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PowerMILL 2010 U/D New M/C Strategy Form

    3. New Style M/C Strategy form


    The new style, machining strategy form will be demonstrated using the 3D Area Clearance Model Area Clearance.

    The new style machining

    strategy form is as shown


    It is less crowded with more

    specialised options being

    accessed from the left hand

    explorer to change the

    displayed options in the main


     Issue PMILL 2010 3.1

     New M/C Strategy Form PowerMILL 2010 U/D

    Model Rest Area Clearance example

It is generally good practice to use as larger diameter tool as possible for the initial Area

    Clearance operation. This ensures that the maximum amount of material is removed as

    quickly as possible. In many cases however the larger diameter tool may not have full access to certain internal corners or pockets within the component. As a result these areas will

    require further roughing out with one or more, smaller diameter tool before sufficient

    material is removed prior to running the Finish Machining strategies.

    In the Model Rest Area Clearance options a smaller diameter tool is referenced to a

    previously created machining strategy such that tool tracks will only be produced locally within the remaining material (stock).

; Import the model:-

    D:\users\training\PowerMILL_Data\models\ WingMirrorDie.dgk

; Create a Tip Radiused tool of Dia 40 tiprad 6 and Name d40t6.

    ; From the Main toolbar open the Block form and Calculate using the

    Defined by - Box to the full model dimensions.

    ; Calculate the Rapid Move Heights.

    ; In the Start and End Point form set the Start Point to Block Centre Safe

    and the End Point to Last Point Safe.

    3.2 Issue PMILL 2010

    PowerMILL 2010 U/D New M/C Strategy Form

    ; From the Main toolbar select the Toolpath Strategies icon . ; In 3D Area Clearance select the option Model Area Clearance to open

    the following form.

    ; Enter Name D40T6_D1.

    ; Select Style - Offset all

    ; From the explorer -

    Leads and Links, select

    Lead In.

    ; In the Lead in window stselect 1 Choice - Ramp

    ; Select Ramp Options:-

    ; Click Calculate to process the above specified Area Clearance toolpath.

     Issue PMILL 2010 3.3

     New M/C Strategy Form PowerMILL 2010 U/D

    The Offset all - Area Clearance

    strategy follows both the contours of

    both the Model and Block then

    gradually offsets into the remaining

    material at each Z Height.

; Right mouse click on the toolpath and select Simulate from Start to

    open the Simulation toolbar.

; Ensure that the Viewmill toolbar is also active.

; Switch the ViewMill On/Suspend icon from red to green on the

    ViewMill Toolbar, followed by the Shiny Shaded image icon .

; Press the Play button to start the simulation.

The simulation of the toolpath will start with tool displayed, but this can be controlled by

    toggling the light bulb on the tool entity in the explorer pane.