Introduction to Comparative Literature MEN601 01

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Introduction to Comparative Literature MEN601 01

Comparative Literature 1

    Introduction to Comparative Literature MEN601 01 Fall 2005-06;

    ; Fr/234 H204; Office C213, ext. 6520 ;Prof. Chi Chiu-lang

I. Course Description:

Vision of literature as a holistic endeavor

    An introduction to the discipline of Comparative Literature especially in its East-West context, this course aims to explore some theoretical or practical problems that confront Chinese-Western and Intra-Asian comparatists. Various topics may be proposed by the participants, but attention will be drawn mainly to how comparatists should and may consider literature East and West a coherent whole. making directed to some major topics of comparative interest in Chinese and other Eastern literatures. The efforts to make Comparative Literature a discipline of global significance may involve all of the aspects and methods of literary study across cultural boundaries. We need to understand the history and theory of Comparative Literatureits beginning, its upsurge in the

    nineteenth century in the West, its reorientation presumably to be released from narrowly conceived nationalism or Eurocentricism, and then to a wholesome view of the total world literature as its proper scope of inquiry. Needless to say, it is beyond human capability to study and understand all literatures. And yet, as a student of comparative literature, we need to gain a holistic view of things, knowing that all things and all endeavors in nature are interrelated. Our discussion will lead us into reading, discussion, and writing on various topics. A tentative listing includes influence studies, parallel studies, interrelations of literature with other disciplines, interiorization of comparative studies to “literariness,” literary relations across cultural borders,

    reception and rejection, cultural transmission by intermediaries, translation and the question of misreading, conscious and unconscious political/economic/ecological factors, questing for the common ground of cultural communication, mutual illumination of heterogeneous cultures, aphasia and heteroglosia, cultural identity vs. colonial rule, the rise and recognition of the under privileged This course attempts to contribute to globalizing Comparative Literature are being made in the East and West, but mainly China.

II. Course work:

    Course materials and discussion will be in both English and Chinese. For our practical purpose, English will be emphasized especially in written communication (papers and e-mail). Students are expected to explore widely in the history, theory, typical examples. and find the topics with their ideas for discussion and presentations orally or in writing. In typewriting handouts for discussion and papers, they should learn as quickly as possible the procedures, format, grammatical, and bibliographical details from the MLA Handbook. Use Pinyin system for transliteration and use

    Chinese characters sparingly. Consult appropriate printed or electronic sources in the libraries or on the Internet (Be sure to note date of access). Have your notes ready and seek aids to enhance your points before and after your presentation.

    Two short papers of 5-8 pages, and a term paper of about 20 pages are to be turned in by designated dates. Semester grade will be determined by three oral presentations with handouts showing evidence of having digested necessary readings (25%), two short paper assignments (35%), and term paper (40%). The Instructor is available for consultation on Wednesday and Friday by appointment.

III. Tentative schedule:

    1. 09/16 Course overview; historical overview of Comparative Literature as a Discipline 2. 09/23 Definitions, terminology, history, and scope

    Comparative Literature 2 3. 09/30 Cultural transmission and its intermediaries; translation as creative treason 4. 10/07 Orientalism and Occidentalism: Attraction and repulsion

    First short paper due

    5. 10/14 Literary movements and periodization

    6. 10/21 Genre and Style; The Ideals of the sublime and fenggu: Concepts and practices 7. 10/28 Theme and Myth studies ;

    8. 11/04 Interdisciplinary studies

     Second short paper due

    9. 11/11 Literature High and Low: East-West Concept of Canonicity 10. 11/18 Literary appreciation and analysis: deductive and inductive 11. 11/25 China as center: Japanese/Vietnamese/Korean reception of Chinese literature

     Term paper prospectus due

    12. 12/02 Gender Politics: Woman as Other

    13. 12/09 Literature and its society: Marxism, feminism, etc. 14. 12/16 Religion, myths, and folklore

    15. 12/23 Literature and other arts; Term paper due

    16. 12/30 The reception of wisdom literature East and West; 17. 01/06 Reports and Peer Critiques on the term papers

    18, 01/13 Recapitulation

Some other topics to be narrowed down for paper writing:

Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature

    Comparative Literature as Border Crossing

    East and West: The Twain Are Never Apart

    French and American Schools: Scientific Positivism vs. Imaginative Apprehension? Comparative Literature: Its Crises and Challenges

    The Call for “The Chinese School” in Comparative Literature

    Literariness and Extra-literariness: Aesthetic or Ideological Distinction? Alternate Concepts and Methods of Comparative Literature

    The Insidious Political Unconscious: Post-colonial discourse and Comparative Literature The Search for Self-Identity in Asian-American Literature

    The Construction/Deconstruction of Canons and Cultures

    The Search for Holistic Outlook and The Function of Literary Evaluation The Media of Cultural Exchanges: Translation and Multimedia

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