The Internet, a double-edged sword

By Rick Lawson,2014-05-07 17:11
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The Internet, a double-edged sword

The Internet, a double-edged sword

    With the rapid development of community economic and technology and the constant

    improvement of the level of living in our country, the Internet walks into thousands of families and becomes an important part of our life. The Internet has greatly changed the way of life and work in our society, more and more people get benefits from it ,but as a coin has two sides, the Internet is a doubled-edged sword, there is also negative aspects followed as well as its positive aspects.

    The Internet has been the most important resource of information in modern time, t provides us with a lot of useful information and makes our life faster, more convenient or just better. Compared with traditional media, such as TV and newspapers ,the Internet is cheaper, faster and more convenient, and the information we get through the Internet is more timely-effective. So the Internet has been a essential tool for people to attain lots of information. According to a survey, 65 percent of people go to surf on the Internet to get some information everyday, and more than 80 percent of messages are transmitted to the public through the Internet. We can get information that we need without getting out of home and this will save us much time. More and more corporations and agencies provide us with a full range of service by the Internet, for example, online-bank, online-book-shop and so on. Today we can plan a travel , buy a book or a suit of clothes and handle a term of business just by clicking the keyboard and the mouse. So, the Internet has been the important pat of our life and it has changed our life greatly.

    The internet do provide us with lots of worthy information, but can’t deny that it also

    creates many problems. The Internet contains a huge number of information , and we hardly promise every piece of information is useful, effective, true and professional. If we can’t discriminate the information we get from the Internet , it will mislead our plans or policies, and cause heavy losses in our work and life. On the other hand, the information-leaking has been a very serious problem. The Internet, as a information-sharing-stage, is open and public, so it is very difficult to protect our own information. Some information involve our privacies is threatened, this will cause people’s panic. It’s clear that the Internet make us feel confused and insecurity sometimes.

    We must use the double-edged sword appropriately and sensibly. When we get information from the internet, we must learn to discriminate the information, and promote the awareness of guaranteeing information-safety. Only in this way, the Internet will be an important tool that helps us instead of hurting us

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