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    备课时间 Aug.24 签字时间 1

     Unit 11 page 2-3 课型 new

    .1 Words: flashcard, vocabulary, aloud, pronunciation

    2 they can tell their problems and offer good advice 知识与能力

    using the pattern

     过程与方法 Reading,listening,&speaking

     情感态度与They can face the problems and solve them in positive ways 价值观

    Learn the patter : how do you study for a test? I study by making 教学重点 flashcards.

    geround after the preposition by 教学难点

    Task-based teaching method 教学方法 教具 CAI 安全教育 thinking of problems in positive ways 学内容 落实方式 设计意图 ;教什么; ;如何教; ;为什么这样教; Warming up 1. Greetings. To be in English class

     2. Free Talk.

     Pre-task words the students try reading the words by To help them get the skills of

     reading the phonetics learning words by themselves, they

     2.ask sb to read the words and correct the can train their ability and find good

     pronunciation if necessary. ways of learning English.

     3.explain some important words like aloud,

     pronunciation(pronounce), make up new

     sentences with them them learn the words as quickly as

     possible, including the pronunciation, the

     spelling and the Chinese meaning.

    2.leading in 1.lead them to the pattern

     As students, we must take part in English Get the students to the new

     tests , and before the tests, we must study content, and arouse their intetest in

     harder. How I studied for an English learning the new pattern.

     test when I was at school? I studied by

     reading aloud every morning . what about

     you? Ask one of the students give the

     answer , then write the sentence on the


     A. How do you study for an English test?

     B. I study for an English test by doing

    sth. While-task

    2.presentation 1.get the students understand the sentences

     and pay enough attention to the geround

     after the word by

     2.ask the students to read the pattern in

     pairs untill they can read very fluently.

    3.drilling ,1..the teacher says:

     We have been learning English for several

     years, and we have many good ways. What

     do you do to learn English?

     Then help some students give the ways and

     write the verb phrases list on the

     blackboard. Learn how to use the pattern

     make flashcards fluently by practicing

     listen to tapes

     have conversations with friends

     learning English grammar

     watching English-language videos

     ask the teacher for help

     make vocabulary lists

     read English textbooks

     read English magazines

     work with friends

     study with a group

     2.ask the students to drill in pairs

    3.listening 1.1b from section A Practice listening skills

     Play the tape twice for the students to listen

     and find out the answers. And then check

     up their answers

     2. 2a and 2b on page 3

     Ask them to read the questions and try to

     understand every sentence, offer help if


     Play the tape twice for them to listen for 2a

     and find out the answers. Then check up

     their answers.

     Play again for them to complete 2b and

     then check up the answers.

    4.groupwork Ask the students to be in groupwork to do a

     survey by using the pattern How do you

     study English ? I study by , meanwhile

     fill in the chart

     Name Ways of studying

     Then the leader give the report.


    1.phrases and Show them the useful phrases and useful expressions and help them read and learn

    expressions by heart.

    2.some Show them some exercises to help them exercises learn the pattern better.

    1.learn the new words by heart

    2.write the pattern in the exercise book 作业

    3.Prepare the new lesson before next class.

板书设计 Unit 1 How do you study for a test ?

     ------How do you study for an English test ?

     ----- I study by reading aloud every morning.

课后回顾与 反思

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