and raising the level of science and technology, more and more important role of teachers. Teachers in the journey of the socialist modernization drive, to carry out training with ideals, morality, culture, and discipline of the builders and successors for the historical responsibility, the implementation of the

    technology and education is an indispensable strategic force. Teaching profession is sacred, we should understand the connotation of teaching profession, "the seed of faith, the angel of goodness, the beautiful flag, the embodiment of love."

     in recent years, the town of classroom teaching schools grand scale, distribution system, personnel system reform, strengthening the ethics wind construction, armed with new educational ideas of teachers, so that all withstood the test, get exercise, improve quality. Most teachers will love and devotion, the cult, the overall situation in mind, dedication, and the emergence of a group of excellent professional quality and more capacity, in subject teaching can work independently of the key teachers, this is my school education and career development teaching continue to make breakthrough performance the most important reason. It should be said, the town's overall quality of teachers is more perfect, and we should clearly see that our town's education in general is still very backward, the town's teaching staff is still a force in the growing , rapidly improve the quality of teachers, teacher groups formed the backbone, as soon as possible and train large number of outstanding educators and well-known teacher, is my present and for quite a long time the town faced an urgent task. To this end, on behalf of the town government to tell you several requests:

     first, to love education, and enhance professionalism and sense of

    responsibility to fully understand the education in the development of advanced productive forces, the important role and mission.

     education is a sacred cause, the cause is about the dedication of building a well in the circumstances, the teachers and educators to further enhance the sense of responsibility and mission. All the comrades to seriously study and practice the "Three Represents", a deep understanding of the party National Congress and General Secretary Hu Jintao, "71" speech, in close touch with the actual ideas and work practice, the "Three Represents" and spirit of this speech into practical action. Marxist theory of quality with the times, as educators, must maintain the political sensitivity, and central to maintain a high degree of consistency, attention to politics, to seriously study the party and the country's line, principles and policies in order to have a steady flow the motivation to dedication, dedicated and enthusiastic.

     second, to further establish the concept of advanced education, especially in establishing quality education, innovative education ideas.

     knowledge-based economy, innovation, for our twenty-first century is crucial to face the challenges of rapid development of world science and technology, we must enhance our national sense of innovation that the Chinese nation to understand the rise and fall height. To train students in the innovative spirit and ability, students can improve quality, create ideals, morality, culture, and discipline developed morally, intellectually

    socialist builders and successors. Promoting quality education, moral education is the core, students of innovation is focused on awareness and practical ability to do this well, teachers must first raise their awareness of innovation, creative thinking, innovation, constantly update their knowledge structure to master modern education theory reform teaching methods to improve efficiency.

     third, to raise the level of ethics, Education Sector Moral correct.

     "high school as a teacher, and he is the norm," we need to further strengthen the study and enhance the political integrity and moral character, teaching and educating the cult. Wind construction is not only a province, city and county departments at all levels of leadership to our request, is also a requirement of our community, it is our own development. The majority of teachers need to adapt to the situation, Strengthen the Teacher cultivation, Tigao awareness in the Jiao Yu Wen Tishang Hot Sector Moral high alert, we make Zijichengwei Zheng Zhi perfect, moral Youliang, high professional and moral educators.

     fourth, to study hard and good at learning and to enrich and improve their own.

     information, knowledge replacement become shorter and shorter, growing at an alarming rate. With the education system of the personnel system reform, teacher appointment system full implementation of competition mechanism into the ranks of teachers, the school

    implemented on-demand Shegang, open recruitment, equal and competitive appointment, strict examination, common management, and fitness are employed, not were eliminated. All comrades must meet the requirements of the learning society, enhance the sense of competition, the development of consciousness, one mind, determined to forge ahead, keep climbing.

     Comrades, another year of autumn wind blow, not the spring, with spring like. The hope of revitalizing the nation in education, the revitalization of education, like teachers. Let us hold high the great banner of Deng Xiaoping Theory, to the "Three Faces" and Comrade Jiang Zemin's "three represents" important thinking, to fully understand their career of great significance and high value, love education, Tireless , Keep up, ready to sacrifice, self-esteem, self-respect, self-improvement, for the development of education, associating the revitalization and prosperity of the greater contribution to more!

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