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MyPiggy Activity ...

Bey Wang October 17, 2005

    Bo Gao CSG170 HCI T3 Francisco Crespo Metaphors & Activity Design



    MyPiggy Real-World Implications for myPiggy Activities Activity Metaphor

    Creating a Bank account. Require users‟ routing numbers,

    user account Library card. Require users‟ name and contact information. is like getting

    a … Club membership. Require users‟ personal information. High chance that user

    will be a frequent user.

    Viewing Bank statements Viewing overall income and personal financial worth. portfolio is Paycheck stubs Viewing income for week‟s work along with taxes. like …

    Bank teller Being able to ask questions (FAQ)

    Learn finance Educational TV Learn by visual animations

    is like… Finance Book Textual tutorial of finance details

    Newspaper Display of current event articles affecting investments Making Board Game Game of earning and loosing money pretend Monopoly Investing can be like throwing dice investments is

    like… Calculator Constantly adding and subtracting profits and losses Monitoring Graph Visualization of money data

    ones‟ money Fire alarm Detection and notification of emergency is like…

    Making a To-do list Expenses are listed in order of priority. budget is like Wish list. List of desired expenses that are for luxury writing a …

    Journal. Keep track of expenses: title, date, description, cost…. Logging in/out Door Opening and closing actions

    is like a … Switch Turning something on or off

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    MyPiggy Current Implications for myPiggy Activities Activity Technology

    Creating a RSA Secure ID Be able to securely access important information. user account PDA A portable device that stores personal information is like getting electronically. a …

    Viewing Files Means to store and view personal information portfolio is On-line Banking Encryption of sensitive information. Security. like …

    Lean finance Search engine Keyword look up of definition of financial terms is like… Wikipedia Encyclopedia of finance terms defined with illustration

    Online-News Display of current event articles affecting investments Making Graphing Visualization of time transgressed versus earnings pretend E-Trade Buying stock in small amounts just to track its progress. Or investments is checking the earning‟s history of a given stock. like…

    Monitoring Firewall software Inspect the OS and protect it from attacking ones‟ money Tracking packages Keep an eye on a package in timely manner is like…

    Making a Excel spread sheet. Display data as both rows and columns and visual charts or

    budget is like graphs that can enhance user interpretation. writing a …

    Quick books. Provides budget templates and allow users to easily create

    their own templates.

    Login and IM login/logout Automate and integrate sign in/sign out with user‟s OS. Logout is Requires little user attention and work. like…

    E-Bay Only require login at critical stage, such as making

    transactions. Allows users to use some general features

    without logging

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    1) Sally wants to set up a portfolio 1) Sally wants to set up a portfolio

     Sally spent some time learning about the Sally decides to try out myPiggy to set up a stock market; Sally is really interested in buying portfolio instead. Sally uses the stock search stock from a few companies. She calls up a broker feature to enter which stock she bought. After from a new add she once saw and buys a couple entering and saving her banking information, she of stock. She wants to create a portfolio with an tires and logs off myPiggy. Excel worksheet. Sally started by entering how much the stock was worth and her bank account A few weeks go by and Sally logs on to and money information by going to her online myPiggy again. She figures she has not used it in banking site. a while and she‟ll have to update her information

     manually. When Sally goes to view her portfolio,

     She copied and pasted all her information she immediately realizes that the stock quotes are from her online banking site to the Excel sheet. up to date and that there is an “Update” button

    Sally thought „Man, do I have to keep tracks on next to her banking information. After a few these two in the future?‟ Sally checks her spread security pop-up dialogs, she notices that all her sheet portfolio a few weeks later and she has to balances are up to date. re-enter the current value for each company stock she bought.

    2) Jack wants to manage his expenses 2) Jack wants to manage his expenses

     Jack has graduated and gets a job working in Jack goes home and browses the internet to Cambridge, MA. He had some money, so he find myPiggy. He creates a myPiggy account with opened a checking and savings account in a local user id and password. He picks a portfolio bank. He would like to use his bank account to template from myPiggy „Portfolio Template Box‟. pay his tuition, and save some money for his Following the step-by-step procedures, Jack has future needs. his portfolio set up with his incomes, pay periods,

     bonuses, and tax withhold amount. He also uses a

     All Jack knows about money is that by saving myPiggy Budget Template and creates a budget his money in a bank, he can accumulate interest. for his living expenses. With this budget plan, Jack worries about paying taxes since he has Jack should be able to pay back his tuition loan in never really done it before. 2 years. Based on his budget, he can also save up

     to 15 K by properly putting his money away for

     He cannot remember his account numbers, so investing. Jack is very excited while he looks at he wrote them down on a small card that he takes his money growth chart generated by myPiggy. “I with himself everyday. He got a job and will be really want to stick with my financial plan” – Jack

    paid every week according to the hours he worked. said to himself. He made an Excel sheet to record how much he earned. He is a little worried about his living In order to make sure he will be following his expenses every month, and would like to inspect financial plan and keep good track of it, Jack set the expenses periodically. Trying to keep the up a frequent reminder using myPiggy. Jack will records in the Excel files became a problem since be receiving weekly email generated by myPiggy he always neglected to enter some items every with his budget and profile summary. With these month. reminders, Jack can easily view his portfolio

     summary and thus not forget to follow his budget

    plan. Sure enough, week after week, Jack

    receives an email reminder and logs in to myPiggy

    to update his income and expenses.

     Jack is pleased with his new experience. He

    believes he can focus at his work and not have to

    worry about his finance, since myPiggy will be

    there to help him.

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3) Ralph wants to create a budget 3) Ralph wants to create a budget

     Ralph tries to use myPiggy and hopes Ralph would like to enter his information

    that he wont have to tediously copy and on a budgeting website he found out about.

    paste his information. He goes into the He remembers that he created an excel

    budget part, fills his expenses in the page. sheet for his budget a long time ago. He did

    The expenses can be separated into different not continue to use that sheet because he

    categories and total spending can be lost track of how he spent his money. Still,

    calculated automatically and feels satisfied he manages to look for the excel sheet he

    with the features. saved in his computer somewhere.

     Several weeks go by and Ralph logs on to Ralph found the sheet, and since his basic

    myPiggy again. When he goes to view the old expenses are still the same, all he has to do

    budget pages, he finds there is a “copy” is to copy and paste the information on to

    button which can be used to copy old content the budgeting website. Ralph gets tired of

    into a new page. After revising several items, repeatedly copying & pasting data and simply

    the new budget page is finished. decides to put it off for some other time.

4) Delia forgets to logoff her banking account 4) Delia forgets to logoff her banking account

     Delia is informed that myPiggy is an Delia is checking her online banking

    online tool that she can use to check her account, when her co-worker picks her up to

    banking information and has a feature that go to lunch. While eating, Delia develops an

    will log her off after being idle. She decides uneasy feeling since she is not sure if she is

    to try it out and enters her banking completely logout from her banking account.

    information. She is worried that her important information

     would be exposed to others if her banking

     A few days later, while sitting in her office account is still open. She and her friend

    she logs on to myPiggy to check her balances finish lunch quickly and rush back to the

    and then gets distracted by the pile of office. Delia finds that she is still logged-in

    memos she has to read. She is again to her banking account and wonders if

    interrupted to go to lunch, but this time anyone tampered with her computer.

    remembers that she logged on to myPiggy.

     She turns to her computer only to find

    that she has already been logged off by the

    system after not responding to a warning of

    being idle. Delia feels comfortable knowing

    that she could have gone to lunch forgetting

    to log of from the system.

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Using a web application for finances

     Pro: No need to install software

     Con: Need internet access to access personal finances

     Con: Having to trust in the security of the internet

Automatically updating stock quotes

     Pro: Users do not need to re-enter the current value for each of their stock

     Con: Decreased need to check newspapers and other possible sources of financial advice

Ability to automatically update banking information

     Pro: Minimize trips between myPiggy and online banking websites

     Con: Obtaining security clearance to view banking information from third party bank

     Con: Third party bank may explicitly want users to just use their web-services

E-mail Reminder

     Pro: A scheduled reminder to keep user informed and updated.

     Con: A user may own and use more than one email account. Email reminder may be lost.

     Con: Some users may not check their email frequently and regularly.

Portfolio Template

     Pro: Gives finance novice a jump-start.

     Pro: Able to use financial tool and charts without learning much about financial terminology.

     Con: A standard format may limit the flexibility on portfolio structure.

Copy old content

     Pro: Users needn‟t to fill same content repeatedly

     Pro: Reduce the mistakes during typing

     Con: Most content should not be changed

Automatic logoff

     Pro: Users are logged off if they forget to do so when they leave their computer

     Pro: Better security by forcing user to be attentive to web-application while logged on

     Con: User can be logged off for being to busy with other things on the same desk

     Con: Constant need to reenter username and password can prove frustrating

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