An Introduction to Urumqi

By Ralph Hughes,2014-05-07 17:11
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An Introduction to Urumqi

An Introduction to Urumqi


    Honorable teachers:

    Good morning. It's an honor for me to tell you something about my city: Urumqi.

    Urumqi is the capital of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and the most “inland” city in the world. It is said that the city got its name from the Mongolian language, meaning “a beautiful pasture”. Indeed. Summer and early autumn are the golden season for traveling to Urumqi, when flowers are in full bloom and the fruits, like Hami melons, pears from Kuerle, grapes from Tulufan, are ripe with its fragrance. Due to the special climatic characteristics of the region, fruits here contain more natural sugar and therefore are a lot more tasty than those in other parts of the country.

    People visiting here have a variety of choices. Urumqi is on the ancient Silk Road that embraces the cultures of both eastern and western countries. The most famous tourist spots include the Heavenly Lake, the Southern Pastures, the Red Hill, the International Grand Bazaar, and the Xinjiang Regional Museum. Wherever we go, we can experience the different cultures and customs that together shape the city.

    There are scores of nationalities living in the city. The biggest ethnic minority group is Uygur people. They are noted for their artistic sing-and-dance show, handicraft souvenirs and hospitality. Together with other ethnic groups, they always make the visitors go back with total satisfaction.

    That is the city I have been living in. I sincerely hope that you can visit the city one day and experience the charm for yourself.

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