Institute of Taiwanese Literature

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Institute of Taiwanese Literature

    Department of Taiwanese Literature

     TEL:886-6-275-7575 EXT.52600

     FAX: 886-6-276-6472



    ; This Institute was founded in 2000 to promote the

    study of Taiwanese literature, including Taiwanese

    folk literature (aboriginal and Han literature),

    Tai-wanese classical literature of the Ming and Ching

    Dynasties, and Taiwanese literature during the

    Japan-ese Occupation and the Post War period.

    ; The Institute is the first institute related to Taiwanese

    literature in Taiwan, and is located near the National

     Museum of Modern Taiwanese Literature in Tainan



     ; We emphasize the training of literary theory and methodology, literary studies and the

    collection of literary data from Taiwanese folk, classical, colonial, and modern literatures.

    We aim to promote the academic study of Taiwanese literature, set a foundation for

    Taiwanese educational reform, and further international exchanges and cooperation in the

    field of Taiwanese literature.


; The faculty of the Institute consists of three

    full-time teaching members, two adjunct

    professors and one administrative


    ; Of the teaching faculty, four members

     have received doctoral degrees, and one member holds a Masters degree.

    ; Every semester we also invite scholars from abroad to teach here.


; The graduate courses:

    1. 36 minimum credits are required for graduation. 2. The students’ core coursework must include Chinese literature and Taiwanese history

     (4 minimum credits required for each course.) ; Like other institutes or departments related to literature, the Institute’s curriculum gives

    priority to literature and language. Additionally, our curriculum focuses on training in

    literary theory and research methodology.


; Each member of our faculty has been involved

    in academic studies, which have promoted the

    development of Taiwanese literature. Many of

    our teachers have been awarded research grants

    by the National Science Council to support

     projects such as the compilation of a Dictionary of Taiwanese Literature, the collocation of

     Taiwanese vernaculars, and the analysis of political magazines of the 1980s, etc.

    ; All teachers are broadening the scope of Taiwanese literature. For example, they collect and

    compile relevant documents, expand research in the development of Taiwanese literature,

    and emphasize the analysis and interpretation of literature. Such efforts are intended to set

    up a new model for Taiwanese literature as an academic subject.

    Future Development

1. Publication Projects: The Complete Works of

    Lung Ying Chung, A Dictionary of Taiwanese

    Literature, and Collections of Taiwanese

    Vernacular Literature.

    2. The International Conference on “ Images of

    Taiwan from Poetry.” 2000. (Held in March,


     3. Publication of the Research of Taiwanese Literary History, a semi-annual Magazine.

    4. International Conference on “The Writings of Taiwanese Literature History” (scheduled for

    Nov. 2002).

    5. Special Lectures on Taiwanese literature.

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