book3 Test Yourself

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book3 Test Yourself

    Test Yourself 复习2

    Unit 1

    1. Near the scene of the crime, the police arrested two men whose behavior


     A. doubtful B. doubtless

     C. suspicious D. suspect

    2. We should be ______ of the comfort of old people.

     A. thoughtful B. considerate

     C. considerable D. substantial

    3. Some of the old _____ about the space age are coming true.

     A. fantasies B. imagination

     C. nightmares D. impressions

    4. The swindler _____ me into giving him a big sum of money.

     A. deceived B. cheated

     C. concealed D. lay

    5. Yesterday the boy _____ the police of a crime.

     A. justified B. informed

     C. simplified D. notified 6. The police will give you a ticket if you_____ the speed limit.

     A. extend B. excess

     C. exclaim D. exceed


    Unit 2

    1. We have ______ oil reserves to last for three months.

     A) suffix B) efficient

     C) effect D) sufficient 2. I _____ great satisfaction from my work.

     A) deprive B) derive

     C) surprise D) detect

    3. After lunch, we all got on with our _____ jobs.

     A) respective B) respecting

     C) respectable D) respectful 4. The years _____ which he was away were long years to her.

     A) with B) during

     C) of D) to 5. Before 1949, China, whose people are _____, was frequently involved in war.

     A) love peace B) peace-loved

     C) peace-love D) peace-loving 6. If we don’t leave early, we will run the risk ______ the plane.

     A) to miss B) missed

     C) of missing D) miss

    7. Don’t interfere ____ him. He is preparing for the final exam.

     A) in B) to

     C) on D) with

8. We’ve had a _____ of hot dry summers.

     A) successive B) success

     C) succession D) successor

    9. We are able to provide accommodation ____ two students.

     A) for B) with

     C) to D) towards

    10. David _____ his company’s success to the unity of all the staff and their persevering hard work .

     A) attributed B) contributed

     C) distributed D) devoted

    11. The explorers were told to ____ themselves with everything they would need for the voyage.

     A) associate B) equip

     C) retreat D) feed

    12. The republication of the poet’s most recent works will certainly ____ his national reputation.

     A) magnify B) enlarge

     C) strengthen D) enhance

    13. Humidity (湿度) is so intense in some parts of the tropics that Europeans find they are unable to ____ it.

     A) maintain B) persist

     C) endure D) sustain

    14. Most people who travel in the course of their work are given traveling ____.

     A) income B) allowances

     C) pay D) wages

    15. Be careful with those fireworks; they are ____ to go off unexpectedly.

     A) easy B) probable

     C) available D) liable

    16. The local government leaders are making every effort to ____ the problem of poverty.

     A) loosen B) tackle

     C) remove D) encounter


    Unit 3

    1. After three hours of heated debate, the _____ bill was passed by a narrow majority .

     A) virtual B) universal

     C) controversial D) substantial

    2. Shaking hands when people meet each other for the first time is practiced as a _____ way of greeting.

     A) conventional B) conservative

     C) constant D) convenient

    3. If you _____ a magnet-needle, its two ends can point North and South, and so it can be used to determine directions.

     A) overtake B) fix

     C) highlight D) suspend

4. I am afraid that you have to alter your _____ views in light of the tragic news that has just


     A) indifferent B) distressing

     C) optimistic D) pessimistic

    5. When he was a young boy, a serious disease deprived him of the _____ of hearing.

     A) organ B) possession

    C) conduct D) faculty

    6. If you _____ bright sunlight _____ dry wood with a glass, it will start burning.

     A) expose … to B) concentrate … on

     C) aim … at D) focus … on

    7. The noise was so faint that you had to ______ your ears to hear it.

     A) stir B) strengthen

     C) strain D) stride

    8. We’ve done our ______ to make the process as simple as possible.

     A) terminal B) utmost

     C) extreme D) supreme

    9. What he said was too ______ for me to understand.

     A) compound B) complex

     C) comprehensive D) conventional

    10. Their products are frequently overpriced and ____ in quality.

     A) influential B) inferior

     C) superior D) subordinate

    11. The old buildings blend with the new ones in perfect _____ so a walk along Nanking

    Road is an enjoyable discovery.

     A) control B) order

     C) harmony D) action

    12. I have worked on three _____ Saturdays.

     A) continuous B) consistent

     C) successive D) regular

    13. With the introduction of _____ technology, information flows faster than it ever did.

     A) involved B) complicated

     C) sophisticated D) complex

    14. The rest of the family had nearly reached the river, but Jane was _____ behind as usual.

     A) declining B) delaying

     C) lacking D) lagging

    15. While both plans were perfectly sensible, only one seemed _____ in China’s particular


     A) useful B) available

     C) feasible D) desirable

    16. We _____ the cook because her cooking was so poor.

     A) dismissed B) deserted

     C) resigned D) withdrew

    17. Most parents encourage their children to take an active part in social events, _____ those

    events do not interfere with their studies.

     A) lest B) though

     C) unless D) provided

    18. We must _____ these trash ideas.

     A) discard B) dispose

     C) discharge D) dismiss

    19. She can run 100 meters in 13 seconds without _____ herself.

     A) executing B) inserting

     C) exerting D) devoting

    20. Our holiday plans _____ because of transport strikes.

     A) fell out B) fell through

     C) fell over D) fell behind


    Unit Four

    1. If my plan isn’t ______ of by the committee, all my work will have been wasted.

     A) approved B) consented

     C) agreed D) admitted

    2. Everybody ______ in the hall where they were welcomed by the secretary.

     A) assembled B) accumulated

     C) piled D) joined

    3. Mr. Bloom is not ______ now, but he will be famous someday.

     A) significant B) dominant

     C) magnificent D) prominent

    4. The bridge was named ______ the hero who gave his life for the cause of the people.

     A) after B) with

     C) by D) from

    5. Most people were no longer listening to his long ______ story.

     A) annoying B) boring

     C) tiring D) exhausting

    6. Each of them had a different ______ of what actually happened, but hers was by far more


     A) message B) theory

     C) version D) comment

    7. His latest piece of work was ______ by a song he heard on the radio.

     A) released B) inspired

     C) assessed D) composed

    8. As we know, blood types A and B cannot receive AB, but AB may receive A or B. Type O

    can give to any other group; hence it is often called the _____ donor.

     A) general B) popular

     C) universal D) common

    9. Very few scientists _____ completely new answers to the world’s problems.

     A) catch up with B) come up with

     C) keep up with D) put up with

    10. The socks were too small, and it was only by _____ them that he managed to get them on.

     A) spreading B) extending

     C) lengthening D) stretching

    11. Most broadcasters maintain that TV has been unfairly criticized and argue that the

    power of the medium is _____.

    A) granted B) implied

     C) exaggerated D) remedied

    12. Of all the soldiers they had the _____ of being the fiercest, the most patriotic, the


     A) recognition B) reservation

     C) recreation D) reputation

    13. She _____ along the path, glad to be able to take her time.

     A) hurried B) marched

     C) progressed D) wandered

    14. The company has _____ over the years into a multi-million dollar organization.

     A) involved B) resolved

     C) evolved D) revolved

    15. During the war, the government _____ many soldiers from the workers and farmers.

     A) adopted B) collected

     C) integrated D) recruited

    16. Some of his suggestions have been adopted but others have been turned _____ as they are

    quite impracticable.

     A) away B) back

     C) out D) down

    17. All the key words in the article are printed in _____ type so as to attract readers’


     A) dark B) dense

     C) black D) bold

    18. This story is not real; it is only ______.

     A) imaginary B) imaginative

     C) imaginable D) imagined

    19. A peculiarly pointed chin is his most memorable facial ______. A) mark B) feature

     C) trace D) appearance

    20. In 1914, an apparently insignificant event in a remote part of Eastern Europe _____

    Europe into a great war.

     A) imposed B) pitched

     C) inserted D) plunged

    21. He bought the house with a(n) _____ to making a quick profit out of it.

     A) goal B) purpose

     C) eye D) reason

    22. I’m very sorry to have _____ you with so many questions on such an occasion.

     A) interfered B) offended

     C) impressed D) bothered

    23. They are giving away free _____ of this new kind of cooking oil.

     A) illustrations B) demonstrations

     C) examples D) samples

    24. The scientists made ______ plans for landing a man on the moon.

     A) acute B) elaborate

     C) virtual D) delicate

    25. Although they plant trees in this area every year, the tops of some hills are still ______.

     A) blank B) hollow

     C) vacant D) bare

    26. All the streets were ______ with flags to welcome the Chinese delegation.

     A) supplied B) mended

     C) decorated D) pasted

    27. You can’t drive a car unless you hold a driving ______.

     A) permission B) ticket

     C) pass D) license

    28. Although the cyclist was unhurt, his bicycle was _____ between the lorry and the wall.

     A) crushed B) clapped

     C) split D) cracked

    29. The wholesale price of this coat is $20 and the _____ price for it is $28.

     A) virtual B) massive

     C) retail D) singular

    30. Floods cause billions of dollars worth of property damage _____.

     A) relatively B) actually

     C) annually D) comparatively


    Unit Five

    1. The children performed a very ____ dance for their parents.

     A) precise B) smart

     C) graceful D) successive

    2. In the _____ paragraph some comments had been made of it.

     A) proceeding B) preceding

     C) progressing D) processing

    3. The dog’s collar was so ____ that it came off over his head.

     A) loose B) slight

     C) broad D) excessive

    4. We finally managed to ____ the committee’s approval of our plans.

     A) secure B) arouse

     C) exert /put to use D) execute/carry out

    5. Thousands of people died of starvation during the ____ in that African country.

     A) objection B) poverty

     C) consumption D) famine

    6. Four people were seriously ____ in an accident on the motorway.

     A) damaged B) harmed

     C) injured D) wounded

    7. In the advanced course students must take performance tests at monthly ____.

     A) gaps B) lengths

     C) distances D) intervals

    8. While admitting that this forecast was _____ exaggerated, the scientists warned against

    treating it as a cry of wolf.

     A) anyhow B) somewhere

     C) somewhat D) anyway

    9. The thief tried to open the locked door but _____.

     A) in no way B) in vain

     C) at a loss D) without effect

    10. He had a ____ look in his eyes. He must have been shocked.

    A) empty B) bare

    C) blank D) hollow

    11. Stone does not ____, and so the tools of long ago have remained when even the bones of

    the men who made them have disappeared without trace.

     A) crack B) decay

     C) destroy D) crush

    12. The swimming pool is so ____ that it’s safe for small children.

     A) stable B) smooth

     C) superficial肤浅的 D) shallow

    13. Being named the best athlete of the year was an important ____ in the baseball player’s


     A) segment/part B) ingredient/成分

     C) contribution D) episode

    14. Only hotel guests have the ____ of using the private beach.

     A) occasion B) possibility

     C) privilege D) habit

    15. Many people save money to ____ for their old age.

     A) supply B) offer

     C) provide D) yield


    Unit 6

    1. Since many insects have already become ____ to DDT, scientists have to look for some new


     A) active B) resistant

     C) tough D) gradual

    2. It is a type of desert bush that can ____ extremes of temperature.

     A) adapt B) withdraw

     C) withstand D) shade

    3. If a man is easily taken in by emotional traps, he will not be able to make ____ judgments.

     A) sensitive B) sentimental

     C) sensible D) sensational

    4. Whenever he writes to his parents, he ____ a cheque with his letter.

     A) encloses B) contains

     C) reserves D) invests

    5. You should save your work often as a ____ against computer failure.

     A) sanction B) precaution

     C) shield D) shelter

    6. It took millions of years for order to grow out of the ____ of the universe.

     A) adjustment B) change

     C) chaos D) profile

    7. According to the weather ____, it’s going to be fine today.

     A) prediction B) indication

    C) provision D) forecast

    8. Accidents are of frequent ____ on this motorway because the traffic is extremely heavy


     A) arrival B) proportion

     C) scale D) occurrence

    9. Her pulse was so weak that the doctor had difficulty ____ it.

     A) inspecting B) detecting

     C) touching D) contacting

    10. There is need to check the ____ of the report.

     A) frequency B) accuracy

    C) emergency D) efficiency

    11. The old man did not seem to attach any importance ____ the question.

     A) to B) with

     C) towards D) for

    12. As the plane was getting ready to take off, we all ____ our seat belts.

     A) tied B) locked

     C) fastened D) closed

    13. Professor Collins was ____ of the latest developments in physics because he had been in

    hospital for several months.

     A) unconscious B) negative

     C) robbed D) ignorant

    14. It has been revealed that some government leaders ____ their authority and position to

    get illegal profits for themselves.

     A) employ B) take

     C) abuse D) overlook

    15. Fertilizer will ____ the growth of these tomato plants.

     A) accomplish B) accelerate

     C) accumulate D) account


    unit 7

    1. Gary has planned to take a tour around the Great Lakes in the coming summer vacation

    and _____ great pleasure from the visit.

     A) acquires B) anticipates/look forward to

     C) recalls D) reckons

    2. They are two dollars each but if you buy ten, you get a _____ of ten per cent.

     A) discount B) recession/going back

     C) depression萎靡 D) discharge/unload

    3. Money _____ as it goes from person to person.

     A) speaks B) scatters

     C) circulates D) distributes

    4. His hope _____ when he heard that there were some survivors in the shipwreck.

     A) highlighted B) soared

     C) inspired D) flourished

    5. I bought a washing-machine and asked to have it sent to my house. The manager of the

    store promised to make a prompt _____.

     A) delivery B) relay

     C) supply D) transport

    6. He _____ his rose bushes carefully with insecticide every evening.

     A) distributed B) discharged

     C) spread D) sprayed

    7. His company went _____ after he failed in the business.

     A) decent B) negative

     C) bankrupt D) acute

    8. She always makes notes in the _____ of a book.

     A) border B) blank

     C) margin D) edge

    8. She always makes notes in the _____ of a book.

     A) border B) blank

     C) margin D) edge

    9. A new spaceship was _____ at Cape Kennedy yesterday.

     A) motivated B) released

     C) transmitted D) launched

    9. A new spaceship was _____ at Cape Kennedy yesterday.

     A) motivated B) released

     C) transmitted D) launched

    10. Don’t _____ this news to the public until we give you the go-ahead.

     A) relieve B) release

     C) relate D) retain

    11. The noise was caused by a dog _____ a cat through the garden.

     A) chasing B) following

     C) catching D) fighting

    12. Although the two players are _____ in the tennis court, they are really good friends.

     A) partners B) enemies

     C) rivals D) companions

    13. We can _____ the possibility of total loss from our calculations.

     A) exclude B) prevent

     C) excuse D) discard

    14. I felt _____ to death because I could make nothing of the chairman’s speech.

     A) fatigued B) tired

     C) exhausted D) bored

    15. The two friends said goodbye and then went their _____ ways.

     A) relevant B) relative

     C) reluctant D) respective

    16. They _____ the flood after a heroic fight lasting five days and four nights.

     A) conquered B) combated

     C) won D) withdrew

    17. Two men were _____ a large log over the rough ground with the help of a rope.

     A) pushing B) drawing

     C) dragging D) carrying

    18. They claimed that _____ 1,000 factories closed down during the economic crisis.

     A) sufficiently B) approximately

     C) considerably D) properly

    19. Everyone _____ around quietly to avoid waking the baby.

     A) cracked B) crashed

     C) crawled D) crept

    20. Lower taxes would _____ investment and help economic growth.

     A) harness B) highlight

     C) spur D) soar


    Unit 8

    1. The boy cycling in the street was knocked down by a minibus and received _____ injuries.

     A) fatal B) excessive

    C) radical D) exaggerated

    2. We are ____ from drinking alcohol during working hours.

     A) subtracted B) prohibited

     C) prevented D) blocked

    3. When there are small children around, it is necessary to put bottles of piles out of ____.

     A) hand B) reach

     C) hold D) place

    4. Airport security was extra tight ____ yesterday’s bomb attacks.

     A) in the wake of B) since

     C) in spite of D) during

    5. When we have agreed broadly on what should be said, the secretary will produce a preliminary ____ for the committee’s approval.

     A) project B) design

     C) draft D) drawing

    6. I have made _____ mistakes in my writing so that I can ask my students to find and correct them.

     A) false B) intensive

     C) deliberate D) accidental

    7. He went ahead _____ all warnings about the danger of his mission.

     A) in case of B) in place of

     C) in spite of D) regardless of

    8. There would be about 10 million other planets in the universe that could physically _____

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