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1. Introduction

    The City of Bisbee is seeking sealed bids, proposals or statements of qualifications

    (hereinafter collectively referred to as “proposals”) in the manner specified herein from

    qualified contractors capable of providing the following goods and services:

The Bisbee Arts Commission (BAC), a commission of the City of Bisbee, is

    requesting proposals for a Coordinator(s) to be responsible for the management

    of the Bisbee Blues & Musical Festival (Event) in conjunction with the Bisbee Arts

    Commission. The coordinator(s) will be responsible for the planning, marketing

    and implementation of all aspects of a multi-stage event that includes both local

    and non-local talent.

The coordinator(s) will serve as the liaison between artists, the public, the Bisbee

    Arts Commissioners and City of Bisbee staff prior to and during Event to ensure

    that facilities, equipment, physical setup and personnel provided meet the

    requirements of the event and the artist’s contractual agreements. Assignments include the coordination and supervision of support personnel, volunteers and

    services. Work is performed under the general direction of the Bisbee Arts

    Commission and City of Bisbee designated staff. The coordinator(s) will perform

    these services as an independent contractor and will not be a City employee.

The Bisbee Blues and Music Festival is scheduled for September of 2008


    Bidders Conference January 7, 2008 at 5:00 P.M.

     (Arizona, MST)

    Submittal Due Date: January 28, 2008 at 4:00 P.M.

     (Arizona, MST)

     Submittal Location: City Clerk, City of Bisbee

     118 Arizona Street

     Bisbee, AZ 85603

3. Nature of the Purchase

    The specifications and descriptions of the work and materials required are described in

    the attached “Specifications, Scope of Work or Requirements” that accompanies this


4. Preparation of Proposal

     4.1 It is the responsibility of the Contractor to examine the entire solicitation

    and to seek clarification of any requirement that may not be clear. This solicitation


includes the City of Bisbee’s “Standard Terms and Conditions” and any “Special Terms

    and Conditions” for this Contract, both of which will be incorporated into any Contract

    between the City and the Contractor.

     4.2 The City will not reimburse any costs incurred in developing, presenting or providing this proposal. All materials and documents submitted in response become the property of the City and will not be returned.

     4.3 A proposal that is submitted to the City becomes a public record. If the Contractor believes that any information included in a proposal should remain confidential, the Contractor must specifically identify that information and its reasons. In the event of any public request for this information, the City will provide the Contractor with notice of this request and a reasonable opportunity to obtain a court order, at the Contractor’s sole expense, protecting this information from release prior to making it


     4.4 The specifications stated in this solicitation are the minimum level required. All proposals submitted must be for products or services that meet or exceed the minimum level of all such specifications.

     4.5 If brand names or specific products are identified in the specifications, the Contractor may propose substantially equivalent alternatives. For any such proposal, the Contractor must submit technical literature or detailed production information sufficient to allow the City to evaluate the nature of the proposed product.

     4.6 Prices shall be submitted on a per unit basis, by line item, when applicable. The prices offered should not include applicable state and local taxes. The City will reimburse the Contractor for applicable transaction or sales taxes, provided that they are separately identified in any invoice. The Contractor will be responsible for the payment of all applicable taxes.

     4.7 Any exceptions that are included with the proposal shall be submitted in a clearly identified separate statement by which the Contractor specifically identifies the precise terms to which any exception is made and describes any alternative offer, if applicable. Any exception that is not clearly identified will be without force and effect. An attached preprinted form of contract or the Contractor’s standard terms will not be considered to be a specific statement of exception.

5. Submission of the Proposal

     5.1 Two copies of the sealed proposals must be in the actual possession of the

    City Clerk on or prior to the exact time and date indicated in the Schedule of Events. Late proposals will not be considered.

     5.2 Sealed proposals must be submitted in a sealed envelope or container with the following information clearly indicated on the outside:


     a. Name of the Solicitation, as indicated by the City.

     b. Name and address of the Contractor

     5.3 A proposal shall be submitted in writing, by a paper document that is printed, typed or in ink. Proposals submitted directly to the City by electronic means, by facsimile, electronic mail, or otherwise, shall not be accepted. Any substitute for any document forms provided with this Notice must be legible and must contain the same information requested by any such form.

     5.4 A proposal may be withdrawn upon the submission of written, signed

    request submitted by the Contractor prior to the due date and time. A proposal may not be amended or withdrawn after the due date and time.

6. Award of the Contract

     6.1 The City reserves the right to waive any immaterial defect or informality

    in a proposal; to reject any or all submittals or portions thereof; to reissue this Notice; and to award this Contract on a partial basis, if in the best interests of the City.

     6.2 Unless otherwise stated, this Contract will be awarded to the lowest responsive, responsible bidder who has demonstrated the ability to perform as required. Factors that will be considered in making this award include technical capability of the Contractor, performance history, demonstrated availability of the necessary people and equipment, price and timeliness of the performance.

7. Certification

     7.1 By signing and submitting this Offer, the Contractor certifies that this

    submission did not involve any collusion or other anti-competitive practice; that the Contractor will not discriminate against any employee, applicant, or customer in violation of applicable state and federal law; and that the Contractor has not given, offered to give and will not give any economic opportunity, future employment, gift, loan, gratuity, trip, favor or discount to any City employee or official in connection with this Proposal.

     7.2 The Contractor further certifies that the individual signing this Proposal has the authority to make a binding legal commitment on behalf of the Contractor to perform and deliver everything that is required in connection with this Proposal. Unless otherwise stated in the Contract Documents, the Offer shall be effective for a period of thirty (30) days.




    The undersigned hereby offers and agrees to furnish the materials and/ or services requested in compliance with all of the terms, conditions, specifications, and other descriptions of the work associated with this proposal. The Contractor certifies that he or she has read, understands and will fully and faithfully comply with this Contract, its attachments and any referenced documents. The Contractor also certifies that the prices offered were independently developed without consultation with any of the other bides or potential bidders.

______________________________ _____________________

    Authorized Signature Date


    Printed Name and Title

Company Name ____________________________________________________

Address _____________________________________________________

City, State and Zip Code _______________________________________________

Telephone Number(s) ________________________________________________

Company’s Fax Number ________________________________________________

Email Address ______________________________________________________




The Offer is hereby accepted by the City of Bisbee. This document shall also constitute

    notice of award of this Contract to the Contractor.

The Contractor is now bound to sell the materials or services identified in this Notice of

    Solicitation, subject to all terms, conditions, specifications, amendments, and other

    associated documents and the Offer.

This Contract shall henceforth be referred to as Contract ________________________.

    The Contractor has been cautioned not to commence any billable work or to provide any

    materials or services under this Contract until the Contractor receives a formal notice to

    proceed from the City of Bisbee.

City of Bisbee

By _____________________ Date: _________________________

Its: _____________________





    ? Provides full service event planning and implementation including,

    financial, management, marketing, talent and vendor contracting, logistics,

    and evaluation of the event.

    ? Manages day-to-day operation, supervision of volunteers and sub-

    contractors, and acts as the key contact for the Bisbee Arts Commission.

    ? Demonstrates continuous effort to improve operations, decrease

    turnaround times, streamline work processes, and work cooperatively and

    jointly to provide quality seamless customer service.


    ? Collects data in an event notebook for all data collected for this year’s

    Festival with information regarding all aspects of the planning, financing,

    implementation, and evaluation of the event;

    ? Develops Plan to produce and stage Festival Coordinates with Bisbee

    Arts Commission to identify and secure venue, finalize schedule, develop

    implementation plan with timeline, budget, and manpower needs; Finance

    ? Identifies and procures event sponsors and other funding opportunities;

    may earn a % as a fee for results

    ? Prepares payment requests for all invoices to be paid by the City of Bisbee

    and the Bisbee Arts Commission;


    ? Develops marketing material and assures its timely placement for the

    broadest audiences;

    ? Develops and produced event T-Shirts and Hats and/or other event

    souvenirs for sale to the public;

    ? Develop and produce posters to be posted locally and in Bisbee, Sierra

    Vista, Douglas, Tucson, Phoenix and other nearby communities;


    ? Identifies and contracts with musical talent including at least one local



    ? Inputs, retrieves, and updates event setup information and produces

    computerized event reports;

    ? Determines placement of artists and vendors and advise artists and

    vendors on methods to best achieve Festival goal;

    ? Identifies and contracts with beverage vendors and local arts vendors;

    ? Directs the work of Event personnel including volunteers, ushers, security

    guards, and caterers, and functionally supervises all event support staff

    including stage setup crews;

    ? Ensures that setup of chairs, tables, stages, decorations or other

    equipment is in accordance with requirements and with safety standards

    and fire and health codes;


    ? Resolves problems or complaints from the public;

    ? Takes beginning and ending inventory of concession items, such as

    souvenir programs, records, and posters and collects appropriate fees;

    ? Opens and secures facilities before and after Event including all clean up;


    ? Provides post event evaluation with recommendations for improvements

    and growth of the Festival and develops an event notebook that

    summarizes planning activities;

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

    ? The Event Coordinator(s) should have knowledge of operating procedures

    for music festival events, familiarity with all aspects of successful

    production of musical festival and artistic events, and the principles and

    practices of supervision.

    ? The Event Coordinator(s) should have a minimum of two years of

    experience in coordinating a variety of events and activities at a public use

    facility, including one year at a supervisory or lead level, and a bachelor’s

    degree in business administration, theater, facility management or a related

    field. Other combinations of experience and education that meet the

    minimum requirements may be substituted.

The Event Coordinator(s) should have the ability to accomplish the following


    ? Direct and manage the work activities of multiple support staff groups and

    volunteers and satisfy the contract requirements for arts events,

    ? Communicate in the English language by phone or two-way radio and in

    person in a one-to-one or group setting

    ? Draw and use graphics such as maps, schedules, layouts, setup plans or

    other visual aids

    ? Produce clearly organized written documents using proper sentence

    construction, punctuation, and grammar

    ? Review the work products of others to ensure conformance to standards

    ? Complete basic arithmetic calculations accurately, either manually or by

    using a calculator.

    ? Enter data into a computer terminal or other keyboard device

    ? Remain in a standing position for extended periods of time

    ? Work cooperatively with the Bisbee Arts Commission, the City of Bisbee

    and the general public

    ? Work safely without presenting a direct threat to self or others

    ? Work irregular hours, evening, and weekends.

     Additional Requirements:

Include information concerning qualifications and your availability to begin.

Include information on how you would like to negotiate your fee (ex. Flat fee, flat

    fee plus percentage, etc.) and how you would like to manage the regular

    expenses (ex. handle all expenses and income from your account and submit

    periodic invoices for payment and advances or work with City and Arts


    Commission to pay from their account keep in mind that payments are made from the City twice a month.)

Occasionally the Event Coordinator(s) will need to use personal vehicles on BAC

    business. Individuals must be physically capable of operating the vehicles safely

    and possess a valid AZ driver’s license. Use of a personal vehicle for BAC business will be prohibited if the Event Coordinator(s) does not have personal

    insurance coverage.

Schedule of Payment:

The Event Coordinator(s) will be paid on an event project basis. The event

    coordinator(s) will submit a bill for 30% of the agreed upon event amount at the

    beginning of the event planning, 30% at time of the event, and the remaining

    agreed upon amount once the final report is turned into the Bisbee Arts






    1. Contract Documents

     1.1 The Contract shall be based upon the Notice of Solicitation issued by the City and the Offer submitted by the Contractor in response. The Offer shall substantially conform to the terms, conditions and specifications and other requirements specified by the City, unless expressly noted by the Contractor and specifically agreed to in writing by the City.

     1.2 In the event of any conflict in the provisions of the Contract as accepted by the City and as it may be amended, the following shall prevail in the order set forth below:

     a. Special Terms and Conditions, if any.

     b. Standard Terms and Conditions, City of Bisbee Contract

     c. Specifications, Scope of Work or Requirements

     d. Notice of Solicitation

     e. Offer and response from the Contractor

     1.3 This Contract may be modified only by a written contract amendment

    signed and approved by the parties in the same manner as the original Contract was approved.

     1.4 This Contract is intended by the parties as a final and complete expression of their agreement. No course of prior dealings between the parties and no usage of the trade shall alter the express written terms. No prior oral or written understanding that has not been specifically incorporated into this Contract shall be of any force or effect.

     1.5 This Contract shall be interpreted and applied based upon the laws of the State of Arizona. Each and every provision of law and any clause required to be included in the Contract shall be read and enforced as though it were include herein. This shall include, but not be limited to, the requirement to comply with all conditions that may be imposed as a requirement for the use of any grant or other specific public funds that may be expended in connection with this Contract.

2. Relationship of the Parties

     2.1 The Contractor under this Contract is an independent contractor and shall

    act only in its individual capacity. Neither party to this Contract shall be deemed to be the employee or agent of the other party and no employee of one party shall be, or be deemed to be, the employee or agent of the other party for any purpose.


     2.2 The City will not withhold taxes, Social Security payments or any other

    types of employee withholding from payments made by the City under this Contract. The

    Contractor is required to make arrangements for the direct payment of all such taxes and


    2.3 Pursuant to A.R.S. ? 38-511, as applicable, the provisions which are incorporated herein by reference, all parties are hereby put on notice that this Contract is

    subject to cancellation by the City if any person significantly involved in initiating,

    negotiating, securing, drafting or creating the Contract on behalf of the City is, at any

    time while the Contract is in effect, an employee or agent of any other party to the

    Contract in any capacity or a consultant to any other party of the Contract with respect to

    the subject matter of the Contact.

3. Payment and Costs

    3.1 Unless otherwise specified, all prices shall be “F.O.B. Destination” and

    shall include all freight delivery costs and unloading expenses at the destination.

    3.2 The Contractor shall be responsible for paying all applicable state, local and federal taxes. Transaction privilege or sales taxes that apply to the sale, if any, are the

    responsibility of the Contractor to remit.

    3.3 In order to receive a payment from the City, the Contractor shall have a current W9 form on file with the City, as applicable.

    3.4 A separate invoice shall be issued by the Contractor for each shipment of material or services. No payment shall be issued by the City prior to the receipt of the

    subject material or services and the submission of a correct and accurate invoice. The

    tender of a bill of lading shall not operate as the tender of the materials.

4. Performance Requirements

     4.1 No subcontract shall be entered into by the Contractor with any other party to furnish any of the materials or services specified without the prior written approval of

    the City. All subcontractors that are identified in the Offer shall be deemed to be

    approved, unless otherwise noted. All subcontractors shall comply with all applicable

    terms of this Contract, including all requirements of state or federal law, in the same

    manner as the Contractor. The Contractor is fully responsible for the Contract

    performance whether or not subcontractors are used.

     4.2 No right or interest in this Contract shall be assigned by the Contractor

    without the prior written permission of the City and no delegation of any duty of the

    Contractor shall be made without the prior written approval of the City.

     4.3 The Contractor shall at all times keep all public areas within the City of

    Bisbee and all City property free from the accumulation of waste material or rubbish.


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