Natural disasters - Problems and solutions

By Peter Miller,2014-07-01 23:46
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    Problems What could be done to

    solve the problem?

    ; People lose their homes. ; People in danger must ; People lose their be sent to a safe place.

    families. ; The government must ; Food shortages. provide food and water ; Children lose the to those in need.

    opportunity to receive ; The government must

    an education. take care of people in ; People will be injured. danger.

    ; People will suffer from ; Towns and cities will

    emotional problems, need to be rebuilt.

    such as grief. ; People who have ; There may an increase suffered in the disaster

    in disease. will need to be ; People will panic. comforted and consoled.

    ; Electricity will be cut ; They will need to rebuild

    off. technology, e.g.

    ; There will be water telephone, internet.

    shortages. ; Education will need to ; The price of goods will be continued as soon as

    increase. possible.

    ; There may be looting or ; The price of goods will

    other damage to need to be stabilized.

    property. ; Public order should be ; There will be turbulence maintained.

    and chaos, e.g. rioting. ; Medical care should be


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